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Join us for our weekly talks from Mosaic Church, Eastbourne - a church in the community. Inspirational, Biblical and often challenging messages that help us follow Jesus.
32 Episodes
You always get a fresh perspective with Caroline. This one is no exception
It means so many things. It confirms Jesus as the Son of God. It represents the start of the defeat of the power of sin and death and hell. Explore more with Dave Roberts
Caroline Kimber helps us understand the events and background to some of what happened in the final weeks of Jesus human existence. 
This sermon is part of a series on the Cross in the run up to Easter. Dave explores ancient concepts of redemption, applies them to the accounts of the Cross and applies them to our lives today.  
Dave Roberts.
Steve explores a challenging passage about who we submit to. He roots us back into the life of Christ to help us grasp a concept that challenges us all. 
Why does Peter use the image of the cornerstone. How does he describe the role and identity of the early church? What does this mean for us today, both personally and as a community? (With impromptu singalong to old church songs, not scripted!)
Starting a new series unpacking 1 Peter.
Jesus was taken to the temple to be dedicated. The response from Simeon & Anna tells us a great deal about the hope for a Messiah and how the ministry of Jesus would unfold. With practical application to life today
Steve Blundell leads us  while Dave Roberts shares a talk about loneliness. Reaching out to those who are stuck indoors and through choice or illness shrink away from the world. 
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