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"Peter Obi is no longer JUST a candidate. He is now a movement, a tsunami. He is now in our consciousness, not on billboards & posters. He crossed the Rubicon & became the IDEA whose time has come." - Nefertiti (Twitter: @firstladyship) The leader Nigeria needs, but doesn't deserve... Listen to a vivid picture painted with words as to what makes the bespectacled trader with the raspy voice different. As a person, a politician, and a leader. Not only could he become President, but he could also be the best thing to ever happen to Nigeria. An episode about the four things that make for impactful leadership: vision, empathy, compassion, and cultural astuteness.  ------------------------------------------------------------------- Peter Obi: A God Among Monsters: When Sensible Citizens Discuss Peter Obi: To Slay or to Train your Dragon: -------------------------------------------------------------------- FOLLOW IG: @theyoungggodpod Twitter: @iamtheyounggod
"Think of the Young God WhatsApp community as the after-party to the podcast. A chance for that conversation to continue after you listen." - Rodney This is your invitation. Join the community on Whatsapp: NOTE:  Only join if you are a fan of the podcast and would like to engage other listeners Feel free to invite those you think would benefit from the group Spammers and random stalkers will not be tolerated and will be removed from the group Once you enter the group, please announce your arrival by introducing yourself and your story HAVE FUN!
"The best way to judge a relationship is by how much better-- or worse --you've become by being with them." - Rodney.  If you enjoy a good love story, this is for you... I was the MC at Soky and Vanier's multicultural wedding reception in December 2022. 3 months before the wedding, I sat down with the couple to hear their story as part of my preparation for their big day. What transpired was a conversation that was worthy of a podcast episode. Soky describes their relationship as transformational. She details how Van changed her perception of how relationships should be and the things he made her feel. Van shared the poetry Soky inspired on the night he first laid eyes on her at a games night event in Abuja.   Soky on IG: @ soky_bechina Vanier on IG: m1sta_v IG: @theyounggodpod Twitter: @iamtheyounggod ------------- Extended Listening What Makes A Person Irresistible PART 1: What Makes A Person Irresistible PART 2: What Makes a Person Irresistible PART 3: How to Not Suck at Relationships: Other links:
"Messi is THE goat of football. But Ronaldo is MY goat... and the goat of everything else."  Messi has won the Qatar World Cup which means the football goat conversation is OVER! I am a massive fan of Cristiano Ronaldo but Messi serves all the accolades after defeating France. In this episode, I recap the moment Messi became the one true goat, and break down why, despite my concession, Ronaldo has my heart way beyond football. -------------------------------------- IG: @theyounggodpod Twitter: @iamtheyounggod
"Can you imagine how many butterflies are hiding their wings and fighting their evolution... because they care about others' opinions?" - Aniekan Ezekiel. The butterfly effect is the idea that small events can have a significant, unpredictable influence on the future. In this epic conversation, a couple of self-aware guys gathered to reflect on their journeys, exchange ideas, and offer solutions with which they intend to create the future they want to see aka "heaven on earth". As you listen, remember to: •Slow down •Give Gratitude •Take Responsibility Featuring Aniekan Ezekiel, Chine Ezekwesili, Chuba Ezekwesili and Effiong.
What started out as a random conversation between friends, turned into a passionate discussion about Peter Obi and whether he is truly something special or just a repetition of Nigerian history. Is he a cure or merely a placebo? The first of a 3-part series focusing on Peter Obi's role in Nigerian politics.
"if you want to deepen the connection you have with someone – if you want to give yourselves a chance to build something meaningful, something that goes the distance, learn the balance between absence and presence in seduction." - Rodney. One of the surest ways to ruin a potential relationship of any kind is to be too eager, too available... too desperate. You may think your "energy" is flattering but too much too soon can be smothering. This episode is to think about how you may better regulate your emotions and your time as you connect with your love interest —a super short bonus episode. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Join the community on Whatsapp: Twitter: @iamtheyounggod Instagram: @theyounggodpod
"For a generation that craves companionship and intimacy, y’all suck at relationships." - Rodney gets critical about brittle relationships in today's oversensitive society. He uses the 2001 movie, 'A Beautiful Mind' as a backdrop for his highly critical, yet high-minded musings. Rodney paints a vivid picture of the problem as he sees it while offering a solution.
A social architect, a TV host, a podcaster and a fashion designer walk into a room and proceed to debate what makes the Nigerian + global creative industry tick: the market, the money, the audience or the creativity/talent.  Aniekan Ezekiel, Andy Madaki, Rodney Omeokachie and Aisha Atta-Ahmed engage in a passionate 2hr debate where the explored the following issues: • The shortage of truly memorable characters in Nollywood • The shortage of authentic Nigerian stories in Nollywood • The obsession with international awards by Nollywood filmmakers • The dumbing down of Nigerian culture for international audiences. • The lack of respect and low bar of expectations set for the Nigerian audience. • Nigerian creatives' approach to mastery and excellence. Follow the speakers on IG: @sir_skywalker, @andymadaki, @rodtheyngod, @yoophoria Follow the podcast on Instagram @iamtheyounggod and Twitter @iamtheyounggod for exclusive content and updates
"While we're fans of sleep, we are fans of something far more powerful, as well... While others enjoy their dreams, we wake and watch them come true." It's no secret that sleep is essential to the optimal performance of the brain and body but is it possible that we use our love of sleep as an excuse to deny the sacrifices that achievement demands. Is it possible that we glorify sleep a little too much? What if, when it comes to sleep, less could be more. An episode about sleep, sacrifice, work and happiness. 
"I underestimated how good this would feel. I didn't know how badly I wanted to win until I won! It's weird. Now I know how Leonardo DiCaprio feels." The podcast is now multiple award-winning so I decided to give an impromptu acceptance speech to mark the moment. In this bonus episode, I reflect on the significance of the achievement and express my truest feelings. My speech has everything -- a little bit of pettiness, a lot of gratitude and a few nuggets of wisdom. Dare I say, I gave the ultimate acceptance speech.
“In my eyes... In my mind... The queen was an icon -- an example of how to stay relevant across generations... Queen Elizabeth II was truly one of one." Her Majesty the late Queen Elizabeth II was a complex, enigmatic and misunderstood character. Her death provoked the full spectrum of emotion. This episode gives a balanced analysis of the queen's personality, achievements, and the sometimes unwarranted criticism for her role in the British empire's colonial escapades.
Love, Death + Sofia

Love, Death + Sofia


"Sometimes, it isn’t just that the person died. It’s that the part of you that only they could bring out will never be brought out again…" A tribute to my friend -- and [post-humous] number one fan -- Sofia Gambino, who passed away a year ago to the release of this episode. I reflected on her life, my grief, and our special relationship. This reflection took me down a rabbit hole where I entertained some unusual ideas about my own mortality, Jesus Christ's human experience on earth, and my envy of dead people! In loving memory of Sofia Gambino.  Listen to my conversation with Sofia here: Marriage, Mafia, and Building a Coffee Empire
"Telling your story is the secret to survival." - Rodney. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie once spoke about the danger of a single story, but what about the danger of an untold story? Rodney tells the origin story behind his 'main character' syndrome, while threading the needle of his past experiences and present personality. This episode is about the story we tell ourselves about ourselves, the story we choose to tell others, and how it can make or break us.  Kechi Okwuchi: Through the Fire (SIDE A): The Young God WhatsApp Group:  Sponsored by Kwakol:
"I'm human. There are so many facets to my being... If I want to sing about women today and sing about God tomorrow, I should be free to do so." This episode is all about the music! Singer-songwriter Funbi talks about his musical journey, the fans' expectations vs his expectations of himself, and the things he's seen in the Nigerian music industry. Our conversation ends with Funbi sharing the epic playlist to his life. Listen to the playlist on Apple Music.  Sponsored by Kwakol
"I lost my father recently... I'm still going through my forty days and nights." - Funbi. A conversation about struggle, spirituality and a personal relationship with God. Featuring Funbi, the Nigerian singer-songwriter behind the hit song, 'Hallelujah'.  Sponsored by Kwakol
"The grind is agonising but it's gratifying." What could you achieve if you elevated your relationship with work? An episode about poverty, purpose, and finding meaning in/learning to love whatever work you choose do. Sponsored by Kwakol
"If you have many skills and you’re confused as to what to focus on... combine dem b******!" --  A creative perspective on how to handle the confusion and indecision that comes with having multiple skills and interests, so that you might build a fulfilling professional career. Hence, the multi-hyphenate mindset.  In commemoration of World Youth Skills Day 2022🎉  Sponsored by Kwakol Markets
"Depth and substance  the two most exquisite things  be it in a poem   or a person."   - Sanober Khan  Part 1: Part 2:
"Don't do 'big boy' for your business." - Obinna Ofor. A conversation about business, family, sibling rivalry, and disappointing one's parents. Listen to fascinating insights about how nurture can trump nature.
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OMG!!!!!. I can so relate with everything you said in this episode. wow..

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