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Phantom Faction Podcast - paranormal

Phantom Faction Podcast - paranormal

Author: Danny B

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A podcast to guide, inform, assist , and educate, anyone interested in the paranormal.

Hosted by Dan, Raechel, and Danny
music by Kevin McLeod
announcer Mike B.
130 Episodes
Dan Danny and Rachel, welcome back Tony from S.H.I.P. Strange Happennings Investigators of the paranormal. The team discusses some recent podcast stats, some recent investigations and Dan has a young spirit visit him during the podcast.Hosts: Dan, Danny and RaechelGuest: Tony (S.H.I.P)Music:Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike B.
Danny and Raechel welcome Theresa and her two children Jax (14) and Brielle (11) to share their experiences in the paranormal .Hosts: Danny and RaechelMusic- Kevin McLeodAnnouncer-Mike B
Dan, Danny and Raechel welcome authour and world wide Ghost Hunter Ross Allison. Ross currently has authored 12 books, does many speaking engagements, and has appeared on many paranormal shows. check out his website Dan, Danny and RaechelGuest: Ross AllisonMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike B.
Author W.T. Watson returns the Phantom Faction Podcast to discuss his recent Book Mysteries in the Mist - Mist, Fog and clouds in the Paranormal as well as other insights though his research.Host: Dan and RaechelGuest: W T WatsonMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike B.
Darryn Donaghey  XL Medium

Darryn Donaghey XL Medium


Dan, Danny and Raechel welcome Darryn Donaghey the extra Large Medium. Darryn discusses his background, as well as experiences as a medium, clearer , animal communicator and more.Hosts - Dan Danny and RaechelGuests - Darryn Donaghey XL MediumMusic:- Kevin McLeodAnnouncer- Mike B
Dan, and Danny, welcome Raechel and her Husband Sean recently back from a trip to Scotland. Sean also discusses what its ike to be the Husband of a mediumHosts: Dan, Danny, and RaechelGuests: Raechel and husband SeanMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike B
Dan Danny and Raechel chat with Dr. Russ Jones, a bigfoot researcher and Author of 2 succesful books.Hosts: Dan Danny and RaechelGuest: Dr. Russ Jones thebigfootdoc.comMusic: Kevin McleodAnnouncer: Mike B.
Dan Danny and Raechel have a chat on various topics, including receiving messagesHosts: Dan Danny and RaechelMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike B
Dan, Danny And Raechel, Welcome Peter RennPeter Renn has more than 25-years-experience as a paranormal investigator. Born in London, England, he’s been fortunate to investigate documented locations all around the world, Peter is an executive producer, and the lead investigator, for We Want to Believe.Co founder of the Canadian Paranormal FoundationHosts - Dan, Danny, and RaechelGuest: - Peter RennMusic - Kevin McLeodAnnouncer - Mike B
Dan, Danny and Raechel speak with Cherise Williams, Cherise discusses witchcraft and how she ties this art into paranormal investigations.Hosts: Dan, Danny and RaechelGuest: Cherise WilliamsMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike B
Dan Danny and Raechel, welcome Cassie and Reece of Weeping Willow paranormal. This duo shares their experiences on various paranormal investigationsHost: Dan, Danny, and RaechelGuests: Weeping Willow ParanormalMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike B
Dan, Danny, and Raechel, Zoom west to Colorado and speak with Eryn McGarry, Paranormal Princess. Eryn speaks of her investigations, her Pagan Beliefs and moreHosts:Dan, Danny and RaechelGuest: Eryn McGarry, Paranormal Princess7 (instagram)Music: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike B.
Dan, Danny and Raechel welcome Darrell and Chris of Hastings County Sasquatch. They share their sightings experiences, and interactions with sasquatchHosts: Dan Danny and RaechelGuest: Hastings County SasquatchMusic: Kevin McleodAnnouncer: Mike B
Dan, Danny and Raechel, welcome author W.T. Watson, to discuss Phantom Black Dog sightings.Hosts: Dan Danny and RaechelGuest: Author W.T. WatsonMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike B
Dan, Danny and Raechel, welcome Author Anna Maria Monalo, to talk about her book Portal. She has traveled to over 27 countries amassing witness encounters with the macabre, the unknown and with negative entities.Hosts: Dan Danny and RaechelGuest: Author Anna Maria MonaloMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike B
Dan, Danny and Raechel, get together at a new Halloween event in Salem Ontario called Salem Frights. Dan scanned the crowd for personal ghost stories and came up was some very interesting people and stories.Hosts Dan, Danny and RaechelGuests: Lindsay, Sonja and AshleyMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike B.
Dan, Danny and Raechel welcome Katie Turner, psychic Medium, paranormal investigator, podcaster, and consultant for T&E's Paranormal Survivor, and My Paranormal Nightmare.. Katie reflects on readings, past investigations, the afterlife and more.Hosts: Dan, Danny and RaechelGuest: Katie TurnerMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike B
Lynda Quirino of the Georgina paranormal Society returns to Phantom Faction Podcast. Linda shares some stories of rake sightings, ufo's, possesions and more.Hosts: Dan, Danny and RaechelGuest: Lynda Quirino of the Georgina paranormal SocietyMusic: Kevin McLeoedAnnouncer: Mike B
Dan, Danny and Raechel, welcome Suzanne Worthley, a Healer, Intuitive, Starseed, and more. The conversation covers various topics; from why we are here, to what to expect after death.Hosts: Dan Danny and RaechelGuest: Suzanne WorthleyMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike B
Dan, Danny and Raechel welcome Thomas D’Agostino, Thomas D’Agostino and Arlene Nicholson have been extensively studying and investigating paranormal accounts for over 39 years with well over 1400 investigations to their credit. Creators of 16 books and counting, together they have penned and captured on film the best haunts and history New England has to offer.Hosts: Dan, Danny and RaechelGuest: Thomas D’AgostinoMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike B.
Comments (20)

Tony Harris

it's nice to hear stories about the paranormal from young people. Great show!

Dec 9th

Tony Harris

very interesting podcast!

Jun 4th

Nessa S

Listening from the beginning so I've made it to ep 14. Loving it!

Apr 19th
Reply (1)

Tony Harris

Another great podcast. keep up the good work.

Mar 3rd

Tony Harris

Another Great show!

Feb 10th

Johnny Cold

Love the stories you guys tell. Keep it up!

Feb 6th

Wes Coleman

Hi there everyone. Wes Coleman here from C.O.P.S. Just wanted to make a couple "corrections" to my podcast. Inmate Lockhart actually covered himself in Turpentine he took from the paint shop at the prison, not butter. And the jail in Edinburgh was Covenentors Prison not Bolventor. I am getting old and getting names mixed up! lol. Anyway, thanks for listening!

Oct 1st
Reply (1)

Tony Harris

Another great show!

Sep 12th

Sam Beckett

Love the show! You guys are great, keep it up!

May 5th

Carol McK

one of my top three favorites!

Feb 17th

Charles Lloyd

Entertaining and informative podcast, with some nice humor thrown in. Keep them coming!

Dec 22nd

chris odonnell

listened to all of them now and I really love this podcast.. even heard your call to jim harold. you chaps, jim Harold, astonishing legends and graveyard tales rule. Love having you in my little world.

Dec 3rd

chris odonnell

good podcast..well done. look forward to listening to all of them.

Oct 30th

William Gebhard

I love these guys, came from Jim Harold and definitely stayed. Every time I get notifications for a new episode I listen immediately

Sep 17th


You guys have a killer podcast. The stories are fascinating and you share great chemistry/ sense of humor. Also, thanks for coming on the Belief Hole podcast, John! Your story was awesome and also terrifying :) It was an honor to have you. Keep up the great work!

Aug 27th

Deanna Dias Harris

Awesome pod casts really enjoyed them can’t wait for more!!

Jul 10th

Lisa Reay

So interesting. I can hardly wait for the next podcast!

Jun 17th

Tony Harris

great podcast.

Jun 7th
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