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Author: Roger McCort

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Teachings, messages, vital life learning, irrelevances, and other musings about the Bible from The Salvation Army's Napa Corps. Life has few guarantees, but here's one: You will find something new or interesting in every message or you can reach out to me and I will provide you with additional new and interesting facts, free of charge. Guaranteed.
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Long long ago, in a place far far away...The world was broken, so God used Abraham to put it back together again.Yes, Abraham.Listen to this episode of the TSA-Napa podcast to understand why that was and how it matters to you right now, today.
We just spent ten weeks examining the Ten Commandments. Today I'm going to tell you why they don't matter...And why they do.Ultimately, there is only ONE command that matters. Yes, there will be a quiz.
Ten Words: You Do You

Ten Words: You Do You


You really want to listen to this.I really want you to listen to this.What else do we want? More importantly, why do we want that?The Tenth Commandment, like the nine before it, isn't exactly what you think it is.
How can a command against lying include a prohibition against telling the truth?
Do not steal - but what is stealing and what can be stolen? This command is about a LOT more than just stuff!Join us for a look at the eighth commandment as it was originally intended to be heard.
Each commandment we have examined has had more depth and importance to our lives than we expected going in. How about the Seventh Word of God? Does adultery matter any more? Did it matter then? Maybe you don't think so, but perhaps the word means something more than you think...Fair warning: There is some discussion of sex as we examine this command about sexual integrity. It isn't graphic and it isn't the main point either, so listen! But the content may not be appropriate for anyone under the age of twelve.
Ten Words: Fatal Error

Ten Words: Fatal Error


Is life sacred or just valued?If every life really mattered, would that change anything? Or would it change everything?The Six Word of God: lo ratsach - Thou shalt not... Well, you'd better listen to find out, because, like the other commandments we've looked at so far, this one may mean something more than you've been told.
The Fifth Commandment - what is this even about? And why?  Does it matter today, or was it just a thing for a bygone era before nursing homes were a thing?What does it mean to honor our parents? This week's message from TSA-Napa.
What if "taking God's name in vain" has nothing to do with what comes out of your mouth?
I bet you can't name the Ten Commandments in order. Even if you can recite both passages they are included in, odds are that you will split them up differently than others do. That's part of the fun as we look to take apart the Ten Commandments, examine what they mean and how they work, and then decide if they should have a place in our lives today. And if so, what is that place?This week's message from TSA-Napa!
Lies About Esther

Lies About Esther


In children's Bibles, the story of Esther always has that Disney princess quality to it.As you may expect by this point in our series, the truth is something darker, harder, and far more important than the kid versions would have us believe.This week's message from TSA-Napa: The Lies We Tell About Esther, Queen of Persia.
A small boy defeats a giant and cuts off his head. Everyone cheers and the boy gets the kingdom.Or not.What if the real victory has nothing to do with the fight?The true story of David and Goliath from TSA-Napa!
Rahab was a harlot and Jericho was destroyed by fire. Is there anything redeeming in this tale, no matter HOW it gets told?This is either the most horrifying story in all of scripture or it is the most reassuring.Or it could be both.You'll need to check it out for yourself. This one even comes with a review:"Thanks for good bible teaching." (Major Ivan Wild)
When you think of fathers and sons going out to do something, you probably think of ballgames or fishing, camping trips or trips to bookstores.You might think of all those businesses with "and Sons" in the name. What you probably DON'T think about is Abraham and Isaac, whose most meaningful exchange in the history we have of them is the trip where Abraham takes his son up a mountain to kill him and burn his body to ash.This is one messed up story. And yet, we tell it to children...Join us in an exploration of what is really going on in this nightmare-inducing family relationship.
Lies About Zacchaeus

Lies About Zacchaeus


Zacchaeus was a wee little man... Or was he?It may be hard to tell at first glance, but this story isn't even about Zach! And the way we teach it to our kids is downright appalling, when you break it down to its core messages.Join us in listening and reclaiming the original meaning of this classic story from the life of Jesus. 
In one cute story from a children's Bible, Jesus heals a paralyzed man so that people will be happy.In the REAL story, a gang of vandals threaten to destroy a house in their efforts to get a friend healed by Jesus, who then doesn't even do what they want until moved to do so by the DISBELIEF of some religious leaders who were there.That's different.Should we care? Does knowing change anything? Yes, it can.
How many disciples did Jesus have?If you just answered "Twelve," you've been taken in by one of the lies Sunday school teachers (and preachers too) tell in their efforts to simplify the story.This lie is perhaps bigger, though; more consequential. So let's take a few minutes and see if we can uncover the TRUTH!
Lies About Jonah

Lies About Jonah


Jonah is always played for comic relief ("That dopey Jonah tried to run from God and got to ride in a whale!") when it is truly a horror story of hatred, fear, suicide, and God giving grace where we would rather he brought judgment.This is no kid story, but it is OUR story.
Lies About Samson

Lies About Samson


If you grew up going to Sunday School or if you have ever read a Children's Bible, you have almost certainly been lied to. Some stories just aren't for kids!Exhibit One: Samson. This Old Testament "hero" is a narcissistic, sex-obsessed, BDSM participant who completely fails to do what God asked.But he makes regular appearances in children's teaching materials as a role model nonetheless!In this message, we unpack the real story of Samson, as I struggle to keep the NC-17 tale in the PG-13 realm.Happy listening!
Crushed Silence

Crushed Silence


Sometimes God slips in where you don't expect him.Maybe all the time.
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