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Episode 4 - Hida Viloria

Episode 4 - Hida Viloria


Hida Viloria (@hidaviloria), an activist, author, and the Founding Director of the Intersex Campaign for Equality, talks with EDIT Associate Director Lauren Beach (@laurenbbeach) about the history of the intersex movement and the strides it has made in recent years. This conversation was recorded in January of 2019. A transcript of this episode will be made available soon.
Episode 6 - Matt Graham

Episode 6 - Matt Graham


Matt Graham, the Community Health Apprenticeship Program (CHAP) Manager at the Chicago House and Social Service Agency (@ChicagoHouse85), joins EDIT intern David McCuskey (@david_mccuskey) to talk about CHAP. CHAP is a hands-on training and certification program for young people from communities most affected by HIV to start their career as a community health worker in the HIV field, providing education, testing, prevention and care. Their discussion covers lessons Matt has learned from implementing the program, the impact it is having on the lives of participants, and how to sustain and replicate this program moving forward.  This was filmed in front of a live audience in the fall of 2019.
Episode 3 - David Jay

Episode 3 - David Jay


David Jay, Founder of the Asexuality Visibility Network (@AVEN), and EDIT team member Lauren Beach (@laurenbbeach) have an in depth conversation on the basics of asexuality, the growing ace community, and the importance of intersectionality and inclusiveness in queer spaces.
This episode features a conversation between ISGMH staff Rachel Marro and Beth Ann Hamilton and the executive director and founder of Scarleteen, Heather Corinna. This episode focuses around the importance of comprehensive and inclusive sex ed and how Scarleteen has evolved since its creation 20 years ago. Follow @EDITatNU to stay up to date on our work!
Our first episode features a conversation between Lauren Beach (@laurenbbeach) and Community Organizer with the Southern AIDS Coalition (@SouthernAIDSCo) Khafre Abif (@cornbreadfish). This episode was recorded in front of a live audience and includes topics of intersectionality, community-academic partnerships, and the impact of story telling. Follow @EDITatNU to stay up to date on all of our teams activities.



Subscribe today! EDIT Community Spotlight Podcast will feature a series of conversations highlighting the importance of community engagement in improving the health and wellbeing of sexual and gender minority individuals. First episode launches on June 15. Music by
Joy Messinger (@femmeofspoons), Program Officer with the Third Wave Fund (@3Wave), has a conversation with EDIT Research Project Coordinator Dylan Felt (@mxs_felt) about the role of philanthropy in movement building, specifically related to LGBTQ health and wellness. This conversation was recorded in February of 2019.
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