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Drive with WoodyFit and Bauer Pauer
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Drive with WoodyFit and Bauer Pauer

Author: Chris and Nate

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A RAW Fitness and Dad-Life podcast brought to you by two dads who enjoy Squats, Deadlifts, Improving their Poverty Bench and discussing current fitness trends, topics, training styles and so much more.
76 Episodes
In this episode the guys talk about their kids doctor visits, what exactly deloads are, the FLU and how they sometimes deal with injuries.
In this episode Nate and Chris do a review of the Netflix documentary "The Game Changers", then they share their wins and losses for the week and finish the episode talking about specialty bars.
Child Development, Gianna's Story, The Win/Fail of the Week and Social Media Detoxing
Nate on a weight loss program? Fasting and True Hunger, Garage Gyms VS Corporate Gyms, Marcus's first workout, OTF and more garage gym things
In this episode, the guys open up by talking about their kids dietary needs, mistakes they've made in that department and what the bristol stool chart is. Then they take a deep dive into 4 of their favorite supplements they thing are worth wasting money on.
In this episode of the show, Chris opens with how his new microwave was preventing him from making gains and Nate talks about how he's applying a new stimulus to get better results. Then Chris brings up a study explaining how you can get results with using as light weight as 30 percent of your 1 rep max. Finally the guys share some protocols they both enjoy and think are beneficial programs.
In this episode Nate and Chris go into depth about how they warm up and how they used to warm up, the mistakes they've made and the good things that have worked for them. Next they discuss how sometimes you need to pull the reins back because you're a dad and that it's okay to do that sometimes. Then they talk about when you need to listen to your body and when you need to just push through the pain and whether or not it's a good idea to do that in the first place. Finally, they talk about how movement relates to recovery and then both rant and share experiences with Vaping and Smoking.
Thanks for listening to the show! In this episode Nate and Chris talk about how they deal with rough days at work, changing weight classes, knee wraps and knee sleeves and how they both work, and they dive into managing your time to workout when you have a family.
In this episode the guys talk about how Nate's bulk is going, they each give tips on increasing caloric intake, then they talk about how they judge their workout intensity and how that can benefit your workouts. Fake fried chicken from KFC comes up next and they touch on Fad diets and the caveman diet concept.
In this episode, the guys talk about how they deal with bad days, some life lessons they've taught their kids, whether cardio sucks or it doesn't (let's be real, cardio sucks), knee sleeves and knee wraps, mobility VS Stretching and how to use it to get better workouts.
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