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Stories told by Third Culture Kids about both the adventures and realities of growing up cross culturally Support this podcast:
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This week, Jon talks with Joo Eon Ko about his experience as a South Korean Missionary Kid growing up in Cambodia. Then they move in to a conversation about the origins of the church in Korea and how it sends Missionaries, the way that missions works in Korea and the difference between American and Korean Missions.--- Support this podcast:
This week, Jon has an open and honest interview with Lydia Bendele about what it was like to grow up jumping between three different countries. Starting out in Australia, then moving to the US, then Argentina, then back to the US, and then back to Argentina, until finally ending up in the US. She talks through how all of these moves have changed and affected her concept of Home.Connect with TCK Tales:Facebook-TCK TalesEmail-tcktales@gmail.comIf you want to share your story, check out the engagement questions and fill out the form at hereIf you liked podcast, don't forget to subscribe for more great episodes and leave a review to help tell more people about it.--- Support this podcast:
030 When You Feel Alone

030 When You Feel Alone


Samuel Bowen shares a deeply personal story of transition and his battles with depression. He talks about the affects that growing up as a TCK in the Middle East affected his battle with depression and is isolationism.--- Support this podcast:
Jon talks this week with Gavin Chase and about how both his parents and Josiah Venture were very particular about making sure that not just the parents were called to mission work, but that they were called as a family. Feeling called did not minimize the struggle of changing cultures at 12 years old, but it helped with life got hard for Gavin.--- Support this podcast:
This week, Jon sits down with Stephen Black, the host of TCK Care. Another podcast about being a TCK hosted by a TCK from Nigeria. Stephen talks about why he went into TCK Care as a career and ministry, the importance of living in tension, and what he would tell himself and others about his TCK experience.Check out Steven's Podcast here: Support this podcast:
Because I didn't have enough to do, I have a second super cool podcast to tell you guys about! The Missional Student Podcast is an extension of Missional They have weekly blogs, free e-books and tools to help you learn how to live more and more on mission every day in your everyday life, plus a fun podcast with great conversation and content. Check out Missional Student at Support this podcast:
This week I sit down with the President of the International Student Fellowship, Tim Gabuna. He talks about what it was like growing up Filipino in Canada and how he reconciled the two cultures growing up, and then as he has been preparing for ministry.  --- Support this podcast:
Jon sits down with Patrick Nelson who is a person of mixed racial decent. Jon and Patrick have an open and honest conversation about what it is like to grow up ethnically ambiguous and what the world could look like in the future. --- Support this podcast:
Today I sit down and talk with Veronica, who though is not a traditional TCK has spent quite some time in the US. She talks about adjusting to American culture, adjusting to Moody culture, and being in an interracial, and intercultural relationship. If you want to look into the ministry that Veronica was saved though check them out here Support this podcast:
Lisa Guilbride speaks very openly and honestly about her first experience coming to the US. All the good, the bad and what helped her adjust to the culture and what made the cultural adjustment hard. --- Support this podcast:
Comments (2)

Joshua Bartkoske

Would highly recommend this podcast for both those who are TCKs and those who may be raising them as well. OR anyone else who loves to hear stories from around the 🌎.

Dec 5th

Brooke Alynn Nedland

Fantastic podcast for anyone interested in or serving in missions. Love it!!

Jul 19th
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