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Escucha mi podcast para consejos, motivación y escuchar de mis experiencias. Checa mi curso de guitarra aquí: Support this podcast:
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In this podcast I talk about some of the myths about fasting and how it can actually be good for you. If you have ever struggled with weight loss listen to this! -Jovanny Castillo --- Support this podcast:
En este podcast yo soy tu conciensia. Yo soy esa voz interior que siempre te esta hablando. Yo soy el tu del futoro. Toma estos consejos a corazon.  --- Support this podcast:
Soy un piche Chingon!!

Soy un piche Chingon!!


Se que soy un chingon. No me siento mas que tu ni menos que otros. Tu tambien eres un chingon en algo. Que es? --- Support this podcast:
Todo en esta vida tiene sus reisgos. Ahora tu decide si estas dispuesto a tomarlos... --- Support this podcast:
Use este formato para reflexionar mis pensamientes al momento sobre el tema "amor" --- Support this podcast:
Que define ser exitoso?  --- Support this podcast:
When I first hit my first financial goal I became depressed. Here are some secrets of the darkside of success that no one talks about. -Jovanny Castillo --- Support this podcast:
In this podcast I talk about why I don't believe soulmates exist. What are  your thoughts?   -Jovanny Castillo --- Support this podcast:
Red pill equals unpleasant truth. the most commonly talked about red pill is the one on relationships. However, as I become more aware of things I came to realize that there were other Red pills. Here are my thoughts on jobs and how we are forced into slavery without us knowing it.   -Jovanny Castillo --- Support this podcast:
There are people out there that don't want to see you succeed as a musico... Please don't let the stop you!   -Jovanny Castillo --- Support this podcast:
I know I will never be able to convince many people that you don't need a label to make it. So here's my question to those people. Why the fuck should a label sign you??? Listen to this...   -Jovanny Castillo --- Support this podcast:
In this podcast I show you how you can create your first offer to the following you already have. This offer is what will allow you to generate income and help you continue to do what you love to do.   -Jovanny Castillo --- Support this podcast:
In this podcast I give you a simple formula you can use to make it without the need of money or a label. Hope this helps you out!   -Jovanny Castillo --- Support this podcast:
I'm fucken lazy...

I'm fucken lazy...


Honestly I woke up fucken lazy today... Here is what I do to remain productive!   -Jovanny Castillo --- Support this podcast:
What up guys! In this podcast I talk about the reasons why money and fame don't mean shit. I also give some tips that can help you out with your music. Hope this video helps you out!! :)   -Jovanny Castillo --- Support this podcast:
This advice applies to absolutely everyone. Become aware of these two types of advice and consciously choose which one to follow.   -Jovanny Castillo --- Support this podcast:
In this podcast I talk about why I disagree with the advice Gary Vee gives on facebook ads. I also give some tips that is helping my small business grow. Hope this tips help you out! --- Support this podcast:
Secretos De Marketing

Secretos De Marketing


Este solo consejo ayudo mi compañia crecer rapido en solo un año. Espero te ayude tambien!! -Jovanny Castillo --- Support this podcast:
In this podcast I teach the top 3 tips that helped me improve my health. Hope these tips help you out too!! --- Support this podcast:
En este podcast doy consejos que me ayudaron promocionar mi negocio. Estos consejos te pueden ayudar tambien promocionando tu musica. Hope these tips help you out!!! -Jovanny Castillo --- Support this podcast:
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