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Author: Ross Pepper

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We're Aussie blokes, we're dads, we're entrepreneurs.
Between us we've had a lot of wins & made a lot of mistakes. Which taught us a few things about #Life #Love #Relationships #Communication #Leadership & #Business. We're here to share our journey & learnings with you.

You may get 3 different perspectives, or 1 universal agreement. But whatever you take away, we hope it made a difference in your day!

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97 Episodes
The learnings the planet has undergone over the last couple of months of COVID-19 Lockdown and the US riots, have been nothing short of extraordinary. I for one am thoroughly excited about the possibilities, opportunities and refocusing the planet has experienced in these challenging times. Lookout future, today we step excitedly into a Brave New World!
Challenging subjects are broached in today's episode, cut short by technology.
Our lives run on autopilot. Every moment of life is a new opportunity.  Before change there has to be awareness. Then a decision can be made to change.  We discuss the power of visualizations, of letting go of the past and living in the present.  Remember that your memories are unreliable, however we can bring them up to relive the experiences of the past or change our state of mind right now.  BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS: The Power of Now -Eckhart Tolle The Enlightened Gardener -Sydney Banks  The Space Within -Michael Neill
As the covid-19 lockdown continues we discussed the critical importance of staying healthy on a daily basis now and during normal life for extended longevity.  Thanks will for your email. We invite you to write to us too. We discuss holistic practices including career therapy sleeping on your side vs your back and the release of trauma and hip tension.  Lots of great learning as we all get older and look to stay healthier longer.
We learn the impact of what we say on ourselves whether it's simply thought or voiced. Negative thoughts have 4 times the power have a positive thought and negative words have 10 times the power. Or as Luke puts it... "Don't say dumb shit!" Which leads in to a discuss on subconscious thoughts and conscious decisions.  We explore the benefits of coming back to natural.  Plus a great reminder that nothing has to be done, just let it go.
Luke catches up on recent events.  Setting up your environment to serve you and others.  Critical importance of exercise and sunlight for your mental heath. Ross catches us up on his recent events.
Until recently all our episodes have been produced face-to-face as much as possible, to create a better experience for our listeners. However in the face of COVID-19 we have had to take a different approach and are finally back on air... remotely. We hope you're safe and doing well. In this episode we discuss:  The COVID 19 impact Opportunity vs Impact Technology Emotional state / Consiousness / 8 levels of potential The Being we choose that impacts the world And one of the most important lessons of all time, what people say is not about you, it's about them.
Ross shares with us his vision for the world and a quick snapshot of how we can create it as a reality. We also have some great conversation around our mental, physical and spiritual health and well-being. Enjoy!
Congratulations and recognition to Al's Mum for becoming an Australian ambassador. Al continues to be cryptic and distract us with questions, instead of being straight and direct about what is a 'human based economy'. Al's 'human based economy' leads to a passionate and intense discussion (most likely off topic...) Who's pushing an agenda here? Is it Ross or Al? You decide. Here's the article link
We ask Al to explain to us "What's a human based economy?" He seems to do so by asking questions and the conversation goes AWOL BIG TIME. Can you figure out what his 'human based economy' is?
Al kicks off today with the topic "Let's talk about cash." Let's talk about cash baby. Let's talk about you and me. Let's talk about all the good things and the bad things that make we. Is the controlling and eliminating of cash in our society about tax revenue or about controlling the people? Discussions continue around banks, economies, inflation, politics and global powers. Al introduces his concept of a 'human based economy'.
 Due to Christmas episodes being squeezed in, the episode numbers were changed on a couple of episodes including this one. Luke temps today's intro. We open with the question "What conversations are we in all the time?" You're only a conversation quickly becomes confronting for Luke's business life. What conversations exist in your world, and what is the impact of that? Near the end were ask another really great question. "How do we as people approach being free of judgement of others?"
If Luke ever stops talking to himself we can start the podcast. Our way of being creates our results. Ross is choosing to be an immense joy for himself, his life and the world. Which pushes Luke's buttons to a whole new level. Luke debates with Ross whether we can chose our emotional state or not and what that means for our lives. They briefly touch on how our beliefs create our results.
Welcome to the new year. We start by asking what goals or new years resolutions you have? We also discuss: Al's new CXO business. Marriage, Families and Relationships. A passion outside your job, such as Luke's passion for Music. Sleep, diet, hydration, rest and recovery. Our higher vision takes it's stage again.
From our families to yours, we want to wish you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May all your dreams come true! :) We ask the annual question "What are your goals for the year?" This shuffles along in to Keeping up with the Jones's, Our higher purpose and a very small but important distinction... ...Why you should start a question with "How" not "Why". CONTACT US Leave a voice message we can use in our episodes Or email us #RossAlLuke #RossAlandLuke #podcast #humancondition #beinghuman #Life #Love #Relationships #Communication #Leadership #Business #vision #mission #purpose
With Xmas just around the corner, we acknowledge it can be a challenging time for many families. So we open discussions about the challenges of communication and how to get along. This takes us in to topics such as deflection, parenting (kids and adults), seeking first to understand and more. CONTACT US Leave a voice message we can use in our episodes Or email us #RossAlLuke #RossAlandLuke #podcast #humancondition #beinghuman #Life #Love #Relationships #Communication #Leadership #Business #vision #mission #purpose
We delve head first in to the eternal question regarding our life-long search for meaning. Sub-topics and connected side stories include: search for meaning vs search for self-belief knowing our deeper purpose and not acknowledging it not knowing our deeper purpose waiting for our deeper purpose to be thrust upon us vs choosing one for now solving the complexities of relationships a random discussion about my #movember beard the KISS principle all our beliefs are made up, but we fight for them as if our life depends on it CONTACT US Leave a voice message we can use in our episodes Or email us
We really go deep today and cover a heap of powerful discoveries for our lives.  Beginning with some basics, being acknowledged and acknowledging others. Checked childhoods - including Al's cadets and Luke's experience behind bars. A couple of times we touch on understanding as we grow we move from the need to get, to the need to give. Powerful relationships. Love people more, love is an action and more. Man's search for meaning and purpose is again explored with some clarity. CONTACT US Leave us a voice message we can use in our episodes Or email us
Driverless cars are a thing of the future but how far away is that future. What are the advancements already out there? Pretotyping, what's that? Where is the world headed in this brave new future of technology, robots and AI? Working with your hands. Is it a dying art? Is the future of employment going to be back in the basics? Are Trades the best profession?
Yes our awesome guest is still here. Welcome back David Wilson! We discuss the differences of  good salts and bad salts as well as the impact of it on our bodies. A deep philosophical conversation on genetic modification, Olympics and on to advancements in technology in all its forms. What will the future hold?
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