Discover200churches Podcast: Ministry Encouragement for Pastors of Small Churches
200churches Podcast: Ministry Encouragement for Pastors of Small Churches
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200churches Podcast: Ministry Encouragement for Pastors of Small Churches

Author: Jeff Keady and Jonny Craig: Pastors, Leaders, Bloggers, Podcasters, and Encouragers

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Jeff and Jonny are pastors who want to encourage pastors of “smaller” churches. All most pastors see online are the churches that have grown into the thousands in just a few years, the ones that spread out around the city through multiple services and multiple campuses. The ministry leaders with the most influence are the mega church pastors with mega ministries, staffs, and dollars. Praise God for what He is doing in these large and influential churches! We benefit from their vision and influence.Jeff and Jonny know that there are hundreds of thousands, that have 200 or less in attendance. The work of these pastors and ministries can get lost in the shuffle, and they want to encourage, equip, support, inspire, and cheer on the pastors of 200churches – those churches with around 200 people, give or take a hundred or two! When they talk with guests like N.T. Wright, Scot McKnight, Dan Reiland, Carey Nieuwhof and so many more, they always turn the conversation to small church pastoral ministry.With humor, passion, conviction, and care Jeff and Jonny share methods and inspiration for the small church pastor. If you are a lay, bi-vocational, or solo pastor, the 200churches Podcast is for YOU!
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How can I create this Coaching For Pastors episode and not share it with my 200churches listeners?? Here is another parallel episode for you - one I know you need! Enjoy! Check out Keith at Center Hope!
200churches listeners - this is a parallel episode with my Coaching For Pastors Podcast! This is episode 6 from that podcast and I think you're going to love it! Later this week another 200churches episode will be released, but I wanted to you get the benefit of this one. Two NASA engineers talking Church health and strategy - it's a fascinating conversation! Enjoy.If you like this episode, consider subscribing to the Coaching For Pastors Podcast. It's new, and it will only get BETTER. Subscribe on your podcast app so you don't miss an episode!
Larry Fowler is the founder of You'll find some new thoughts and opportunities for outreach and ministry in your church while listening to this episode. Larry Fowler has in the last four years started a ministry I have never heard of or thought of before. I think this will be an inspiring and thought provoking episode for you! Enjoy it!
Jeff talks with Benjamin Windle about his White Paper on 8 innovations to leading Millennials! You can get Ben's White Paper on this topic at his website. Ben is a pastor in Brisbane, Australia and you can check out his local church ministry HERE!
Greg Atkinson, from joins Jeff and has an unbelievable 50% off discount for 200churches listeners to the First Impressions Conference on November 4-6, so act fast! This is a great conversation about pastoral leadership in difficult times! Enjoy!
Jeff is co-releasing this first episode of the Coaching For Pastors Podcast right here in the 200churches feed. Jeff shares his motivation and vision for Coaching For Pastors and previews episode 002, which you don't want to miss...
Moe Dixon, a church planting ministry coordinator in New York City, joins Jeff on the podcast today to talk about race and how pastor's might approach it in their ministries. Moe is very blunt, cordial, and kind as he shares his perspective on the America he is raising a family in and doing ministry in, and how he has approached standing up for the marginalized in society, while remaining true to his calling and ministry.If you want to learn more on this very important and timely topic, Moe recommends the following:BOOKSColor of Compromise - Jemar TisbyWhite Fragility - Robin DiAngeloInsider Outsider - Bryan LorittsI Am Still Here - Austin Channing BrownPODCASTSPass the MicTruths TableCode SwitchFOLLOW ON SOCIALJo SaxonBryan LorittsJemar TisbyAnthony BradleyEkemini UwanChristina EdmondsonJonny joins Jeff on the front and back of this episode for summary and analysis! We know you will be challenged, educated, inspired, and encouraged by this episode!Enjoy.
Mandy Smith, lead pastor of University Christian Church in Cincinnati OH joins the guys to talk about how our pining for "back to normal" might just be very like the Israelites' complaining in the wilderness and desiring to "back to Egypt". What if we've been broken out of our prison and bondage and have actually been set free to pursue a better land of ministry?The basis for this conversation is from a post Mandy wrote for Missio Alliance. We hope you are challenged and encouraged to lead with new inspiration into the coming months!Mandy joined us in the past on Episode 223 - There is Freedom in Transparency as a Pastor.
Dave Jacobs from and the Small Church Pastor Facebook group joins Jeff and Jonny to share a very personal message. As believers and as pastors we don't always agree on doctrine, and the guys hope to model deep love and unity in spite of differing doctrinal positions. Jesus called his followers to be one, enjoying unity and love, so that the world would know that the Father sent Him! We hope you are challenged toward unity by this episode! With... a little fun too!
Jeff and Jonny talk about where they are at in the summer of 2020, and what Season 2, which starts in September 2020, will be about. It's a fun conversation about pastoral life in 2020. So as the guys preview what Season 2 of 200churches will be about, we must declare that Season 1 was 350 episodes long. So we got a little carried away...
Gary McIntosh from joins Jeff to talk about pastoral ministry, and some of the hiccups of megachurch pastors holding church growth conferences for small church pastors, plus much more! Jeff and Jonny share plans for the future of 200churches... spoiler alert - this episode, 350, ends Season 1!
Ken Roberts, from joins us to talk about suffering and struggle, growth, survival, and finishing well as pastors. This is so practical and encouraging!
Lyle Parker joins Jeff to talk about his health transformation - to give other pastors hope! Lyle was pushing 300 pounds, in pain, tired, and depressed. That was just seven months ago. Today he is 216 pounds, full of energy and life, and excited about physical activity, ministry, food, and his family. Listen to Lyle's story and accept his invitation to join him. Lyle listened to Episode 332 last fall and it changed his life!
Jeff and Jonny talk again with Dr. Jeannine Brown, author of The Gospel As Stories. This is a great conversation about interpreting and reading the Gospels! So much fun! Jeannine is a Professor of Greek and New Testament at Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. This one is our gift to you - Enjoy!
Jeff and Jonny invite Dave Jacobs, Master of Small Church Disaster and host of to talk about being the church and doing ministry in our current reality. Dave also is the creator of the Small Church Pastor group on Facebook, with over 5,000 members! Check out Dave's latest book for pastors of small churches - Second Thoughts: 100 Things Small Church Pastors Need To Reconsider!
Jeff shares how he plans to approach the coming months and how you can too!
Monday Morning Pastor

Monday Morning Pastor


Special short episode. Personal words from Jeff. 
Jeff & Jonny talk about doing ministry in light of the social upheaval with the Coronavirus pandemic. Pastors have a great opportunity that we should seize - we have been trying to convince our church family for years that the building is not the church, THEY are! Now, we have a change to prove it in real life! A raw, uncut, and unedited conversation Jeff and Jonny had on Friday afternoon, March 13, 2020. Yes, Friday the 13th!
Jeff speaks from the heart about the opportunity pastors have as they lead in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis.
Josh Gagnon from joins us to talk about how to recover the ability to dream big dreams for God again - like when you were younger and believed God for everything?! Get it back! Learn to dream again.Josh and Jeff talk extensively about the hope-filled message of his book: It's Not Over - Leaving Behind Disappointment and Learning To Dream Again.
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