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Whiskey and Crime

Author: Mabel and Redd

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Redd and Mabel discuss murderers and why they suck.

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8 Episodes
Episode 8 - Mary Bell

Episode 8 - Mary Bell


Redd and Mabel have their first listener request! In this episode we discuss Mary Bell, an eleven year old who killed two children, and the ethics and moral questions behind her sentencing, time served, and treatment. Also, Redd is our leader and Mabel wants a strange tattoo...
In this episode we take a much-needed break from the gritty world of murder to talk about silly crimes with our guest Lola. Also, Mable hates orange Jello and Redd doesn't believe that modernity is a real word. Warning: We go off on a lot of tangents in this one!
Mabel and Redd discuss a string of murders so heinous and vile that Redd almost couldn't do the episode. Also, there were large crawlspaces where Redd grew up and... It gets worse.
Mable and Redd, along with this week's guests, discuss a string of mysterious deaths involving Extra Strength Tylenol in the 1980's. Also, Tango knows way more about whiskey than Redd and Foxtrot is a scourge spawn of Chicago.
Episode 3 - Doctor Mengele

Episode 3 - Doctor Mengele


Redd and Mabel are joined by special guest Ida as they discuss the heartless Doctor Mengele. Also, the Holocaust sucked. Nazis suck. And Ida has a safety plan for serial killer invasions.
Redd and Mabel discuss Elliot Rodgers--a 22 year old man who killed and injured innocent people because he couldn't get laid. Also, the history of the term "incel" and a little bit about the woman who created it.
In this episode Mabel and Redd discuss Nanny Doss (aka the Giggling Granny) and her life of poisonous crime. Plus, Redd wants to drink whiskey from the PNW and Mabel cooks all of Redd's meals for her.
Discussing the story of Nathaniel Bar-Jonah and his alleged crimes. Also, Redd hates mustaches and Mable thinks murderers are garbage.
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