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Author: Glen James

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Glen James, Erin (who keeps a low pro) and John Pidgeon talk about everyday money issues for millennials. With a variety of guests on the show, there is always fun to be had and practical money tips to take with you!
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202 this interview may offend you
"I usually offend about 50% of people when I speak" - Glen JamesThe reason why people get offended about money, particularly when Glen talks is that he does not do frugal very well. And the extreme frugality movement / FIRE movement just sees things differently.He buys quality, which has a cost. He first invests for his future, gives to a variety of charities/causes and then spends.Give Some, Save Some, Spend Some. That's all you need to do with your money.Glen was interviewed by another podcaster in the USA at the end of last year, Beau Humphreys who runs The Personal Finance Show (based out of Canada).If you want to know how Glen started his business and a little bit about him - you may also be encouraged and learn one or two things, too!Also, we are kinda still on holidays - John & Erin are away but we wanted to keep the poddy rolling!Things you need to know & places you need to go!-Insta private facey group for listeners: out Glen's online money course here: (use coupon code "m3" for 20% discount)-John's website: Coffee Roasters, promo code m3 at checkout, to get 15% off your coffee order: like giving us a good review if you like the show (if you listen on Apple Podcasts)?
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