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Di-a-logue, An American Mosaic
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Di-a-logue, An American Mosaic

Author: John Van Dyke

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On the road in America. People & Places.
A dialogue with Americans about their lives.
Connecting through Conversations
49 Episodes
Nadine is a friend of many years, yet sitting down talking, I learned so much. It was renewing and refreshing. Raised in a commune, mother, professional, and going through personal loss, Nadine shares a lot with me in this podcast. 
Podcasts are cool and a great way to learn things. I started Di-a-logue without much of a plan, yet there is some really great content. Conversations, a dialogue with different people around the country.  This is part of An American Mosaic project I started in 2017. It is time to take the training wheels off and grow an audience. Your help is needed. Take a listen to a couple of Episodes and join me on this journey by liking, subscribing and commenting, that really helps these voices get heard! Connecting through conversations. Thanks.
Everything here is about rebuilding. Detroit, a very large American city hit bottom and emptied out. Providing opportunity where there was no opportunity for those with ideas and courage. I am talking with Andrew, 24, smart and sees opportunity. This is one of my favorite conversations with someone who is our future. It is worth listening to.   
I think this is something everyone should hear about Tech. All that free stuff, wasn't free. I am in Seattle talking with Laura, a very sharp executive in tech, who grew up in the formative years of all this stuff we have today. It's huge business, and all about money. We are the product, the content, and the source of their profit. 
I am in Phoenix Arizona, talking with a young Mexican, American citizen.  A state with immigrants, Mexicans, Native Americans, poor education and a few liberal ideas. This is an excerpt from a longer conversation.
I am in the Dakotas talking to a newspaper editor, a Tribal Police officer, and a Native on the street. After so much media and demonstrations, I wanted to learn what people there thought. Each has a perspective on Standing Rock and the Dakota Access pipeline. 
The low power FM movement is alive and well in Butte Montana. I am talking with Clark, the station manager of KBMF 102.5, a public access station that is part of a renewal of this historic town. Artists and creative people are putting life back into Butte.
Finding interesting conversations is what I do. Road trips are at the heart of An American Mosaic. I am planning the first trip in a new camper van to North Dakota and Standing Rock to catch up on what is happening there and the many places along the way.
This is a wonderful conversation with Archis Gore a founder of Polyverse Corporation. He shared his story of Microsoft bringing him to the U.S. and we talked about tech and society and life today. He is bright, thoughtful and humble. This is a conversation worth listening to. 
I am in Furley Kansas, a two street town with a grain elevator and a church. The church is owned by Todd Matson, a successful artist who lives and works there. He grew up in the area and came back and bought the church building for a studio. We talked about his work, Furley, and a little about politics. 
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