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Author: Nate Woods

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Exposing myth's, bro-science and simply false information in the fitness industry. We've had enough of it and we're here to help you learn the RIGHT way to train, eat, recover and just about do anything else fitness related, so get in your car and come Drive With WoodyFit.
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In this episode Nate talks about the big bench guide, a 5 page guide he wrote to help you increase your bench press strength and size. Then he talks about a study that supposedly showed a correlation to early death and consumption of eggs regularly. Finally he finishes the episode talking about the purpose of a lifting belt and answering some fitness questions regarding bulking and still being hungry and deadlift form and timing.
In this episode Nate, Megan and Michael talk about the issue kids nowadays are facing with phones and forward shoulders, Megan's caffeine usage, will no sleep kill you? and so much more. Thanks for listening to the show. Please leave us a rating and review on iTunes, the ExecutiveFit Facebook page or your podcast player of choice.
In this episode I start off by sharing some articles on space and carcinogens that were found in blood pressure medications. Then, I talk about how I am teaching my daughter to categorize foods in a way to help her understand what is healthy and what is not healthy. Next, I talk about why you don't want to start deadlifts from the standing position and why training in one zone is going to hold you back from making gains. Finally, I answer a question from my wife about exercise post partum. Thanks for listening to the show, please leave it a rating and review on iTunes or the ExecutiveFit Facebook page
In this episode Nate, Megan and Michael talk about Nate's recent powerlifting meet and how it went. Then they bring up an article claiming to have the 10 ways to build muscle faster and dispel some bro science there. Micaiah asks about getting a full night of sleep to make sure to recovery properly. Connor asks for some advice on training while he's away on military orders and Mark asks about intermittent fasting and whether or not it will put you in starvation mode.
In this episode Nate talks about the Powerlifter who saved a guy trapped under a jeep, bodyweight and the correlation to body composition, another mass gainer rant, BPC 157 and how it's used for recovery, Sumo Versus Conventional deadlifts, Losing fat FAST, and getting rid of belly fat.
In this episode, Nate talks about how your 100% will change on a day to day basis and why that's important to remember, why mobility is important for any goal, what obesogens are and how you can avoid them, how much do you need to exercise to stay healthy, and the 8 reasons you aren't making gains anymore.
In this episode, Nate talks about his "Off-The-Cuff" workout and whether or not that's a good idea to do frequently, a DNA testing company that is sending  your information to the FBI, a study on how to lose visceral fat, a process of selecting your powerlifting meet openers, exercises to help "Tone" the butt, whether getting 8 hours of sleep is necessary and his top tips on increasing your bench press and growing your chest. If you like the show, please leave a rating and review in your podcast player of choice!
In this episode Nate, Megan and Michael catch up after a few episodes to talk about carb cycling and what exactly that is, struggling with body image and a different squat variation.
In this episode Nate touches on how to deal with bad days in the gym mentally, exposing kids to working out young and an in depth look at 2 ways of warming up with an explanation of  what he does to warm up to his lifts. If you like the show, please leave a rating and review on the Facebook page ( ) or on iTunes and if your review is read on the next episode we'll send you an ExecutiveFit T-shirt.
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