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Indian Philosophy, Pure and Applied ; Yoga philosophy, meditation, pranayama, emotional well-being, self-help, india, yoga training, Bhagavad Gita, patanjali yoga sutras
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Emotions, moods and energy are infectious. We pick them up and spread them as well. Take care of them. Help yourself and help others.



Meaning of Namaste. The gesture and it's meaning.
Balance or Equanimity or Samatvam. How to get this? 5 steps to develop Balance in life?
Samatvam or equilibrium or equanimity or balance is a very important attitude for experiencing peace and joy. Samatvam is Yoga according to Bhagavad Gita.
Non-arrogance, Amaanitvam and Adambhitvam is important for material success as well as one's own well-being.
What is an Attitude? Theory of attitudes. Right attitudes and benefits. First right attitude I picked up is Cheerfulness.
Chanting and brief meaning of the universal peace prayers which we use in our classes. Easy to follow and learn.
Story of Rama on the occasion of the birthday of Rama (Sri Rama Navami) told in a very sime way. (If you already know the story, you don't need to listen)
Indian Traditions - 1

Indian Traditions - 1


Light conversation on indian tradition of washing hands and feet, cooking with KOSHER. πŸ˜„
Crises management - 1

Crises management - 1


Crises management, facing difficult situations with balance and peace. We can't escape difficult situations but we can face them with balance and peace.
All energy is feminine. It's shakti. The goddess of knowledge, wealth and protection are all women. Women do what men do and more. The trinity of shakti is Saraswati - Lakshmi - Parvati are all women. Mother Earth, Mother Nature they nourish a s
Trust is the basis of living. As children we trust everything with innocence. In course of time we start loosing that ability. Trust in yourself and trust in the totality. Trust in universal principles. And experience Joy.
Love; the chemical cocktail. Love is your nature as even joy is your nature. Being in a relationship or single, relate to yourself properly. You are enough!
Light removes darkness. Knowledge removes ignorance. Self knowledge removes self ignorance and it's effects. The Indian festival of self enquiry, prayer, meditation and Tapas.
Is Yoga religious? - 2

Is Yoga religious? - 2


Religion and spirituality. OM. Mantras. Red dot. Chakras. Sanskrit language. Yoga and yoga business. Values and many other things.
Is Yoga a part of Hindu religion? What is religion and what is Hindu religion? What is yoga?
Applied philosophy.... Fill yourself with love...
Life. Living. Challenges. Opportunities.. Disturbances. Meaning. Universal Values.
Mantras and their meaning for Divine Mother, Kaali, Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati.
Navaratri - 2

Navaratri - 2


Devi Mahatmyam or Durga Saptasati. Concept of Deva and Asura. Symbolism of Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati.
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Brittany Smith

Beautiful first podcast! Thank you, Sudhir, for sharing your love and wisdom. This brought me back to our training in Goa so many years ago. I’m really looking forward to hearing your next episodes!!!

May 10th
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