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Welcome to Brother. The Masonic Podcast. This podcast is here for everyone - let's answer some questions, pose a few more - and hopefully just have some fun discussing one of the world's oldest, and most talked about organisations!
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In this episode, Neil-Thomas, Taz, Jack and Producer Josh are joined by special guest HOST (not guest...) Shaun Butler, Communications Director at UGLE (and Producer Josh's new boss!) We revert to type, and get back to the good old ways of our old podcast format with Wine of the Week AND the Masonic News Roundup back, and boy do we have some great news to discuss! So have a listen to use discussing the RESUMPTION OF MASONIC BUSINESS from 17th May and have a laugh along with us! Remember, you can listen back to all our previous episodes and watch the recordings at and don't forget to Tweet us, @BrotherMasonic
In this episode, we're going back to basics, asking the big questions we wanted to know before we became Freemasons. If you've EVER thought about becoming a Mason, or have questions about what it's all about, what happens in a Lodge and what you need to do to join, this is the episode for you! Plus, we also consider renaming the podcast and Wine of the Week is back, albeit slightly different to usual! Remember, you can listen back to all our previous episodes and watch the recordings at and don't forget to Tweet us, @BrotherMasonic
We knew we needed to launch Season 3 with a bang, so we only went and scored an interview with Grand Secretary and Chief Executive of the United Grand Lodge of England, The Very Worshipful Dr David Staples?!In our first recording in-person since the Open House Live event in the summer, the whole team came together at Freemasons' Hall, Great Queen Street to interview the man in charge of the day-to-day running of Freemasonry, and the brains behind the outstanding Enough is Enough campaign. We hope you'll enjoy listening to this podcast as much as we enjoyed recording it, and welcome you warmly to Brother: Season Three!Remember, you can listen back to all our previous episodes and watch the recordings of season two, Brother: Beyond the Craft at and don't forget to Tweet us, @BrotherMasonic
We were honoured to be invited to attend the Open House event at Freemasons' Hall this year, hosted by the United Grand Lodge of England. After being pitched up in a room that very few others get to see, we were joined by a number of big wigs from UGLE, including the Director of Communications & Marketing and chewed the fat over all things Masonry and Great Queens' Street! A massive thank you to the team at the United Grand Lodge of England for inviting us along, and we hope you enjoy!You can also check out the video recording of our day at FMH, and listen to all of our previous episodes at and don't forget to follow us on Twitter @brothermasonic.
This is it. The final episode of season two, Brother: Beyond the Craft, and we've saved the big one until last!The boys are joined by V. W. Bro. Bill Divall, Deputy President of the General Board and Deputy President of the Grand Master Royal Ark Mariners Council. So join us for the last hurrah, finding out about the completion of the second degree and find out how Bill fares in the Elevator Pitch Challenge!
In our penultimate episode of the series, Neil, Taz, Jack and Josh are joined by W. Bro. Matthew Christmas to discuss the Royal Ark Mariners! We talk through the story of the order, a little more about the regalia and Matt takes on the BBTC Elevator Pitch Challenge, and attempts to convince you to join the RAM in as close to 30 seconds as possible!Remember, you can watch this episode and listen to all other Brother Podcasts at
We are absolutely honoured to be joined by Grand Summus and all-time friend of the Podcast, M.Dist.Comp. Ian S. Currans to talk to us about the Order of the Scarlet Cord. Have a listen to Episode 6 from Season 1 to hear more from Ian on the Scarlet Cord, and to give you a little more context about his truly incredible effort in the Elevator Pitch Challenge! We're also really sorry for those few moments where we lost Ian in the podcast. We're all trying to help keep control of this pesky virus so are recording all our episodes of Brother: Beyond the Craft on Zoom and every now and then the signal lets us down a little. 
In this episode, Neil, Jack and Josh (unfortunately no Taz due to work commitments!) speak with Eminent Knight David Tuke, First Great Captain of the Great Priory of the Order of the Temple about the Knights' Templar and Order of Malta. We know this is one you've all been waiting for so please do enjoy!This episode, recorded via Zoom, is also available to watch now at
In this episode of Beyond the Craft, we're talking about the Allied Masonic Degrees.The Brother Lads were joined by Scott Cargill, Assistant Grand Secretary for the District of London to give us an insight into these 5 unlinked but truly fascinating Masonic Degrees. Plus, Scott tries his hand at the #BBTC Elevator Pitch Challenge - find out how he fares on our leaderboard against Red Cross of Constantine, Order of the Secret Monitor and Royal and Select Masters!This episode, recorded via Zoom, is also available to watch now at
In this episode, Taz, Neil, Jack and Producer Josh are joined by District Grand Director of Ceremonies for London, Rod Bradley to discuss our next progressive order, Royal and Select Masters (also known as Cryptic) The guys ask Rod about what got him into RSM, a little about the history of the order and we put him up to the #BBTC Elevator Pitch Challenge - now complete with Top Gear style leader board! And don't forget to watch the episode too! Just visit!
Neil, Taz, Jack and Josh jumped on Zoom for nothing more than a quick catch up on how they're all doing! The thing that took them all by surprise was how different they all looked since the last episode! The boys discuss how they've found lockdown, what they're looking forward to and talk about some really exciting things to come. 
In the second episode of Brother: Beyond the Craft, we're delighted to be joined by Worthy Brother John Watts, Grand Sword Bearer of the Order of the Secret Monitor. John discusses why he loves OSM so much, what makes it unique and gives us a little insight into the story behind the order. Plus, we find out about the incredible fundraising initiative our very own Jack Saunders has taken on and Producer Josh launches our BRAND NEW website at!
Welcome to season two of Brother, and the first episode of our new series, Beyond the Craft. In this season we've teamed up with Mark Masons' Hall to explore a significant number of the progressive orders in Freemasonry. In this episode, we're joined by Illustrious Knight Adrian Jarvis, Divisional Marshal for the Division of East Anglia to tell us all about the Order of the Red Cross of Constantine. 
NTA, Taz and Jack all jump online to record this special Brother Extra all about the suspension The United Grand Lodge of England, Mark Masons Hall & Supreme Grand Council have called on following the outbreak of COVID-19 in the UK. We discuss the initial thoughts, how freemasonry is going to be effected and also what we can do to keep ourselves and others connected to freemasonry over the next four months. We also have an update on Brother Beyond the Craft.Thanks for listening as always, and we urge you all to stay healthy and safe during this unprecedented time.
Happy New Year!We sit down with the new Communications Manager of the United Grand Lodge of England, Shaun Butler to discuss his role, masonic etiquette online, his vision for the public presence of Freemasonry in the future and his teams plan for 2020! Shaun is a wonderfully passionate freemason and clearly dedicated to the cause! Enjoy this great chat with one of the new (young) men at the top! We will be back to you very soon with the first Brother of 2020 and our new big exciting announcement! 
Brother: 10 - The Tazfather

Brother: 10 - The Tazfather


We finally made it. Episode 10. And this is the big one, the Royal Arch episode you've ALL been waiting for! Join Neil, Taz, Jack and Producer Josh as they sup another delicious bottle of claret and discuss that most contentious of Masonic subjects; the Holy Royal Arch!
Hot on the tails of Mental Health Awareness Week, Neil, Taz and Produce Josh are joined by friend of the podcast, Joe to discuss whether Freemasonry does enough to tackle the biggest killer of men under 45 - Suicide. It's not necessarily an easy listen, but consider this a call to action. And please remember, it's okay to not be okay. If you ever find yourself in need of someone to talk to, please drop us a DM or get in touch with the Samaritans free on 116 123.
Brother: 9 - Extra Virgin

Brother: 9 - Extra Virgin


It's been a while since we sat around the table with a bottle of vino, so for this episode, we're just having a good old catch up! Unfortunately, Jack couldn't be with us, but Produce Josh is back with Taz and Neil to discuss everything from Neil's year in the chair, to Taz's banging hangover!
We recorded live from the vestibule at the Grand Temple in Freemasons' Hall ahead of the consecration of Essex Cornerstone Lodge, the first lodge in England to be created for new and young Freemasons. Over 700 Freemasons turned up to this incredible ceremony, and afterwards, Neil spoke to the primus Worshipful Master, W. Bro. Elliott Chevin about his experience being the first WM of this brand new and ground breaking lodge!
We're back for the first time in 2019, and we're kicking off the new year (granted a little late) with a bang! Find out some incredibly exciting news about the future of Brother, whilst we indulge in a glass of our favourite Red Wine and discuss gentleman's sex aids.
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Andrew Arbuthnot

Afternoon from a Wor Bro in the Masonic Province of Antrim under the Irish Constitution. I've got to episode 5 or 6 so far having found you late, and have shared the podcast with my lodge. Only thing is, and I don't know if it's just Castbox, but the mics are really tinny and make listening quite difficult. Other than that, keep up the good work

Aug 15th
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