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Welcome to the IQ Knowledge Junkie podcast, where enlightening ideas come from! I’m The Author of “LMAOKJ” (Learning More After Obstacles Kenneth Journey) “LMFAOKJ” (Learning Motivation From All Over Knowledge Junkie) and “IQKJ” (Inspiring Quotations Knowledgeably Justified). I’ve been in a magazine, won the best sense of humor award in High School and I plan on owning a NBA TEAM. Twitter : @lmaoKJ Instagram @ilmaoKJ Google : LMFAOKJ to see all of my book information. Support this podcast:
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Thanks to everyone who’ve tuned in! Today I got my inspiration off of seeing the “Ace Family” House tour! LMAO The video was insanely inspiring & it allowed me to realize how hard work really pays off! --- Support this podcast:
Thanks once again to everyone who told me happy Birthday, I didn’t get a chance to celebrate it as much as I wanted to due to me planning so late but I have faith that this will be my last year ever struggling to purchasing whatever it is I want on my birthday! God is Good! #Year23--- Support this podcast:
Thanks to everyone who tuned in! Be sure to leave a review if you learned something.--- Support this podcast:
This is by far my well spoken knowledgeable episode that I’ve ever dropped. Thanks so much for my audience, y’all give me a reason to keep creating content! Thank you! --- Support this podcast:
Be sure to write down what you’ve learned! If interested in getting a shirt, find me on Instagram @ilmaoKJ & it’ll be made for you.--- Support this podcast:
Be sure to write down any valuable information that you believe will be beneficial for you. Google “ IQKJ “ to get a copy of my new book.--- Support this podcast:
Be sure to write down any valuable information you’ve heard in this episode!--- Support this podcast:
This is my 50th episode ever recorded! Thanks to God for giving me the ability to do so! I’ve got inspired by DJ Khaled new album “Father Of Asahd”. The music on the album motivated me to not neglect this gift of mines mainly because while others are excessively working on their craft, I’m just chilling playing video games which don’t sit well with me! I hope y’all enjoy this episode.--- Support this podcast:
Some of the most valuable information that I’ve spoke on in this episode is what I learned from Karen Lamb, the quote says “A year from now you may wish you had started today”. This advice should inspire you all to knock out your goals now because you never know what opportunity or idea that may appear once you work relentlessly on what you believe in.--- Support this podcast:
This is one of my most fluent episodes that I believe I released due to me constantly having to re record the episode because I struggle with continually saying “You know what I’m saying” during segments. Y’all please cope with me, I believe I’m getting better every time i release episodes. --- Support this podcast:
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