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Episode 38// Life Update - 6 Months Since Taking My Side Hustle To My Main Hustle The highs, the learnings and my vision for the next 6 months.  These last 6 months have been nothing short of magic. I love life and what an absolute immense feeling of fulfilment and abundance I have right now as I'm writing this podcast episode up.  Thank you all for being a part of this journey and thank you for letting me be a part of yours. I appreciate YOU more than you know in energy, spirit and hustle.  Come on over and join me for HUSTLEPRENEUR.VIP here:
Episode 37 - Sally Flower, Australia's First Trained KonMari Consultant Talks Managing A Demanding Job Sally Flower is the founder of Home Sanctuary, Australia’s first KonMari trained organiser, an avid yogi and financial professional. Sally’s biggest motivation is environmental change, she is passionate about changing the way we purchase, minimising her environmental footprint and helping others to do the same. Sally started her side hustle in 2016 after completing her training with Marie Kondo in New York City. In addition to her side hustle, Sally has over has over eight years of experience in finance, including a period in New York City. She truly believed that her corporate career has been the perfect foundation to start her own (growing) business. Sally’s Socials: LINKEDIN FACEBOOK PAGE FACEBOOK GROUP INSTAGRAM @homesanct WEBSITE And find me over at: Membership: Hustlepreneur.VIP Instagram: _rubylee_ Facebook Group: Own Your Hustle LinkedIn: /rubylee
Mark Schiralli is a long-time side hustler, who turned one of his side hustles into his full-time business, Own Your Mark. As that unusual professional who pairs his contrasting backgrounds as a Chartered Accountant and a creative Marketer, Mark helps business owners to startup and grow by taking away the tasks that cause them headaches. This can be everything from financial projections to website and logo design to strategy and business planning. We all are forced to wear too many hats as entrepreneurs, so Own Your Mark helps you to develop strategies to wear them better! Website: LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: And find me over at: Instagram: _rubylee_ Facebook Group: Own Your Hustle LinkedIn: /rubylee
Episode 35// What To Do If Your Clients SuckIn this episode I'll talk to you about my own experience working with clients who suck and 3 tips to get around this situation.Find me over at:Instagram: _rubylee_Facebook Group: Own Your HustleLinkedIn: /rubylee
Episode 34// Lawyer + Modern Calligrapher Amy Nhan On How A Series Of Personal Events Sparked A Side Hustle How your art can become your business… In this episode I sit down with a client and now friend of mine Amy Nhan. Amy shares how in organising her own Wedding she found a side hustle that is today Art By Ames. Amy also has a successful career as an Employment Lawyer and continues to ambitiously work towards her version of freedom and choice. Ways to connect: Linkedin: (hopefully I'll have done my Linkedin video by tonight!) Website: Instagram: Etsy: Facebook:
In this episode, I sit down with my husband, business partner and best friend to talk about all the behind the scenes action that takes place in RubyLee.Co. Enjoy our chat and be sure to connect with Mike below too!  Mike's LinkedIn Join me for Side Hustle Slingshot
Kris and I have a good old chat about all things taking the leap, LinkedIn networking and life 5 months into starting our own business. Follow Kris here.
Tune in to see how I used live streaming to grow my tribe + business. Plus! Create an Instagram Live episode whilst podcasting. I'm fairly new to live streaming but these are the lessons learnt over the past few months on how it's helped me grow my business and really connect with my global community! Follow me on @_ rubylee_ to check out the live video! Want to work with me? Enrolments to Side Hustle Slingshot now open. Join the September Money Masterclass.
For those of you currently studying and thinking there's no time for all of this side hustle talk, think again! Meet the amazing Kimberley Wenya as she talks through her journey starting a side hustle that changed her life forever. Kimberley’s Instagram Kimberley’s FB Group Sign up here for Kimberley’s 6-week manifestation course
Ever wondered how to really use LinkedIn for your business? Are you a side hustler unsure how to show up on LinkedIn authentically or a business owner thinking LinkedIn is just for white collar professionals? Well now, here’s how I see things… listen in on my tips as I share my perspective on how it’s transformed my hustle. Find me over at: Instagram: _rubylee_ Facebook Group: Own Your Hustle LinkedIn: /rubylee
Episode 28// Alexis Harvey On Quitting Her Engineering Job After Saving $40,000 + Today Helping Creative Entrepreneurs Bust Out Of Their Limiting Money Beliefs Instagram LinkedIn Facebook Website Join Our Money Masterclass ‘The Money Principals To Create  Financial Abundance In Your Hustle’:
This is a reoccurring theme whenever I’m about to level up. I avoid, I pretend I can’t hear my inner voice, I distract, or I face it and pretend I can hear it and ‘research stuff’ or I just talk about it with my inner circle and hide in the talk.  A defining way that I set my goals to make sure I’m always thinking bigger than I can be. Find me over at: Current Course: Personal Brand Boss Instagram: _rubylee_ Facebook Group: Own Your Hustle LinkedIn: /rubylee
Episode 26// Madeline Nimeh on Holistic Personal Brand, Diversifying and Productivity Personal Brand Coach, Madeline Nimeh helps female entrepreneurs with service based businesses bust through their fears and self doubt to build a confident and magnetic personal brand + business. Madeline also has a side hustle as a freelancing social media consultant talks productivity tips and tools with us.  Madeline’s Instagram:   Madeline’s Facebook Page:   Work with Madeline:    Save Your Seat To Personal Brand Boss:
Episode 25 - How to Monetise On Instagram Even If You Don’t Have A Huge Following As a side hustler or early stage entrepreneur, you have to wisely choose your social platforms. Time is not always on our side so maximising your effort on social channels especially Instagram can be a balancing act. I share my 4 tips on how I started monetising on Instagram with less than 500 followers and today when I post or share a post or story on a new course offering I’m bringing in $500-$2000 per share!  This podcast is for the everyday person wanting to use Instagram to grow your brand, promote new products and services, connect with your customers in a wonderful way and sell organically.   So learn and enjoy how to sell, connect and grow your brand on your Instagram account even if you don’t have a huge following.  Find me over at: Current Course: Personal Brand Boss Instagram: _rubylee_ Facebook Group: Own Your Hustle LinkedIn: /rubylee
Episode 24 - Co-Founder of Death Gin and Self Proclaimed Talent Ninja Sarah Purches. We discuss all things mixing business with friends, giving into the process, going all in and being your whole self with your employer.  Follow Sarah and Death Gin here: Instagram: @death.gin Facebook  LinkedIn Sarah Purches  ************************** Personal Brand Boss is a 28 day program to help you fearlessly create your message. I’ll be with you every step of the way BUT it’s for action takers only. I’m not interested to work with you if you don’t have the time or you can’t commit to at least an hour a day to work on your brand. Your results just won’t shine through if you can’t commit to yourself.  If you’re ready to dive in, here’s the link to save your seat. This will 100% sell out so be quick as it’s the last intake for PBB this year:
This week I was told by someone that they were sick of my self-promotion... Here are my tips and a little sit down chat on how to shamelessly step into your selling super power, own your business and flick those trolls off the face of your universe. Speaking of shameless self promotion! I’ll show you exactly how to do this in my best selling course, Personal Brand Boss. Here’s the link to find out more and to save your spot: Instagram: @_ rubylee_ Linkedin /rubylee Facebook: Own Your Hustle
Episode 22 - Side Hustling’ Career and Confidence Coach Lucy Allen + PR Director on all things vulnerability and resilience.  Lucy is a side hustling Career + Confidence Coach who is passionate about empowering high-achievers to flex their resilience muscles and create their happiest work and home life.  She balances her coaching alongside her full-time role as Business Director of Thrive PR + Communications. Lucy has more than a decade of PR in-house and agency expertise and boasts a background in Journalism and Marketing prior to her PR life.  Her big brand experience includes working in marketing manager roles at Red Bull and Levi Strauss and in agency on brands including ANZ and Optus.   Follow Lucy here: Instagram Facebook LinkedIn Find me over at: Instagram: _rubylee_ Facebook Group: Own Your Hustle LinkedIn: /rubylee
Hey there my woo woo brothers and sisters - my soul tribe, this one’s for you! A raw look into my experience with Spirituality In Business + Stepping Into Purpose + A Guided Visualisation. I get vulnerable with why I pushed my purpose away for years and refused to believe I had more to offer.   In today's episode I talk ALL about the spiritual goodness that is: * Manifesting * Journalling * Visualisation * Law of Attraction * Prayer + Belief * Spirituality In Biz Enjoy the episode! RESOURCES August Masterclass ‘How To Start An Online Coaching Practice’ Free Speaking Masterclass: 'Kickstart Your Speaking Career' Kimberley Wenya’s Podcast: 'Interview With Me on Journalling + Manifestation'
Episode 20// From Finance to Fashion with Tima Elhajj + A Limitless Potential Mindset  From Financial Planning, to Fashion to  Mindset Coaching. Tima Elhajj talks about how reinventing yourself is a choice.  We also talk money, budgets, financial tips and how to set your mindset right for limitless potential.  Connect with Tima here: WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM: @_timaelhajj LINKEDIN: PODCAST VIA APPLE: PODCAST VIA STITCHER: YOUTUBE:
In this episode I provide you with my top 5 money tips to keep you accountable in your side hustle. Find me over at: Instagram: _rubylee_ Facebook Group: Own Your Hustle LinkedIn: /rubylee Work With Me: Side Hustle Slingshot
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Farah Ben Ayed

This podcast made my day Rubbyy.. I heard it 3 times and I took some notes.. Oh my goood you are amazzziiing ❤️❤️ thank you so much.. finding your instagram profil and your podcast have changed a lot of things in my life thank you ❤️

Mar 26th

Wouter Zijlstra

Thank you for making these podcasts, love to listen during commuting to the office

Jul 8th

Adrian Fisher

Great episode with your real experiences which keeps your content real valuable.

Jul 1st

Roy Lester Wilson


May 19th
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