DiscoverELEVATE Your Marriage and Life with Trina Glines
ELEVATE Your Marriage and Life with Trina Glines
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ELEVATE Your Marriage and Life with Trina Glines

Author: Trina Glines

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Every marriage is perfectly “imperfect”. Two imperfect people coming together and creating awesome IMPERFECTNESS! As we choose to be intentional in our lives, focusing on OUR part, we will create the happiness we desire. Often we get stuck trying to discover what our part is and find ourselves focusing on our partners part. That is why I created this podcast. To help women understand what our part is. How we can be in charge of creating our own happiness and coming to the marriage as a whole woman. We are meant to feel happiness DAILY, even among the chaos marriage life will bring.

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38: Ashlynn Mitchell | Finding Strength After Trauma
LIFE often is our greatest teacher. Each one of us goes through experiences that test and try us. Some experiences are more painful than others, but each brings with it a level of new understanding and new growth.Allowing us to become a better version of ourselves. The lessons life teaches us, really can lead us to a better version of us.Today my interview is with MamaBear.Fitness. Ashlyn Mitchell shares her powerful personal story of betrayal trauma.Ashlynn and her husband have opened their lives to share with others the process of recovering from sex addiction and the betrayal that comes with it. Their story also includes their two daughters being sexually molested by someone they trusted.What I loved about this interview is that the lessons and strengths Ashlynn learned are ones that can be applied to each one of us in our own lives. You or a loved one do not have to be suffering from an addiction to benefit from the lessons Ashlynn shares with us.Ashlynn is now a personal coach who helps others live healthier lives mentally and physically.I applaud Ashlynn and her husband for being open about their story so that others have the opportunity to learn from them. So many things Ashlynn shared in this interview have changed the way I think daily. I admire her and her ability to articulate her self-reflection so well.LIFE is very real and life can be really hard. Life also has the ability to teach us our greatest lessons that will help us become a better version of ourselves. Our greatest growth will often come from our hardest lessons.Thank you MamaBear.Fitness for sharing your powerful message and for being an example of one who has chosen to live with intention. Become a supporter of this podcast:
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Erin Hafen

Trina is finally evaluating and explaining all the scenerios that I have lived in my 7 year marriage. The way she explains things resonates with me so strongly. I cannot wait to put in to practice all that I learn from her.

May 22nd
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