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Join us for our weekly talks from The Gather Collective, Eastbourne - a church in the community. Inspirational, Biblical and often challenging messages that help us follow Jesus.
37 Episodes
Ruth Kenward shares on foundations for relational faith. She looks to the example of Jesus and the nature of his compassion. She then applies that to our everyday lives. 
In another of our teachings on our foundational values Caroline shares about how we approach the Bible, the written down version of the story of Mankind and God. This sermon is key to understanding how we seek to be transformed in the pattern of our thinking. 
At the core of our faith is the idea that we follow a God of welcome, generosity and hospitality. It is a core value for us at Mosaic. Sharon shares some of the biblical framework that undergirds our commitment to this truth. 
Love All - Ruth Kenward

Love All - Ruth Kenward


Not just the name of our venue but the defining trait that we understand to be at the heart of the Character of God, shown to us in Jesus and enabled in us by the Holy Spirit. Ruth takes us on a journey of understanding 
Dwell - Dave Roberts

Dwell - Dave Roberts


As Mosaic starts to meet in a new venue Dave Roberts reflects on what it means to dwell with God in the places where we find and create community, how we dwell in God and how we dwell on God.  These are key values as we seek to understand what it means to experience the presence of God
You always get a fresh perspective with Caroline. This one is no exception
It means so many things. It confirms Jesus as the Son of God. It represents the start of the defeat of the power of sin and death and hell. Explore more with Dave Roberts
Caroline Kimber helps us understand the events and background to some of what happened in the final weeks of Jesus human existence. 
This sermon is part of a series on the Cross in the run up to Easter. Dave explores ancient concepts of redemption, applies them to the accounts of the Cross and applies them to our lives today.  
Dave Roberts.
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