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rerun: Still Red Ballin

rerun: Still Red Ballin


originally released April 19, 2019. 
Hope you enjoy part TWO of our time at Tree Fort Music Fest 2021. There's a great post-rock-night vibe to this episode, featuring interviews with Blood Lemon, Sego, and Slurm Flirty Worm. That's one L.A.-based band for every two Boise-area bands. Is it too much Boise? Not enough? We wouldn't presume to speak for you. Music this week:"Around You" by Blackwater Holylight (2:54)"Burned" by Blood Lemon (23:01)"Down with Me" by Sego (43:57)"Week of Wednesdays" by Slurm Flirty Worm (64:37)"Adamant" by Mic Capes (68:28) 
Haute Garbage is back with the first in a series of live interviews from Tree Fort Music Fest 2021 in Boise, Idaho. Did Boise do its best to market its world-famous potatoes? It did not, but what it lacked in starch it made up for in killer music (Luckily. 'Cause seriously, not a single potato pun or spud-related mascot). In the first of the series, we sit down with Seattle's Smokey Brights, Chicago's Waltzer, and Boise's Power House. Enjoy with a friend or as part of a first date!Music this episode:"Burn It Down" by The French Tips (3:06)"Save Us Sarah" by Smokey Brights (23:59)"Eugene" by Waltzer (47:13)"Haymaker" by Power House (62:53)"The Way I Feel" by Alien Boy (68:52)
This week, it's two for the price of one...which is also the price of two! Our guests are Jesse from the Houston thrashgrass band Days N Daze and Portland songwriter Kassi Valazza. With two guests, we get to cover just about everything: songwriting, fast food, inspiration, handlessness, poetry, and frontier barbering. Check out Days N Daze 2020 album "Show Me the Blueprints" on Fat Wreck Chords and grab Kassi's latest full length "Dear Dead Days" on bandcamp. Music This Week:"Soul Trap" by Tree (3:11)"Addvice" by Days N Daze (15:12)"Mary" by Kassi Valazza (39:09)"Closer to the Win" by Laura Rain and the Caesars (58:12)"Assisted Harikiri" by Home is Where (68:53)
Our guest this week is the great emcee Vinnie Dewayne. His 2016 release "The St. Johns Scholar" was an incredible precursor of great things to come, and Vinnie more than delivers on that promise with his newest, "Curbside PIckup," available for purchase and download right now. We talk about the midwest vs. the northwest, growing beyond The Scholar, and colorful disagreements with fellow emcees. Follow Vinnie on Instagram and Twitter @VDewayne, and grab "Curbside Pickup" immediately.Music This Week:"Jumper Cables" by Mic Capes ft. Vinnie Dewayne (4.48)"Collision" by Vinnie Dewayne ft. Mic Capes (16:55)"Boomer" by Bartees Strange (26:19)"License to Fail" by Futuro (36:14)"Huddle Up" by Vinnie Dewayne ft. Nick Bezas (49:40)
The great DNVN Trip is back this episode. He's been hard at work on a brand-new venture, the rhythm hip-hop game Rhyme Storm. We talk about how the venture has evolved, what he's learned from engaging with users, and how he's approaching personal creativity during this unusual time. If you utilize the Steam gaming platform, you can get an early look at Rhyme Storm. For the rest of you, visit for some incredible game demos and news on wider release. This week's late-summer playlist features:"Martial Arts" by Fire Nuns (3:54)"You Remind Me of the Bible" by Jota Ese (16:43)"Waves" by Tommy Alexander (36:29)"Drive" by Pop Up! (44:11)
Our guest this week is the great Swiggle Mandela. Swiggle is one of the more thoughtful, intentional creators in NW hip-hop, and we sat down to discuss his approach to his career and song-creation, the benchmarks that translate to success, and what it means to be a person of color in Portland at this particular moment. We also play some killer tunes. Swiggle is prolific and active across all social music platforms, and he makes the point that a "like" or a "share" can have a greater impact than anyone thinks. You never know who's on the other end of a share, so be sure to follow him and engage!Music this week:"We Live Here" by Bob Vylan (8:01)"Lit Tonight" by Swiggle Mandela ft. Raz Simone (25:00)"Dear Portland Police" by Swiggle Mandela (39:32)"Goddess" by Swiggle Mandela (48:51)"Pasta" by Der Witz (54:11)
The award-winning hip hop duo Eastern Sunz join us this week for a much-needed shot of positive vibes! Emcees Courage and TravisT have been doing their unique thing for nearly twenty years, and their newest release "Fuel for a Fool's Errand" is the smooth-and-groove product of those 10,000 hours. They take the craft seriously, incorporating live instrumentation into the samples and mixing of producer Smoke, but they also take the message seriously. If you're like us, you'll want to hang out with these guys long after the conversation ends. Check out their bandcamp page to purchase "Fuel for a Fool's Errand" and all of the Eastern Sunz catalog. Music this week:"Grand Scheme" by Muja Messiah (4:18)"Like That" by Eastern Sunz ft. Vursatyl (18:30)"Welfare" by Eastern Sunz ft. Rahim Thornhill (38:27)"Not Enough" by Eastern Sunz ft. Poeina & Rahim Thornhill (49:07)"Do Me That Favor" by Ol' Burger Beats & Vuyo (55:54)
The great Sean Jordan joins us this week! You know Sean as a hilarious stand-up and co-host (with Ian Karmel and David Gborie) of the incredible podcast All Fantasy Everything. This was a fun and breezy hang with one of our all-time favorite comedians. We talked about feeling as if we know him, taking a beating for friendship, and all the wonderful things skateboarding has brought into Sean's life. Check out All Fantasy Everything right after you finish listening and subscribing to this podcast. Music this week:"Franco" by Calvin Valentine (2:20)"Ollie Ollie Ox in Free" by NoEmotion Goldmask (14:44)"Don't Let the Bastards Grind You Down" by Magick Gardens (31:50)"Godspeed" by The Waysides (50:46)
We are finally back with a whole slew of pre-recorded episodes, and it feels sooooo good! Yes, Drew has let you down for five weeks, but the gang comes roaring back from his laziness in hall-of-fame form with Ceschi Ramos, a rapper, producer, and singer-songwriter out of New Haven, CT. He's also the co-founder of Fake Four, Inc., a record label supporting many of the artists you've loved from this very show and by far one of the finest independent labels going.  Ceschi reflects on the need for honesty in his music, plays a couple of live tracks, and discusses farts...but NOT from the place you'd expect!Music this week:"Baby Stroller" by Dead Rapper Club (9:26)"It's About Time" by Sankofa (25:45)"Bite Through Stone" by Ceschi (47:10)"Consider it a Win" by Ceschi (68:09)"Check Kenny" by Serengeti (87:38)
Pandemic interviews don't get much better than this! The amazing Jenny Logan of Deathlist joins to talk about her new album, the ingredients for a strong music scene, and the co-founding of Jenny's new Deathlist album drops May 29 and is available for pre-order on her bandcamp page NOW! Go get it, why don't you? And then come right back for a great hang and great tunes. Music this week includes:"Jewels and Binoculars" by Cherry Chrome (3:12)"You Won't Be Here for Long" by Deathlist (18:36)"Thrift Store Dress" by Jeffrey Martin (26:12)"Night Face Regretter" by Deathlist (35:30)"RunDatBack ft. Omari Jazz" by NorthernDraw (40:11)
Happy holidays, one and all! We're so excited to have guests back, and this week is a  doozy! Melynda, Donna, and Erin from the proudly adult-contemporary Jamais Jamais join us for a welcome dose of music and silliness. We talk about their in-progress album, the ease and joy of working together, and how rapidly Melynda got to the "sorting a bucket of screws" phase of social distancing. We play a few sneak peaks from the upcoming album, and Andy shares a trio of bangers from King Black Acid, Nikki and the Phantom Callers, and Helicon. This week's playlist includes:"I Killed Your High" by King Black Acid's Rainbow Lodge (3:57)"Permanent Resident (Don't)" by Jamais Jamais (20:31)"Howl With Me" by Nikki and the Phantom Callers (36:55)"Winter Skies" by Jamais Jamais (46:32)"Sound of Confession" by Helicon (67:50)
Welcome to the soundtrack for another week of social distancing! We know it's getting tough out there, so as you continue to haunt your own home, pop in some ear buds and discover something beautiful you've never heard before. And no, it's not Andy's slurring voice (which is audio-related, not alcohol-related...wink).Shameless Plug: Nominate us for Willamette Week's Best of Portland 2020 by visiting the Arts & Culture - Best Podcast category at Music this week includes:"Running's Fun" by FEELS (4:47)"I Want to Do Your Hair" by Geinos (12:49)"Colladeral" by RLLRBLL (23:20)"Car" by What in Your Heart Can Put You in a Trance (35:09)"A New Quest" by Magic Sword (42:49)"Hanami" by The OO-Ray (51:57)
This week, we take our first foray into remote recording. We stretch our legs luxuriously into the malaise of isolation and uncertainty with a notable dearth of stories due to the cow-like dullness of our day-to-day lives. But we still find time to laugh, have a cocktail, and share some killer music. Thanks for joining us. We're thinking of you, and we hope you're all getting by as well as possible!Quick programming note: Drew is a fine host, but the slowest editor in the world, so please excuse our delay here. But we're back on track from here on out with playlists and interviews. Stick around and tell a home-bound friend!Music this week includes:"Extremely Run to the Hills" by Beaten to Death (9:41)"Mantra" by Flamingosis & The Kount (15:31)"Fire in the Sky" by Glass Apple Bonzai (23:14)"Dreams" by Spectres (32:05)"Suck Sh*t" by Machine Girl (40:30)"Grind Korn" by Beaten to Death (45:36)
Quarantunes Volume 1

Quarantunes Volume 1


Whelp. It's a pandemic. Drew spills his guts from his isolation chamber in Northeast Portland, but mostly plays some dope tunes to get you through the terror and ennui of social distancing. Please stay safe out there, please be kind to each other, and please support one another as much as possible. Music this week:"Basiphobia" by Bryson Cone (14:00)"Chip Away" by Serge Severe, ft. Mic Capes and Vinnie Dewayne, Prod. by Panama Red (21:03)"Up and Over" by Sunset on Mars (27:22)"Liar" by Inward Creature (32:55)"Sisters Song" by A Strange Bird (39:45)"Oh Billy" by the Prissteens (46:27) 
Old Grape God is back! We talked about art, last years mixtape series, dippin dots, staying home, we play License Plate Detective, and Tron plays us some brand new unreleased tracks. Music this week from Old Grape God, Alabaster dePlume, Scooty, and Eleji. 
Millennial Falcon are synth-punk band from Portland. Not only do they make ripping music, they also make a comic book to go with every album. We talked about their music, Drew’s love of big books, getting targeted by white supremacists, and we answer some listener mail. Music this week from Millennial Falcon, Moon Bounce, and Mars Red Sky.  
Ceremony of SLUDGE IX

Ceremony of SLUDGE IX


Ceremony of Sludge, Portland's heaviest microfest, is back for year NINE! To whet your appetite and loosen your bowels for another bone-rattling doom-off, we welcome back to the studio CoS co-founders Blaine (Mane of the Cur; Hot Won't Quit) and Justin (Witch Mountain). Joining them is Eric (engineer/producer, Husk Recording; Hair Puller), who handles live recording of the fest. Ceremony of Sludge takes place Friday, March 6 at the World Famous Kenton Club in Portland, OR. This year's lineup features Usnea, Glasghote, Brume, A//tar, and Zyl. Can't wait to see you there!Ceremony-inspired music this week includes:"Help Me" by Brume (7:00)"Eye of Ra" by Glasghote (20:43)"Garbage Man" by Chat Pile (35:05)"Horology" by A//tar (49:38)"Tweak Jabber" by Dopethrone (65:29)
Tara Velarde is in the studio this week! We talked about the genre tag "singer-songwriter", Crohn's disease, her writing process, the benefits of roommates, ramen, growing up in a musical family, and finding beauty everywhere. Music this week from Tara Velarde, Gregory Pepper & His Problems, Eastern Sunz, and Hot July. 
Haute Garbage All-Star Laryssa Birdseye is back to play some brand-new tunes live this week. With her are LB bassist/percussionist Matt Brewster and shooting-star rapper/comedian Shrista Tyree. We talk about the unique friendship among disparate, often transient creatives; have a good, hard look at Matt's handsome body; and take a poopy roll in the sheets of a luxurious double bed. Laryssa and Matt will be on the road throughout the first half of the year, so take a peek at for shows near you. Shrista hosts the hip-hop showcase Bossin' Up, and you can find her hostin' and roastin' at her new comedy show Clownin' on February 20 at Portland's Curious Comedy Theater.  Music this week:"Secret" by Laryssa Birdseye (16:06)"Shelter" by Black Lillys (27:14)"One Look" by Laryssa Birdseye (36:47)"What's That" by Heads or Heads (70:04)
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