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TBD - Pro Wrestling Podcast

Author: Michael Gay II & Derrik Shaneyfelt

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TBD takes two pro wrestling fans from two different eras and turns them loose on pro wrestling news, stories, and recaps.Show recaps? We won't go match by match, but look at what mattered about the previous nights show and what does it mean for pro wrestling moving forward.Monday Morning Quarterbacks? You got it. We will take a look at what should have happened, what could have been, and get your input on what you would have done as booker.More than just WWE, NXT and Impact - we will cover the Indy Leagues as well as topics that we think are interesting. Plus...join our belt challenge and see where you rank against us in our PPV predictions.
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What kind of wrestling podcast would we be if we didn't have a Wrestlemania prediction show? DSZ and MG go over the Wrestlemania card as well as what we consider the main event of the weekend - NXT Takeover. Be sure to subscribe to our podcast and rate us 5 stars!
Life in the Fastlane

Life in the Fastlane


We are's the Road to WrestleMania, and we have NO IDEA what the full card is going to be. MG and DSZ catch you up on all of the latest wrestling news and take their latest shot at not only predictions for Fastlane but also what it means for the potential WrestleMania card. 
We are back! (I know, most of you wonder if we were here to begin with) - MG & DSZ are back to talk about all things AEW - All-Elite Wrestling. We update you on what is known so far, what rumors are out there, and how AEW could change the wrestling landscape. You've heard the listen to the other guys. 
In this episode, we take a look at Backlash and the RAW/Smackdown that followed and see where WWE goes from here. Also, it's almost time for the ritual Summer cuts in WWE - we make predictions of who's going to go. Also, it's the introduction of Indy Corner where Derrik gives us a rundown of New Japan Pro Wrestling. PLUS...we give you the results of the PPV Belt Challenge. Did Mike or Derrik walk away with the "Intercontinental Title"?
Welcome to TBD - the only wrestling podcast that is To Be Determined. In this episode, we introduce you to this podcast and what you can expect as well as layout predictions for the Backlash pay-per-view (Yes, we know it's already happened, but we taped this before the pay-per-view). If you want a podcast done by wrestling fans that gives you the opportunity to argue your point, then join the TBD nation and hang on!
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