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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to do a lap of Australia in a campertrailer with a young child? Today we’re joined by Renee, who along with her husband Nathan and their young son have been travelling full time for 3 years in their cub camper Renee and Nathan have so much knowledge which they share quite generously through their blog and other avenues on social media.  Check them out at and In this episode we cover travelling with a soft vs. hardfloor camper, travelling with small children, the realities of travelling full time, and also some exciting news... taking their lap to NZ! If  you’re travelling with young kids – especially babies – the meelight by meemoo baby is an awesome product that you should definitely check out. Its a nifty little night light that’s not like the other night lights! It is completely portable and cord free, dimmable, rechargeable to work for up to 24 hours and also wearable. Perfect for off grid camping, and perfect for travelling families. Adele and the team at Caravanning with Kids sent us a meelight to try out  and we found the light perfect for fixing one of Edwards 50000 bottles though the night without waking the rest of the family. Chloe and Elliot also fought over who would get it each night… Chloe loved it for a reading light… and Elliot just wanted it on, next to his bed, as a nightlight to keep away those bogey men. If you would like to know more, check 0ur here for our review: You can find us at and also
Isn't the reason you travel because you love experiencing all life has to offer? Well, before you go and ruin it by going on a diet, listen to this first! We interview Laura Jean, a dietitian with a difference. Laura's focus isn't on what people eat, but their relationship with food. In this episode we discover why dieting isn't the answer... even if you've enjoyed travels a little too much and feel like you need to get your eating back on track. You can find Laura at, as well as find her Get Started Guide. This podcast is brought to you by Family Friendly House Sitters ( Connecting home owners with house sitting families, its the only family friendly house sitting community. Find us at or
"We think we've saved somewhere between $20,000 to $30,000 per year, over the last 3 years, because of house sitting" Wow. It's not just the savings. It's the places. Today's guest is Karen Parker, of With her family of 4, they have travelled the world, and are now up to 37-38 house sits in this time. In this episode you'll hear: - How having a family isn't a problem, it's their 'secret weapon' - Top tips to be a successful applicant - Housesitting etiquette - Homeowner tips if you're going to use a house sitter, and - All the amazing places it's taken them! For all the resources mentioned in this episode visit
If your partner has to work, that may not mean you can't get out and see Australia. Because that's what this family does. Lily takes her two toddlers and their combi van for mini-adventures, while her husband is at work. He comes and joins them on their travels. What an amazing set up! Today Lily from the blog joins us. We discuss: - Their unique travel arrangement - Her favourite apps to keep toddlers occupied while travelling, and - Other road trip tips. For the full list of apps mentioned in this episode visit To get your 4 week free trial of Reading Eggs, visit
If you want to share your journey, is a Facebook Page the way to go? Or should you start a Facebook Group instead? What about a website? The answer is... it depends! If you do decide to start a blog on a website, we discuss some of the things to consider, and some of the mistakes to avoid. Today we're joined by Bryony from Coasting Australia. In this episode we discuss the pros and cons of each of these different approaches, and the reality of running a blog. You can find Bryony at, and the article mentioned in this episode is Find us at or at
A Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) is a great way to relax, get some exercise, escape the kids, or hang out with the kids. They're pretty awesome! But... there's length, shape, width, and construction to think about. They're not a cheap item, so you want to get it right. Today we're lucky enough to have back with us Adam and Sharon Galway, aka the Galways Go Round ( In this episode we cover: - Choosing the right size - Considerations when choosing between inflatable vs. rigid fibreglass SUPs - Myths and misconceptions about inflatable SUPs... and much more! Mentioned in this episode is the Red Paddle Co SUPs. Check out the Galways' page for more details. Find us at or
Life is going to be hectic at home, so you may as well be in a caravan seeing all that Australia has to offer! Today we're joined by Ebony from Zahli's Big Lap (@zahlisbiglap). We find out: - What it's like travelling with 2 toddlers - Are the concerns about lack of healthcare in remote areas founded - Family life in a Jayco Expanda, and - Using a lap to find Australia's most liveable location You can find their blog here, which also lists the items discussed in this episode. Find out more about the 9-week challenge here at Find us on Facebook at, and more at
Have you ever wondered if you're doing the right thing by taking the kids out of their stable home environment for long-term travel? What about whether or not it's worth it for kids that are too young to remember everything about the trip? Well, this is the episode for you! Today we're joined by Dr. Kimberly O'Brien, Principal Child Psychologist from the Quirky Kid Clinic ( We cover all of this, as well as: - Hints & tips on preparing your kids - What you can do to help if they're not adjusting - Preparing for the return back to "normal" life Check back in here soon to find out more about Dr. O'Brien's new podcast, "Impressive", when it's released. Find us at and on Facebook at
You can’t travel because you have health issues? Have a teenager? Single Parent? What if all three? In one of our most inspiration interviews yet, we’re joined by Rochelle from Whydiss ( She shares with us how these weren’t barriers to travelling Australia in a caravan, quite the opposite... they became her reason to travel. We cover: - Her journey so far - How health issues can be managed on the road - Early access to superannuation to fund the journey - The challenges of travelling as a solo parent - Safety considerations as a couple, and - Distance education for her teenage daughter Find us at or on Facebook
So you want to take that trip, but worried about all the things that can go wrong? Even if you are already travelling, are you still feeling held back from making some other big decisions or working towards bigger goals? In this episode we’re joined by Caroline Makepeace of yTravel Blog (, one of the world’s Top 10 travel blogs. In this episode we cover a lot, including: - Doing the lap - Family life, work and travel overseas - How home/worldschooling has benefitted their children - Identifying the fears that may be holding you back from achieving your goals... and how to develop the mindset to overcome them Even if you’re already travelling (like us), you’ll love this one! Thank you for subscribing and, as always, please leave us a rating and/or review (but don’t forget to let us know what we can do to improve) Follow us at or
What do you miss out on if you take your dog around Australia in a caravan or camper? This is a question that we and many others have asked! Weighing up the pros and cons of taking a four legged friend around Australia is a big topic, and one that's super important to make sure you have the truth before you make your own decision based on your personal circumstances. Today we're joined by Annie (, who has been on the road for 2 1/2 years with Diga, their chocolate labrador. We cover: - What you and won't miss out on - What works best for food storage - How to find dog sitters - How to find dog friendly caravan parks/free camps - Much more! The apps mentioned in this episode are and Find us at or
We've always been reluctant to let "stuff" into our car or caravan unless it would make life easier, or reduce the steps in our set-up and pack-up. This lists what OUR top 20 things have been for us, so no, we're not asking you to buy any of them. And, to be honest, this list is constantly evolving. There's 2x new things that have just popped onto it in the last 2-weeks! The apps and products mentioned in this episode will be available shortly on our website. Find us at or
Do you need a car fridge? The answer is no. Not if you like having less storage space for your travels, paying more for your groceries away from the major centres, and limiting the food you can take on day trips. Or warm beer. But how should you power it? The answer is... it depends. Can you rely on the built in low voltage cut-off that some fridges have built into them? A dual battery set-up may be overkill for you. If you have one, you may not need to have it wired in to your main system. You may need one wired in... but how do you make sure it's done properly? Today we're joined by Jason from, where we cover this plus the mistakes he sees on a regular basis with dual battery set-ups. Join the Offroad Living Tribe Facebook Group here: Find us at or
Preparing for remote travel with family (or without)? The Oodnadatta Track, the Tanami Desert, and the Gibb River Road... these are just three of the roads travelled by Aaron and Jacq, also known as Chaos in a Tin Can ( Hearing this prior to crossing the Savannah Way was an immense help for: a) Specific preparations, b) Adjusting expectations, and c) Most importantly, what to think about when hearing advice based on others’ experiences ​ This episode is proudly bought to you by Trail-A-Mate ( They’ve now introduced a brand new product, the Trail-A-Mate Anti-Theft Lock, so you can keep it under lock and key. It’s pretty similar to a lockable hitch pin for your towbar... it’s as simple as removing your existing wheel clamp handle, inserting the locking pin, and clipping the lock on the end of the locking pin. ​ Find us at or
This is not necessarily an episode about how to use a drone. This is an episode about how if you want to travel Australia, there’s options if you put your mind to it... and you can use YouTube to learn almost anything you want. Pokey and Sunshine created a new business from scratch, while on the road, and learned everything they needed to off the school of YouTube! We discuss lots, including mindset around creating a new business, as well as the reality of travel life. But... if you are wondering what drone to buy? The Mavic Pro is not only great for travellers because it’s small and portable, it’s good enough to use make an income making videos. The video that attracted us to their YouTube Channel: This is how DJI Mavic Has Changed My Life In this episode is: Old Tailem Town, Wanderlust Drones, & NEIS or
So... what’s it like going from being a dad (or mum) working two jobs to being with your kids full time? Don’t know how many times this question has been asked by people we’ve met on the road, usually by people with a smirk on their face and expecting an answer along the lines of “I just need a break” The answer? It’s the biggest benefit of travelling full-time, and one that was unexpected. Why? That's what's covered in this episode. Not only this, the lessons learned over the past months to help adjust to this new lifestyle. Find us at or at
If you think you can't afford to do a lap of Australia, then this interview may provide some inspiration! We're joined by Chloe from Bush'n it on a Budget, who have built a large Facebook following around their ability to live the life of their dreams on $500 per week. In this episode we cover things like: - How to avoid the biggest expenses - What initial investment is required to be able to free camp while having enough to power to run appliances (like washing machines) - What their biggest costs are - Tips on saving money without missing out on attractions, and - A breakdown of their expenses The apps mentioned in this episode are WikiCamps ( and FuelMapAustralia ( as well as Groupon ( Find us on Facebook at or
Don't have a whole year to do a full lap of the country? Can't commit to becoming a full-time traveller? The good news is that it's not just the places you see, but the people you meet, and the journey itself... regardless of how long you go for. The preparation for travel (the decluttering, the journey into minimalism, letting go of 'stuff' and identifying what's really important to you) has as much importance as the travel itself. We’re joined by one of Australia's original travelling families, Sharon and Adam of Galways Go Round ( as we discuss all this and more. Don't forget to check out their Facebook page, and their Groups 'Caravans & Kids Travelling Aus in 2018' and 'Wandering Tribes ~ Travelling Australia'. Find us on Facebook at or
Thinking of purchasing a caravan, motorhome, or campertrailer & want to try-before-you-buy? Wondering what you’d do with it after an extended trip? Already have one sitting in your driveway? We’re joined by Dave Eddy (Director from Camplify, to answer: - Do you have a say in who hires your RV? - Options for people who don’t have a suitable vehicle/never towed? - What RVs are most commonly hired out? - Who are they types of people who most commonly hire ? - How much could you expect to earn? - What happens if there’s an accident? - How does it impact your insurance premium? - Breakdowns?! What about roadside assistance Camplify started with an accelerator program through in partnership with NRMA ( The Portable Electric Brake Controller discussed is by Elecbrakes ( ) Find us on Facebook at or
What are the common mistakes made when towing a caravan? What should everyone know before they tow? In this episode we cover: -Should you tow with water tanks empty or full? -Carrying fuel, spare tyres, and tool box on the back of the van? -When is a Weight Distribution Hitch (WDH) needed? -If I use air bags and my car is level, do I still need a WDH? -What to do if a truck is overtaking? -Brake controllers: mistakes and misconceptions? -What should you do if you get caravan sway? -What is the process to weigh your caravan? -What safety checks should be done each time you tow? -Common mistake with connecting the breakaway system? -How to calculate caravan tyre pressure based on your load? We cover all of this (and more!) in this interview with Ricky Esser (, who you might recognise from Channel 7's 'Discover' program or 5AA's weekly radio program. Ricky is a Tow-Ed instructor, also offering Nationally Recognised 4WD & defensive driver training
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Some awesome tips here, and so simple to implement. Have downloaded the apps I didn't have already and mental notes taken for the tips like phoning the caravam parks, thanks guys!

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Loved this one! actually haven't listened to one I don't love 😂 Can't wait to be able to join the families travelling group, It's so great to hear stories from people who "get it" 👍 Cheers for doing what you do guys!

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