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We kick off today's episode with an email from Will our long time listener and international correspondent. He forwarded a link to an interesting Joe Rogan podcast. You can check it out here... Elon Musk: We Need Better Data on Coronavirus Deaths Taken from JRE #1470 w/Elon Musk:
Luke asks Ross a question which sparks a rant. Our boys are never short of something to say but this response is somewhat out of character for Ross. Al then ruins it for him by bringing responsibility in to it. Good times. We discuss: Taking responsibility Police powers Aged care Living in the now Opportunities COVID has provided such as working around the house
We wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year In this episode we talk... Bit coin, Block chain and crypto currencies. Plus the disappearance of physical currency. Interest rates, financing, extraneous fees and 2nd hand cards. We also pose the age old question - Have the boys been good enough to get a visit from Santa this Xmas?
Technical issues today drop me from the episode immediately after pressing record so Al asks Luke what the topic should be today and he probably replies "I don't know...How to f***ing reinvent yourself!"  So Al immediately begins coaching Luke with a series of probing questions designed to help Luke discover some of his hidden beliefs. We learn about coaching reframes and the extraordinary and utter impact of how life (that is, how we experience it personally) is entirely shaped by our beliefs. We get a rare insight into Luke's early adult life, that as you'll discover was anything but easy. Giving us an insight into his fantastic work ethic.  Thank you Luke for your raw and open honesty.   ... and that's barely 1/3 of the way in to the episode. Plenty to come in this 107th podcast. Enjoy!
As COVID 19 continues to ravage the planet we discuss what options were taken, are being taken and could have been taken. Where are the failures and breakdowns that caused outbreaks in Australia? Could we as a country have done it differently? Reinfections, conspiracy theories and global impacts. How has the planet changed forever? Will this break us apart or bring us together?
Today we ease in as an off-air conversation begins the episode, while we wait for Al to join us (uncharacteristically late). We discuss business in the face of lock-down, changing direction and setting up a new business. Al makes a point to suggest we use this opportunity to 're-tool' and get learning. Gold and Silver prices continue to rise and the boys recommend checking out Mike Maloney and Alex Saunders. The 3 of us and a group of other entrepreneur have started a movement called 'All for 1 and 1 for All' which is dedicated to supporting people and contributing to the global community in any way we can. Come and check out how we might contribute to you or how you can join our movement to be in service of others.
Stage 4 lock-down signifies our tightest yet. Healthy eating, fasting and nutritional health come up again. Luke shares his views on financial investing. We discuss some family game ideas during this family enforced time, including Luke's favourite 'True of False. We have some fun with it and share a bit of our past.
With Luke absent today (It's ok, he eventually turned up. He was just feeling the pressures of work.), we discuss our experiences and personal growth Journey while studying at Landmark Education. Notably the powerful sense pf community they foster.  We share updates from our most vocal listeners. Quote from Tony Robbins "Not a lack of resources but a lack of resourcefulness." Great reminder to 'Not make people wrong'. Our intention is always to do our best, even though the outcome may not be the best.
Technology fails us and reintroduces the topic we'd been discussing off-air prior. The wheels of commerce continue to turn even as many businesses close their doors under the pressures of the COVID lock-downs, with new businesses springing up every day. We look at the lessons to learn from the Spanish flu some 100 years ago and discuss hygiene and masks.
As the threat of stage 4 lockdowns looms while covid-19 infections continue to increase as Australia enters it's second wave, Luke is forced you should join the podcast from his shop floor.
We expected to be back to business (and life) as usual for our Celebratory 100th Episode ...but... Victoria, Australia goes in to an all-out lock-down as our COVID-19 community transition numbers go exponential!
COVID-19, Military, Government, Discrimination, Law, Freedom and Politics... Is there any taboo subject we didn't cover? How about religion, can we attack that too? Hmmm...
Ross has applied for his DTM and Al interviews him about what it takes to achieve such a prestigious award within the public speaking organisation. Luke's dog gets put down and it reminds us to pause, to think of those who have lost people during this COVID pandemic.
The learnings the planet has undergone over the last couple of months of COVID-19 Lockdown and the US riots, have been nothing short of extraordinary. I for one am thoroughly excited about the possibilities, opportunities and refocusing the planet has experienced in these challenging times. Lookout future, today we step excitedly into a Brave New World!
Challenging subjects are broached in today's episode, cut short by technology.
Our lives run on autopilot. Every moment of life is a new opportunity.  Before change there has to be awareness. Then a decision can be made to change.  We discuss the power of visualizations, of letting go of the past and living in the present.  Remember that your memories are unreliable, however we can bring them up to relive the experiences of the past or change our state of mind right now.  BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS: The Power of Now -Eckhart Tolle The Enlightened Gardener -Sydney Banks  The Space Within -Michael Neill
As the covid-19 lockdown continues we discussed the critical importance of staying healthy on a daily basis now and during normal life for extended longevity.  Thanks will for your email. We invite you to write to us too. We discuss holistic practices including career therapy sleeping on your side vs your back and the release of trauma and hip tension.  Lots of great learning as we all get older and look to stay healthier longer.
We learn the impact of what we say on ourselves whether it's simply thought or voiced. Negative thoughts have 4 times the power have a positive thought and negative words have 10 times the power. Or as Luke puts it... "Don't say dumb shit!" Which leads in to a discuss on subconscious thoughts and conscious decisions.  We explore the benefits of coming back to natural.  Plus a great reminder that nothing has to be done, just let it go.
Luke catches up on recent events.  Setting up your environment to serve you and others.  Critical importance of exercise and sunlight for your mental heath. Ross catches us up on his recent events.
Until recently all our episodes have been produced face-to-face as much as possible, to create a better experience for our listeners. However in the face of COVID-19 we have had to take a different approach and are finally back on air... remotely. We hope you're safe and doing well. In this episode we discuss:  The COVID 19 impact Opportunity vs Impact Technology Emotional state / Consiousness / 8 levels of potential The Being we choose that impacts the world And one of the most important lessons of all time, what people say is not about you, it's about them.
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