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Star Power: Celebrities & Astrology

Author: Kristin West

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Celebrity astrology expert Kristin West gives you all the info on the stars you could ever want--both the stars in the sky & the stars in Hollywood! Support this podcast:
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Special guest psychic and shaman Shea Herlihy-Abba and host Kristin West chat about how opposite signs don't have automatically means there's a conflict.  They discuss the Autumn Equinox, how to balance energies that might not be serving you and how to embrace the changing of the seasons.  Sometimes sassy, sometimes deep this conversation is sure to challenge your assumptions about the "dark side" of the year.  --- Support this podcast:
Quincunx couples have big challenges when it comes to relating.  They're neither similar nor complementary and sometimes it may feel like you and your mate don't even speak the same language. Read Kristin's advice to Bustle about quincunx couples here.  In this week's episode, host Kristin West shares her insight on all of the possible quincunx couplings and what are the pitfalls and growth challenges of the relationship.CORRECTION:Kristin misspoke about Aries/Scorpio coupling and said "Aries, being Cardinal Earth".  Aries is a Cardinal fire sign.   Comments on the couple otherwise  remain the same.--- Support this podcast:
 I’m not talking about little green men or Marvin the Martian.  I’m talking about the character of 2019.  The New Year came in on a Tuesday–day of Mars–and Mars is the driver’s seat this year, in Aries.  Learn how Mars will affect you in the coming year.  --- Support this podcast:
Happy Birthday, Libras!

Happy Birthday, Libras!


Happy birthday to all the Libras out there. There's some intense planetary energy out there right now. Learn all about the stars in the sky and the stars in Hollywood and your favorite Libra celebrities, including Ireland Baldwin, Will Smith and Kevin Durant. --- Support this podcast:
Two fixed sign senators were making headlines this week during the Brett Kavanaugh SCOTUS confirmation hearings. Learn why Senators Booker and Harris went after Kavanaugh particularly hard. Also, let's take a deeper dive into Virgo and the Eleusinian mysteries and say happy birthday to our favorite celebrities including Taraji Henson, Michelle Williams, Tom Hardy and others.--- Support this podcast:
The myth of the abduction of Persephone, the virgin harvest goddess by her uncle Pluto, the god of the underworld, was one of the most important myths of the ancient world. Virgos are so much more complicated than they are often portrayed, especially with the powerful story of abduction and female agency informing their sign. Take a deep dive into the lore of Virgo with Kristin West and get your weekly astrology advice. Also, Happy Birthday to our fave Virgo celebrities. --- Support this podcast:
Leo: The Heart of a Star

Leo: The Heart of a Star


Happy Birthday to all the Leos out there. With Venus moving into Libra thsi week, relationships come front-and-center, but not without some obstacles. Learn all about Leos, their vulnerabilities and how to grow as a Leo. Happy birthday to some of our favorite Leo celebs, including Mila Kunis.--- Support this podcast:
Total Eclipse of the Heart

Total Eclipse of the Heart


The sun is in Leo and this week we're having a total lunar eclipse, but many in the USA won't foresee the changes the eclipse will bring. Learn about the astrological energies the eclipse will bring for Hollywood, Silicon Valley, New York City and Washington DC. Also, which of your favorite celebrities are gonna feel those strong eclipse vibes? --- Support this podcast:
Love may feel like a rollercoaster right now, and it's all because of the stars in the sky. Join astrology expert Kristin West as she discusses why starting a new love relationship may be particularly toxic right now and how to use astrology advice to circumvent your own personal soap opera. Also, happy birthday to some of our favorite Cancer celebrities!--- Support this podcast:
July 4th is recognized as the birthday of the USA, so what's ahead for the US & our government? I see issues with the IRS, tensions about military spending, lavish state dinners and more. Check out this fascinating episode of Star Power: Celebrities & Astrology--- Support this podcast:
Happy Birthday, Cancer!

Happy Birthday, Cancer!


The sun has shifted into watery, motherly cancer. Feel crabby? Many of our favorite celebrities are Cancerians. Learn about the depths of the Cancerian psyche and it's corresponding tarot card, The Chariot.--- Support this podcast:
Disappointment with his kids, problems with Melania and relentless inquiry into his finances are all ahead for Trump in the coming year. Can Trump stay on message? The stars favor partnerships but Trump avoids them at all costs. Learn more about what President Trump's solar return chart has to say about his year ahead. --- Support this podcast:
Pee tapes, locker room talk--it's all written in the stars for President Donald Trump. Today, on his birthday, his birth chart tells us what we already know and makes other important revelations. In Part 2, we look at his solar return and the year ahead for Donald Trump. --- Support this podcast:
Kanye West is a Gemini and his daughter North West is too. Learn all about how astrology effects their relationship. Also, going to a June wedding? It's in the stars and in the cards! The Lovers Card of the Tarot has special meaning this time of year. --- Support this podcast:
The sun has just moved into Gemini, the mutable air sign of the zodiac. Meanwhile, Saturn and Jupiter point to Gemini Morgan Freeman's dirty laundry. Plus, why are Gemini actresses like Angelina Jolie so alluring? It's in the stars.--- Support this podcast:
Learn more about the astrology and synastry of the royal wedding. Astrology expert Kristin West breaks down the astrology of Prince Harry & Meaghan Markle's relationships and the impact of the wedding date on their relationship. Also, Kristin discusses the tarot and how the tarot informs astrology, discussing The Hierophant and Bishop Michael Curry.--- Support this podcast:
Happy Birthday, Taurus!

Happy Birthday, Taurus!


Celebrity astrology expert Kristin West tells you which of the stars in Hollywood are Taureans and she also tells you what's going on with the stars in the sky. Happy birthday, Taurus!--- Support this podcast:
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