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Truth About Dyslexia

Author: The Dyslexia Journey

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Welcome to The Truth About Dyslexia podcast, up to 20% of the population could be dyslexic - I wanted to share my journey, what I am learning, doing and understanding to see if it can help other adult dyslexics.
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We all love a dyslexia update - the things I’m trying, what’s working and the ramblings of someone who wants to help. It has been an interesting journey this last couple of months!
Alcohol and Dyslexia

Alcohol and Dyslexia


Beer, wine, spirits... how does alcohol and dyslexia fit together. I want to share my experience drinking as a dyslexic the good and the bad. (Who thought I was going to say ugly :) have a listen I hope it helps give you perspective.
What should you eat to help dyslexia? Does a dyslexic benefit from certain vitamins and minerals and I’m gunna talk about a couple of nutritional tests that helped me gain clarity on my diet.
Motivated one day, completely lost the next. What can we use from our understanding of motivation to hey the dyslexic community really succeed.
Rehearse Your Day

Rehearse Your Day


Could taking 15 more minutes in bed in the morning help you create the day you’ve always wanted? This is a real goodie :)
I was considering some of the choices my mind has made and why. They don’t always seem to make sense... let’s look at it together.
Gratitude is something we are all told to do. But not often do they tell you how to make it work for dyslexics and the adhd community. Here’s how I make it actually work for my brain.
Learn from my experience on these adhd pills - do they work? What are the side effects? Do they stop your creativity? Are the pharmaceutical companies out to get us?
How it went...

How it went...


My first day on ADHD meds. Wowsers that was an experience....
ADHD Meds.. Day 1

ADHD Meds.. Day 1


Scared & Uncertain it’s time to give these a go. Will it be a placebo or will it be a scene from the movie ‘limitless’ let’s find out together.
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Stephen Zimmermann

please stop the background music it drives dyslexics nuts!!!

Dec 10th
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