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Deep Dive Wholesale by Hilco Homes

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We're a real estate company in San Antonio, Texas doing a dozen deals a month while building a great team! We teach our members not only to wholesale, but how to take that money and invest it in their own properties!

Founded by Marco Romero (650 Deals and 23 personal properties) and his wife/business partner Hillary Romero.

On this channel we teach you everything you need to know to master real estate investing for FREE! Support this podcast:
62 Episodes
We have another Hilco Story audio experience, this time, we hear about Alex and Amber on Co-Parenting and starting/growing a business.--- Support this podcast:
#62 - Hernando on Contracts

#62 - Hernando on Contracts


Mike and Hernando walk you step-by-step through navigating the standardized state 1-4 TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) contract used for buying/selling residential real estate (one to four units) as it relates to your wholesale real estate business.--- Support this podcast:
Mike chats with Eian to find out more about who he is, where he comes from, and talk about how you can do business with him.--- Support this podcast:
Mike chats with the newest addition to the Hilco team, Mark Hernandez, about the process of applying, learning wholesaling, being in the military and what comes next. --- Support this podcast:
Episode #59 - Alex's Story

Episode #59 - Alex's Story


Mike goes into Alex's journey from trouble-making teen to a real estate professional. --- Support this podcast:
#58 - The Romero Story

#58 - The Romero Story


The first "Hilco Story" episode, Mike chats with Marco and Hillary Romero (the owners of Hilco Homes) on the topic of balance of work and life and everything else. --- Support this podcast:
Hernando sits down with Mike to discuss the process of building rapport and (on average) how many times you have to make contact with someone to get a contract. --- Support this podcast:
Episode #56 - Kenneth

Episode #56 - Kenneth


Real estate, business, goals, personal development and Kenneth's first appearance on a podcast!--- Support this podcast:
Mike chats with Alex about co-wholesaling, what it is and how to make it work for all parties.--- Support this podcast:
Mike chats with Hernando Arce about the differences in real estate between New York and Texas. --- Support this podcast:
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