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WARNING: Spoilers Ahead! Every week, Brian Fink & April Diamond chop it up about life, and totally spoil your favorite shows and movies.
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All good things must come to an end, and unfortunately, so does the Totally Spoiled Podcast. This week we talk about why this is the last episode we'll be recording. We also discuss the big news that dropped about Netflix's "13 Reasons Why", and we share our To Die Lists and chop it up about "Then Came You". Plus the legend Steve Guttenberg joins us to talk his iconic role in the Police Academy movies, "Three Men And A Baby", and his new movie "Miss Arizona".
April's back from visiting Cuba! This week, she tells us all about what Cuba is like. Plus we totally spoil Aziz Ansari's new comedy special "Right Now" on Netflix.
This week, we talk about about my horrible experience while watching "Yesterday" in theaters. Plus why April thinks you shouldn't sing at concerts. We also talk to the guy trying to see "Avengers: Endgame" 200 times in theaters, and we totally spoil Netflix's "Always Be My Maybe".
This week, we talk about how I did something so embarrassing, I may be banned from a certain local place. Plus, I am PISSED at Kevin Costner...and everyone's PO'd at me! We talk "Toy Story 4", and totally spoil Netflix's "Murder Mystery".
This week on #TotallySpoiled, we talk about the things we would hate if we were the opposite sex. Plus we wrap up "Designated Survivor" on Netflix.
This week, Fink & April talk about things women google in secret. They also talk about the weirdest things they've googled, and Fink gets honest about getting caught googling something very personal. Plus they rank the episodes of the newest season of Netflix's "Black Mirror". And discuss the new season of "Designated Survivor"!!
This week, we talk to the amazing Vincent D'Onofrio from "Full Metal Jacket" and director of the new movie "The Kid". We also wrap up "Chernobyl", and chop it up about people not remembering where they met their significant others.
This week, April had the brilliant idea of seeing who could eat more Krispy Kreme donuts in 60 seconds. And it goes as badly as you'd think (1:39-13:02). We also talk about the new indy flick "Booksmart" (13:03-18:24), as well as HBO's "Chernobyl" (18:25-34:40).
This week, it's Everything "Game Of Thrones"! Meli, who has one of the most popular GoT fan pages on Facebook, joins us to talk the finale and the series as a whole, people's predictions for the end, and which episodes were the best in the show's history for people who haven't watched.
We've got your chance to win tickets to Sunset Music Festival! Make sure you listen to this week's entire episode; we tell you the secret link to sign up!! Plus we talk to Danielle Savre, star of ABC's "Station 19" (6:10-12:32). We also chop it up about "Game of Thrones" (13:01-20:14), and the season finale of "New Amsterdam" (20:16-29:57).
This week, we talk classic movies that surprisingly some people hate (4:16-6:15), and we totally spoil "Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile" (6:18-18:16). Plus, April watched the epic battle on "Game of Thrones"...and wasn't impressed, and Fink says something that'll probably make GoT fans angry (18:16-28:40).
This week, we talk favorite movies we loved as a kid that are actually really bad when you go back and watch them (4:02-15:38). We also talk to Khalil' La'Marr Pickett, an award winning stuntman in "Avengers: Endgame" and get insight on what it's like doing stunts in a blockbuster movie (15:40-23:53). And finally, Fink gives another totally clueless review of the latest episode of "Game Of Thrones" (24:26-32:37).
This week, we talk about hospital visits and our experiences with visiting people (2:46-13:30), how social media is destroying people's relationships and lives (13:31-27:24), and Fink's embarrassingly horrible review of the new episode of Game Of Thrones...even though he's only seen two episodes. (27:24-33:12)
The amazing Chrissy Metz calls into the show this week (28:14-36:04). We talk to her about her amazing new movie "Breakthrough", and how she escapes her emotional characters like Kate from "This Is Us". We also totally spoil the season 8 premiere of "Game Of Thrones" from the perspective of someone who has never watched a single GOT episode (10:42-19:18), and discuss which character was suicidal in real life (20:54-23:08).
This week we get an update on Brian's appendix surgery and learn the importance of listening to signs your body gives you (0:00- 13:55). We also TOTALLY spoil the season finale of This is Us (13:55-36:05).
We totally dissect last night's emotional episode of NBC's "This Is Us", and discover that Brian Fink IS Randall! (:00-25:42) Plus, April shares a story about someone almost dying on one of her flights (26:15-29:21), and JP from Cash Cash joins us and tells us some crazy flight stories of them almost dying on planes. (29:29-36:25).
In one of the most personal episodes of the Totally Spoiled Podcast, we talk first kisses (11:37-15:40), first dances (15:40-18:50), we totally spoil this week's emotional episode of "This Is Us", and talk to someone who was a severe addict, but has been clean and sober for almost 10 years (29:18-39:26).
On an extended episode this week, we discuss whether or not deleting social media proves your loyalty to someone (:00-6:22), things you would never guess about April and I (6:24-13:43), we deep dive part two of "Leaving Neverland" (13:47-35:55), and totally spoil last night's episode of "This Is Us" with one of our superfans Tanya! (36:00-54:30)
On this week's episode, we totally dissect HBO's "Leaving Neverland" and get a mom's perspective on it. Plus we talk to someone who visited Neverland and met Michael Jackson. We also talk last night's episode of "This Is Us"!
Our moms join us on this week's episode! We find out what our birth names were SUPPOSED to be, plus clear up memories we have of our childhood. And they share embarrassing stories about us. Things also get heated as we totally spoil Netflix's "Abducted In Plain Sight".
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