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Advantage Plan Benefits

Advantage Plan Benefits


Doesn't Medicare Advantage do the same thing as Medigap? Actually, not even close. I got this question in my office the other day, and I wanted to help, because this is a big decision. The simple truth is that Medicare Advantage is much closer to Original Medicare. There are real differences with Medicare Advantage such as an Out Of Pocket Maximum, and the bundled Part D benefit, but overall, the two plans are very similar. Listen to find out more
Advantage plans might leave some pretty big bills for your loved ones. Here's an option to consider
Everyones perscription drug mix is different, Part D perscription drug coverage is not a "One-size fits all" choice. So why does an Advantage plan offer just one choice in drug coverage? To meet the needs of the largest number of beneficiaries, of course! If you choose a Part C Advantage plan, you have to take the drug plan that is attached to it. Period. So what is the solution to that? Go in a different direction! Consider Medicare Supplement plans, where you get better coverage, and you get to pick whatever drug coverage you want. Choice is good. Come explore the possibilities on my website,
Is Medigap Too Expensive?

Is Medigap Too Expensive?


The monthly premium is kind of high, but lets look at the real costs, and the costs of not having it.
The issue with being covered only by Original Medicare
Medigap Plans

Medigap Plans


Medigap plans, and whats important to know.
Medigap Eligibility

Medigap Eligibility


When you are eligible to sign up for a Medigap Policy
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