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Author: Nick Koumalatsos

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After fighting his way just to be accepted into the Marine Corps and suffering through boot camp with a wrist injury, Nick Koumalatsos graduated company honor grad. He went on to become a 12-year Special Operations Marine Corps veteran with Marine Reconnaissance and Marine Special Operations Command. Nick is now the founder and CEO of Alexander Industries as well as an adventure + informational YOUTUBE channel with his partner Alison Capra. Support this podcast:
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Are you stuck in life?

Are you stuck in life?


Maybe the the next step is right in front of you and you can’t see it. Maybe we need a coach. Maybe we need to phone a friend. The point is, you’re not stuck, your perception is off. Fix it and solve the problem! Not taking action is 100% NOT going to fix it. But, any action will make forward progress.Read the book here: www.exwarrior.comCheck out Support this podcast:
We talk so much about calling your "Battle Buddy" but your true battle buddy should be your significant other. If they are not then that is on you two to develop that relationship so that it can support even the toughest conversations.My Book Excommunicated Warrior: (signed copies) Amazon:  --- Support this podcast:
So many people in suffering over those they have lost this time of year.  Veterans Nick Koumalatsos and Johnny Slicks share why all of us should celebrate Memorial Day.  Most people will lose maybe one person in there life due to a tragic event. For our generation we have lost hundreds of our brothers in the span of 20 years. But, we pick ourselves up dust ourselves off and dive on using their knowledge, courage, and friendship to continue to fuel our fight to the finish line.  Welcome to the GallantFew Podcast. We have created a nationwide network of successfully transitioned veterans that engage locally with new veterans. More on the GALLANTFEW: - Check out my book: www.exwarrior.comFollow Nick:Youtube Johnny Support this podcast:
My Book Excommunicated Warrior: (signed copies) Amazon:   November 1st, 2018 we published my book Excommunicated Warrior: 7 Stages of Transition. I wanted to break it down and give you guys and gals a little bit of history of how it came to be. As well as what the book is actually about. As human beings, we will inevitably go through a life-changing event at some point in our life. It could be losing a job of 20 years, finalizing a divorce, being forced to retire early because of an injury, or leaving the military. These life-changing events can have disastrous effects on us and the people around us. Some of us never work through these events and end up unhappy and stuck in life. This happened to Nick when he left a 12-year career as a Marine Raider with the Marine Corps Special Operations Unit. For years, he was stuck with feelings of anger, indifference, and bitterness. Until he finally decided to take action and apply the skills he learned as a Raider and got to work on solving his personal problems.  --- Support this podcast:
Hell with the NEW YEAR NEW YOU Hype! It's time to change your lifestyle 365 days a year. Let's kick this thing off right. Looking for motivation? Have questions? Join me for my SURVIVING THE CUT challenge. Miss Capra and I break down the FEMFIT 16 week Female Fitness Program. Tune in for great fitness and lifestyle recommendations. Join Me: SURVIVING THE CUTFemFit 16 Week Female Training ProgramGet My Book: ExCommunicated WarriorYouTubeInstagramFacebookMiss Capra's Book: How NOT to be a Miserable CowInstagram--- Support this podcast:
In 2010, a routine traffic stop in Arkansas turned into an extraordinarily violent shooting between police and a father-son pair of so-called "sovereign citizens", shedding light on a secretive and dangerous subculture which believes American laws don't apply to them.Original article: sat down with Ben Byrne to discuss this issue and why you need to know about it. www.astutesynthesis.comSponsored by Support this podcast:
Why Hump Day is Bull$h*t!

Why Hump Day is Bull$h*t!


This life is short, we have to decide the imprint we are going to leave on this Earth. If it’s your thing to just get on the hampster wheel and go around and round until you are put in the dirt then that is your choice. No one wants to hear you complain about why you don’t have something or the fact that your life is not the way you want it. However, If you can just say no to hump day and put yourself on a forward track, then you might just achieve something and have a life actually worth living, instead of just trying to get through your week. By: Use code NICK for 10% off your purchase.--- Support this podcast:
This week we sit down with our good friend Ssgt. Kailtyn as well as to discuss women in combat billets in the Marine Corps. Very interesting listen. Can't wait to hear YOUR opinion of women in the military. Tell us what YOU think in the comments. Full Video on The Harbor Site: By: Use code NICK for 10% off your purchase. --- Support this podcast:
Marine Raiders Nick Koumalatsos, EB, Marine Johnny Slicks, and Miss Capra discuss the Kanye/Trump meeting that took place 10-11-18. Kanye addresses: racism, business, gun control and there's a good chance he's under illuminati mind control. What are your thoughts?More on the HARBOR SITE: Check out my book: www.exwarrior.comDonate to channel via Patreon: Nick:Youtube Alison Capra Johnny Slicks Support this podcast:
This month has been a whirlwind. Miss Capra and I discuss my new book Ex-Communicated Warrior, and REAL transition. Updates on Hurricane Florence, and the biggest transition of all... WE GOT HITCHED Support this podcast:
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Steve Shelburn

great episode. I think people need to take responsibility and teach there kids to do the same. Semper Fi

Jul 3rd
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