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Author: Brock Faucette

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We’re hosting a killer party, and you’re invited. Cocktail Party Massacre is Earth's favorite horror movie game show…because it's Earth’s ONLY horror movie game show. Contestants have a chance to win the coveted title of Final Girl -- but ONLY by outsmarting our slasher in three rounds of horror movie trivia.
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Evil Dead (2013)

Evil Dead (2013)


This game show episode is all about one of my favorite horror remakes (or is it a reboot?), EVIL DEAD (2013). Jorge joins me as tonight's Final Girl contestant. He'll be attempting to outrun our guest slasher, his friend (and former Cocktail Party Massacre victim), Beto. Will Jorge survive our zombie slasher? Or will he end up with something evil inside him? (tee hee hee) Check out Jorge, Beto and friends on the Boys, Booze and Blood podcast. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! Check out Zalatan music, our patron saint of creepy tunes. Buy a CPM t-shirt from our resident badass artist and occasional guest slasher, Amy May Arcos.
Part home invasion. Part found footage. Complete psychological thriller. The new movie They're Inside follows a group of friends who experience a serious trauma, but --as the movie unfolds -- we realize the trauma started long ago. Writer, director and producer Jean-Paul Panelli comes on the show to talk about this appropriately stylized and anxiety-inducing film, a movie that reinforces just how BIG low budget can be.  See the movie at Frida Cinema in Santa Ana, CA Friday, July 12th until Thursday, July 18th or pre-order They're Inside on iTunes. Keep up with what's next for Masterfully Macabre Entertainment. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! Check out Zalatan music, our patron saint of creepy tunes. Buy a CPM t-shirt from our resident badass artist and occasional guest slasher, Amy May Arcos.  
In the latest deadly episode of Cocktail Party Massacre, Federico (Fede) joins me at Kilrook Manor all the way from Bologna Italy to discuss what he adamantly feels is the BEST installment in the Friday the 13th franchise: The (not so) Final Chapter. We discuss Corey Feldman's chemo look, Crispin Glover's questionable dance skills and more (all while I'm making goo-goo eyes at my Italian stallion guest). Our guest slasher is Brent, whom you may remember from as a Final Girl contestant from the Chopping Mall episode. Will Brent destroy Fede? Or will Fede 'Have a nice day'? Tune in, kiddies. Please remember to rate + review + subscribe + share with other horror fans! Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! Buy a CPM t-shirt from slasher/artist Amy! Check CPM's favorite musician and theme song writer, Zalatan!
Insidious (2010)

Insidious (2010)


Holy buckfalls! This episode has it all: Vegans, Korean YouTube culture, Olympic-style powerlifting and of course PLENTY of horror talk -- not the least of which includes three round of trivia a la Insidious, the 2010 horror flick that arguably re-energized the paranormal sub-genre. And this one's also a nail-biter, folks. Our guest slasher, Amy, plays a game of cat 'n' mouse with Final Girl contestant, Jae. Who'll survive? Listen in. Please remember to rate + review + subscribe + share with other horror fans! Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! Buy a CPM t-shirt from slasher/artist Amy! Check CPM's favorite musician and theme song writer, Zalatan! Also, check out Final Girl contestant Jae's Horror Mukbang channel! ***It's called JAE EATS FOOD in this episode, but she's changing its name to FRIGHT NIGHT FEASTS (how cool!).



WTF has happened to 'The Children'? They're more than hormonal. THEY'RE ZOMBIES! (...kind of...) Join our latest cocktail party gone awry when we try to kill Final Girl contestant Garrett in three rounds of trivia based on this creepy little anti-nuclear horror flick from the Carter era.  Remember to Rate + Review + Subscribe! Find CPM on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Buy a CPM T-shirt! Listen to Zalatan Music here! 
Wanna know the craziest way to kick off Season 3? It's Cocktail Party Massacre LIVE!  When Alamo Drafthouse Raleigh asked Brock to pick a horror movie to present for #TerrorTuesday, he chose PIECES (1982). At the film's bonkers conclusion, Brock invites movie-goers to his cocktail party. Things go awry when the party is crashed by the VHS Vortex slasher, Josh. Will the audience make it out alive? It'll take winning at trivia. Become a final girl contestant. CPM shirts & mugs: Amy May Pop Art Outro music: Zalatan Music
Have you missed Cocktail Party Massacre, Earth's favorite horror movie game show? Well, you won't need to miss it much longer. It's coming back! Season 3 starts soon with new cocktails, more slashers and new contestants (which means Igor will need to start digging new graves!). Rate, review subscribe and share with other likeminded horror fans. Become a Final Girl contestant. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Buy a CPM t-shirt. Check out Zalatan Music for more sick beats!
When most people think Kane Hodder, they think Jason Voorhees or Hatchet's Victor Crowley. They don't necessarily think 'bullied,' 'burn survivor' or 'family man.' Today, Derek Dennis Herbert, the behind-the-scenes genius of the critically acclaimed documentary To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story, joins me for a conversation about his relationship with Kane; about his production company, Masterfully Macabre Entertainment; and about his own harrowing survival story.   Become a Final Girl contestant in a future episode! Check out Zalatan Music because she's a fuggin jewel! Also, snag a CPM t-shirt while supplies last. 
If you ever thought that Cocktail Party Massacre was a drag, wait 'til you meet our next Final Girl contestant -- NYC's own bubblegum goth drag queen, Precious Envy. She's on to discuss the rock-ish horror musical, REPO! The Genetic Opera. Can she outrun our slasher by outsmarting him in three sounds of REPO! trivia? Or will she have to lip sync for her life? No. She won't. That's another show entirely. Become a Final Girl contestant. Check out Zalatan Music, please. She's amaze-balls. Speaking of amaze-balls, peruse the gallery of Amy May Arcos, Final Girl extraordinaire and CPM Horror Pod t-shirt designer.
Step right up. Step right up. Come one. Come all -- to the greatest show on Earth. Cocktail Party Massacre, that is. Grab your popcorn, your cotton candy and your crazy straw 'cuz things are about to get wacky up in here. Psychiatrist and NC Comicon Panel Director Matt Conner joins us to battle our slasher in three rounds of trivia on Killer Klowns From Outer Space, an 80s celebration of 50s sci-fi horror. Will Matt emerge victorious? Or will we bury him beneath the circus big top? Tune in to find out. Become a future Final Girl contestant here. Grab your CPM t-shirt -- and other fab art -- from Amy May. Listen to more music from our favorite modern Mozartette, Zalatan.  
Forget John Connor. Forget Sarah Connor. There is only..Matt Conner, our latest Final Girl contestant. Before Matt dukes it out against our slasher in next week's game show, though, he joins us to talk about -- among other things -- his role and experiences as panel director for the NC Comicon system AND (asserting his expertise as a brilliant psychiatrist) why certain horror movies imprint on our minds when we're young. It's a fun discussion that totally sets the stage for next week's whimsical episode centered around Matt's childhood favorite: Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Stay tuned, kiddies! Become a final girl contestant here. Check out our theme music's amazing creator, Zalatan. Buy a CPM T-shirt from former Final Girl champ, Amy. Check out The Unstoppable Wasp Volume 2, which Matt mentions in this Quickiesode.
It's the last day of Women In Horror Month and -- just a forewarning -- this is a far more serious episode of CPM than usual. In this Quickiesode, Brock hijacks the podcast studio to discuss why 'Women in Horror Month' means so much to him. He mentions some of the special women in his own life, some of his favorite female horror icons, and many of the real life women in horror who've impacted his life -- from musicians and artists to other podcasters. ***Trigger warning*** He also talks about sexual assault. Be patient with the somber tone of this episode. More love, light and fun is around the corner. Listen to Zalatan Music. Look at Amy May Pop Art's awesome art -- including CPM t-shirts! Become a Final Girl contestant in a future CPM gameshow episode!
We're dropping this sh!t early and in the dead of we're Beyonce or something. That's right. We're bypassing the pre-game Quickiesode this week, kiddies, and getting straight to it. Our cocktail party guest and Final Girl contestant is Josh Irizarry, a HUGE fan of Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight. But don't take his word for it. Listen as Josh battles our trivia slasher in three round of Demon Knight trivia. He won't have a sacred relic filled with Jesus's blood to protect him, though, so he'll have to use his wits alone. Listen in and see whether Josh earns the title of Final Girl -- or gets sucked to a hell worse than a world without Dick Miller (RIP).  Sign up for the show. Listen to Zalatan, the genius behind our theme music. And get a CPM tshirt from local artist and Final Girl winner, Amy. (also...we would <3 you beyond eternity if you'd rate + review us)
This one is a nail-biter, kiddies. Beto from the Boys, Booze and Blood podcast joins us as Kilrook Manor to challenge our diabolical slasher in three rounds of trivia on SCREAM. And what a challenge! The two go tit-for-tat, but there can only be on survivor. Will Beto live up to his Gale Weathers fantasy, or will Pickens gut him like a fish? I'M NOT TELLING, SILLY! Listen and find out. You can become a Final Girl contestant, too. Check out our theme music's beautiful creator, Zalatan. Why not buy a CPM tshirt from one our Final Girl winner, Amy.
Do you like scary movies? What's your favorite scary movie? Well, top of the list for next week's Final Girl contestant is SCREAM (1996). Yes, our cocktail party guest, Beto (from the Boys, Booze and Blood podcast) requested a Wes Craven heavy-hitter, so our Horror Trivia Slasher is sharpening an assortment of weapons getting ready for next week's hopeful kill. In other words, get to know Beto while you can -- because next week, we may find out what his insides look like.  Theme music by the lovely Zalatan Get your CPM tshirt from former Final Girl winner, Amy. Become a Final Girl contestant yourself!      
If you don't like the second entry into the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, you MUST listen to this episode. We're joined by Renaissance man, Ryan L. Terry, who feels the sequel is a surprising standout. But even though Ryan's one of our biggest fans, that won't keep him safe from our slasher, a diabolical killer who's fiending for a chance to slaughter Ryan in three rounds of Freddy's Revenge trivia. Will we have a new Final Girl at the end of our game? Or will Ryan end up in the Kilrook Manor graveyard? Become a final girl contestant. Our intro and outro music is by Zalatan. Listen to her hot beats. Check out our cool t-shirts by former Final Girl winner, Amy May.    
Continuing with our A Nightmare of Elm Street theme, Final Girl contestant, Ryan, joins us to discuss the second entry of the franchise, Freddy's Revenge. But before we start the actual cocktail party, we pre-game with we can learn more about the person we're trying to kill in a deadly game of horror trivia. Get to know this cutie now, because he may not be around much longer. Become a Final Girl contestant. Enjoy more of Zalatan's music. Buy a CPM shirt from artist and Final Girl winner, Amy May. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Faceplace. (and also RATE, REVIEW, SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE WITH OTHER HORROR FREAKS IN YOUR LIVES)
Michelle Hanson from the Syndicated Nightmares podcast joins us at Kilrook Manor for a cocktail party gone terribly awry. She came to discuss Wes Craven's 1984 horror classic, A Nightmare on Elm Street, but -- per usual -- the party was crashed by an unexpected guest. Even though Michelle's a huge Freddy freak and her favorite final girl is Elm Street's own Nancy Thompson, will she be able to fill Nancy's shoes against our very own trivia slasher??? FIND OUT! Become a final girl contestant. Buy a CPM tshirt! Check out Zalatan, our favorite groove mistress and theme-song donator!
Surprise, bitch. I bet you thought you'd seen the last of our Screen Queens Quickiesodes. Admittedly, it HAS been a while, so we decided to drop a Quickie for you. In this bonus episode, Brock and Pickens share their favorite horror moments and experiences from 2018, and they divulge the movies they hope knock our socks off in 2019. Ho-hum. Plus: Pickens is sober.'s different. ***SPOILER ALERT: We embarrassingly fail to mention Jordan Peele's US, which Brock is particularly stoked to see. Theme music by Zalatan! Become a Final Girl contestant!
Michelle Hanson from the Syndicated Nightmares podcast joins Brock and Pickens to discuss one of her favorite movies, the OG A Nightmare on Elm Street -- a not-so deep cut that leaves a very deep cut. This pregame to next week's cocktail trivia party teases our love of this 80s slasher classic. From boasting the best final girl, Nancy, to amping up wacky practical effects, this franchise left its (claw) mark on our collective psyches for an undeniable reason. But even though we're buddy-buddy now, next week, we'll be trying to kill Michelle in ANOES trivia. Will she come a final girl in our Cocktail Party Massacre??? Speaking of Final Girls, check out Michelle's absolutely BRILLIANT Final Girls parody here.  Get an invitation to Kilrook Manor and try to become a Final Girl yourself! Our music is by Zalatan Music.  
Comments (4)

Mario (itsa_Mario)

I watched Sleepaway Camp on a 5 hour bus trip in Vietnam last week and listened to this immediately after. This film was so over the top, I loved it! Great episode! @cpmhorrorpod

Mar 8th

Mario (itsa_Mario)

This has to be the most raw, heartfelt podcast episode I've ever heard. Kudos for an amazing episode and thank you for all the insights that you shared ❤️👻

Mar 8th

Jade Morem

So excited to battle Pickens!!!

Nov 22nd

Jade Morem

Niche AF! Good show!

Jul 5th
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