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Author: shye vixen

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Welcome to Leyla the regulators Podcast for we'll be talking about relationships building self esteem and accomplishing goals
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27 Episodes
Discuss the decision and how we can overcome feelings of being neglected, and unprotected
I talk about obesity in the black female community and gove tips on how to combat it
I talk about why I cheated M why cheating will help balance your emotions lol
I talk about the incident that happen with the known rapper and how black women are vastly unprotected. I also talk about solutions to this problem and how to move forward.
Black women and sucide

Black women and sucide


Here, I talk about tamar Braxtons sucide attempt and how we as black women can overcome feelings of dispair
Here I talk about how Jayda pinkett is getting dragged on internets. Yet no one speaks of the multiple affairs that Will Smith has had. Why is the black community always quick to rip black women down yet black men in the same breath?
It's okay girl

It's okay girl


I talk about how prominent black males have been maligning black women's looks in the press and how not to let this hate get you down
Talking about the invisibility that black women have when we are killed.
Here we talk about how Corona can be a life lesson and what we can get out of it
Discussion about the snoop/gayle controversy
Here I explain whatba 2 o'clock is and what happened. What lesson can you learn from this?
Fuck bullies!!!!

Fuck bullies!!!!


Here I talk about the whole ari Lennox situation and how we can defeat bullies ourselves
Here I talk about a tragic event regarding jealousy and how one must be vigilant
In this segment I talk about New Year's goals and how to accomplish Them
I tell you how to balance your hormones
Live your life!!

Live your life!!


Here I tell you why you should move on
We talk about how do we get back to the starting line when we have setbacks in life
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