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Author: Siana-Rose Crawford

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Welcome to Mindset Managed with me, author S. R. Crawford. Here on my podcast, we will be bringing you weekly inspiration every Monday to nurture your mind and conquer your world! We’re talking holistic health, mindsets, and personal growth. We believe that if you are aware of your inner world, you can understand it; and if you understand it, you can conquer it! So, let’s grow together…
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My most sacred value is Peace and one of my lifelong goals is inner peace. If you, like me, want a gentle and peaceful life, then here are just a few of my ideas that will grant you more of a peaceful life.
Today I’m ranting about how overwhelm and exhaustion are a given in our society right now. How unhealthy and yet easy it is to feel stressed and tired from the amount of information we are exposed to and the number of things we’re expected to do in order to be worthy. Nah thanks!
Tomorrow is my birthday! In true birthday fashion, I have been thinking about things I would like to work on and focus on improving in my life. However, there are many things I'm proud of in my life and what I do, and so I'm appreciating these things about myself and remembering to keep going!
Today I am talking about how we can use our imagination to help change our worlds. Imagining something that’s outside of what is our current reality inside ourselves and outside in the wider world.
Awaken with Spring

Awaken with Spring


Spring has sprung, as they say, and so I’m talking today about shedding skins, letting go, and moving on towards something new this Spring. Are you going to choose to rise and awaken, or shrink and remain in hibernation?
Today I'm questioning whether the Western world is making things too easy for us instead of better for us in the long-run. Is everything too convenient?
We all know these things, but we often forget them or don’t adopt them in our lives in order to make a difference. If you want to do better for and to yourself and others, here is some obvious advice and truths for you to remember and follow.
Today I'm dropping in with a quick one discussing two things: the origins of our fear and sadness, maybe there's a story you're telling yourself that links to it; and how our expectations of ourselves are causing us to be both the victim and the villain.
I provide a whistle-stop tour on our poor categorisation skills, how complicated the whole business can get, and share some ideas about perhaps scrapping it all together! Your identity will never be something you could write out on a sheet of paper, listing with words and labels who you are, because you will always be so much more than that.
Today I would like to just invite you to tap into your creativity. To give yourself permission to create freely: create for the hell of it, others be damned!
Have you been feeling low and anxious lately? Perhaps what you're feeling is burnout. Here are some things that cause burnout and a few ways to avoid and combat it.
In this day and age, we are living in a world of choice, options and possibilities. Sounds good, right? Wrong... Here's why we are being made ill and driven mad by too much choice. And what we can do about it.
Today I'm discussing three things we're doing too much as a society that we could do with stopping, and three things we aren't doing enough and need to start doing in 2021.
Happy New Year and welcome 2021! Today I want you to think about and decide what is actually worthy of your stress, worries, and focus this new year. To take the pressure off because nothing is perfect or predictable – 2020 taught us that, at least. Priorities Anxiety Choice Societal pressures Values and importance Minimising Click to play!
This festive season and end to the crazy 2020, I want you to anchor in hope, learn to trust, and bring a magical awareness to your life.
I'm saying goodbye for the rest of 2020. I'll be speaking to you all again soon in 2021, hopefully with a better year ahead of us as a world! I'm talking briefly about my own life, changes, and things I've learned and have yet to learn. Take care, all, end on a high and keep growing... Speak soon!
Let me tell you, in case you didn't know, it's okay not to know everything! It's okay to say, "I don't know enough about this to have an opinion!" Wow, what a concept! Today I'm talking about how we need to all take a step back and appreciate what we don't know as an opportunity to actually learn.
I've been angry and sad lately. Not in my personal life, because thankfully that's great, but with the state of the world and the negativity of the people in it. Today, I'm ranting about it all and seeing if we can be and see the light at all right now...
My partner of almost 6 years is 26 years old now! Happy birthday! I wanted to just discuss all the things I've learned from him during our relationship. This is just some of the amazing things that I've gained from him just being himself...
In today's podcast episode, I'm talking passionately about our self-worth and self-esteem and how these are affected by how much power we give to external things. We mindlessly give away energy, power, thoughts, feelings, and time to things that don't deserve it. We rely too heavily on external things, when we need more self-trust above all else...
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