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Dial It Back Or Die

Author: Michael Folz

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I realize that for most of us it is extremely traumatic to fully grasp just how wrong this world has become. And that it is therefore much easier mentally and far more comforting psychologically to blame it all on the 'Left' or the 'Right'. But this podcast gives an interesting, thorough, and dispassionate analysis of just how and why we got to here from there. Further, by using established, mainstream science, it then presents a clear, complete, non-ideological picture of human behavior and the human condition.No, really.And, since each episode builds upon the last, kindly start with Episode 1. And continue.
70 Episodes
What is this about? Why am I doing it? Who am I?
Some important terms that you may not know the real meaning of.
Why those foundational assumptions are so darn important
Episode 4: Dmitry

Episode 4: Dmitry


Sometimes the best way to understand our own Universe is to visit a parallel one.
Meet the founder of Liberal Democracy!
Sometimes credit given is credit not due.
If everything is so wonderful, why is everyone so miserable?
Turns out that 13th Century Franciscan monks created the modern world.
One more attempt to illuminate the darkness of ideological blinders.
The categorical imperative of podcasting
A short primer on 'modern' 18th Century thought.
It's been going on since before you were born.
The Greeks were indeed important. Just not as precursors to democracy.
Sandals, Swords, and Civic Virtue. How Rome actually pulled it all off.
The fluke of a secret sauce which flavored the whole stew.
Where I go Medieval on you.  But in a good way.
So why was Civilization so civilized?
Guess what? It never happened. 
The mechanics of breaking something that wasn't broke.
The essentials of rational existence.
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