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This is the official podcast for Huber Heights City Schools, in Huber Heights, OH. Tune in to learn about the latest news and events happening in the district.

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We're heading to the track for the Girls on the Run club at Monticello Elementary. Erinn Petsch and Katheryne Ayers, the club's two advisers, join the show to talk about Girls on the Run. We discuss how Girls on the Run helps promote confidence and camaraderie among the girls. Sign up to receive the Warrior Weekly email newsletter: Tell us your thoughts on the show:
This Mario Minute segment addresses the ongoing principal search at Wayne High School and other buildings in the district. Tune in to hear how the district is tackling the process of finding new leaders for our schools.
In the Mario Minute, Superintendent Basora announces how the Huber Heights community will decide what skills and dispositions we want our students to possess on graduation day. He details how that work will form our Portrait of a Graduate for students going forward. Email if you're interested in being part of this team. We're switching things up on The Warrior Path Podcast and starting a four-part series on the district's finances. This series focuses on the conversations between Board of Education president Kelly Bledsoe and vice president Mark Combs. The two have been board members since January 2010 and helped guide the district through significant budget cuts and restorations after those cuts. The first part of this series is about the background and historical context of the district's finances. Stay tuned for part two which gets more detailed on the cuts made by the board to keep the district afloat. Sign up for the Warrior Weekly email newsletter here: Feedback on the show:
The Mario Minute leads the episode with superintendent Basora discussing some action steps Huber Heights City Schools can take concerning enrollment challenges facing the district. After that we profile the City Bags program, a weekly initiative helping provide food to students in need throughout the district. Cheryl McElroy and Lindsay Ryan join the show to discuss the specifics of the City Bags program and how you can help with their fundraising efforts. Connect with the City Bags Facebook page here: We also want to take a moment to thank our listeners. The Warrior Path Podcast now has more than 1,000 listens. Thank you for your continued support and listenership. We are beyond ecstatic and extremely grateful to pass this milestone. Sign up to receive the Warrior Weekly newsletter here: Tell us your thoughts on the show here: 
The Mario Minute kicks off the episode with superintendent Basora discussing how the overcrowded elementary school issue will be addressed during the December 2019 Board of Education meeting. After that, we profile a special interest story on the show. Carlos Garcia, a fall 2019 Wayne High School graduate, joins us to discuss how he overcame numerous obstacles to graduate from high school. Carlos does a deep dive into what keeps him going through tough times and his advice to others experiencing adversity. Sign up to receive the Warrior Weekly newsletter here: Tell us your thoughts about the show here:
Superintendent Basora details how the district plans to expand hiring and personnel practices during the Mario Minute. This episode is a staff spotlight of AJ Ricker, an English Language Arts teacher at Wayne High School. AJ earned the 2019 Affiliate Leadership Development Award from the National Council of Teachers of English. We discuss the significance of the honor, AJ's motivations for teaching and his hot takes and confessions during This or That. Sign up to receive the Warrior Weekly newsletter here: Give feedback on the show here:
First on deck: Superintendent Basora outlines how HHCS will create and implement a district-wide strategic plan in the Mario Minute. Second up: Shannon Vance, a first grade teacher at Valley Forge Elementary, is utilizing yoga in her classroom. Shannon joins The Warrior Path Podcast to discuss how she got the idea, student and parent feedback on yoga and her plans to help spread yoga to other classrooms. Let us know your thoughts on the show. Go to and give us your opinion on what you want to hear or how to improve the podcast.
Superintendent Mario Basora outlines how Huber Heights City Schools will improve its communication to students, staff and the community. Community members can sign up to receive updates from the Warrior Weekly newsletter, Wayne Athletics and more here: Tell us what you want to hear superintendent Basora talk about next on the Mario Minute. 
In this segment, superintendent Basora outlines how HHCS will improve learning outcomes for students. Let superintendent Basora know what you want to hear from in the next Mario Minute segment.
Superintendent Mario Basora joins The Warrior Path Podcast for the first time. First, he starts off with his Mario Minute segment detailing how he will help Huber Heights City Schools increase its visibility in the community. Then, he touches on a variety of topics during his interview including overcoming adversity during college, his goals for HHCS and what he's like outside of work. Finally, he plays This or That to wrap up the show. Tune in to find out if he prefers Netflix or Hulu, Apple or Android and Popeye's Chicken Sandwiches or Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sandwiches, among others. We are always open to new segment ideas on the show. Visit to send us your best ideas on what we should talk about next.
Mario's Minute is a segment where Huber Heights City Schools superintendent Mario Basora shares his thoughts with the school community. This segment, Mario details how he will accomplish one of his goals of observing, listening, and learning as the new HHCS superintendent. Give Mario your feedback at
Summer is normally a time of transition and change for school districts, and this was especially true this summer. Former superintendent Susan Gunnell is turning the page to the next chapter in her life and she came on The Warrior Path Podcast to reflect on her career in Huber Heights City Schools. Listen in for her candid thoughts about her early inspirations, career growth and challenges, and what she has planned next. Share your thoughts with us about the show at
Quiet on the set! Christy Barker, Wayne High School's Theatre Director, comes on the show to preview The Addams Family musical. Christy explains the special effects, stunts, and treats that will thrill audiences. She also gives advice to students wanting to get involved in the theatre and how they can improve their skills in between shows. Tune in and be sure to see this creepy and kooky musical for yourself. Show Times & Tickets: Thursday March 21st, 2019 at 6 pm, Tickets: Friday March 22nd, 2019 at 6 pm, Tickets: Saturday March 23rd, 2019 at 1 pm, Tickets: Saturday March 23rd, 2019 at 6 pm, Tickets: While you're here, don't forget to let us know what you think of the show. Leave any comments or suggestions at the following link: 
This episode is all about books, books, and…well, more books. We’ll be previewing the Weisenborn Book Fair with ITC Paraprofessional Tracy Wilmath. She goes over special aspects about the Book Fair, what students can purchase (besides books) at the Book Fair, and how to get students more interested in reading. Parents interested in volunteering for the Book Fair can email Tracy at or ask for Tracy when calling Weisenborn Junior High at 937-237-6350. The Book Fair will be from March 4th – March 8th in the Weisenborn ITC from 8 am – 3 pm. The online Book Fair will be from February 24th – March 9th. Family Night will be on March 5th from 6 pm – 8 pm. Give us suggestions on what you want to hear discussed on future podcast episodes at the following link: 
The Warrior Path Podcast is back with fresh episodes. The first of our episodes for the second semester profiles the S.O.A.R. (Special Opportunities for Additional Resources) program and their accomplishments in STEM. S.O.A.R. instructor Aimee Ashcraft explains how these future scientists and engineers are immersing themselves in STEM and already earning national recognition while they're still in elementary school. Don't forget to tell us what you want to hear covered next at the following link:
We’re taking a look at Wayne High School’s various extra-curricular programs this episode. JROTC Drill Team Commander Jeffry Bidwell comes on the show to discuss the Drill Team’s competitions and community service. Next up is a preview of Wayne’s upcoming Winter One Acts with Drama Director Christy Barker. She gives a great look ahead to the shows audiences can expect to see and all the hard work students put into the productions. The Winter One Acts will be on Thursday November 29th and Friday November 30th at 6 pm. Let us know what you want to hear next on the podcast by going to and giving us your feedback.
Episode 4 is all about the arts. Valley Forge Elementary art teacher Kathryn Nugent joins us to discuss the various art projects her students are working on. Tune in to learn how the art projects are helping her students build their self-esteem, discover their individuality, and help children in need around the world. Give us your feedback on the show. Visit to let us know what you'd like to see covered next.
There's something for students of all ages on Episode 3. First up we have Vanisa Turney Ed.D., HHCS' Director of Curriculum and Instruction, on to talk about the district's first family math night. We discuss how the family math night gives parents the tools to help improve their student's math abilities. Then we hear from a Wayne High School student for the first time on the show! Wayne held a Senior Night to help students navigate their variety of options after graduating and senior Bobby Cole joins us to discuss the valuable insight he learned from the event. Tell us what you want to see covered next on The Warrior Path Podcast! Go to and leave us your ideas and feedback for the show.
Episode two takes a deep dive into the Power Scholars Academy. HHCS partners with the YMCA of Greater Dayton and BELL (Building Educated Leaders for Life) to offer the program to students in grades K-3 to increase students’ academic success and boost self-confidence. We sit down with Philip Ferrari, Community Impact Director at the YMCA of Greater Dayton, to discuss how the program went and its impact. The second segment is a profile of new Rushmore Elementary principal Ben Ayers. We discuss his background, goals and all of his favorite things. Tell us what you want to see covered next on The Warrior Path Podcast! Go to and leave us your ideas and feedback for the show.
This is the very first episode of the Warrior Path! We discuss all the latest news and events happening in Huber Heights City Schools. First up, we recap this year's STEM Day In The Park and explore inside a magically decorated Harry Potter classroom that's gained national attention. Tell us what you want to see covered next on The Warrior Path Podcast! Go to and leave us your ideas and feedback for the show.
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