DiscoverThe Happiness Diary - A personal journal to wellness podcast with Simon Ngo
The Happiness Diary - A personal journal to wellness podcast with Simon Ngo
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The Happiness Diary - A personal journal to wellness podcast with Simon Ngo

Author: Simon Ngo

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As a wellness and lifestyle coach, Simon Ngo is passionate about helping people make a positive impact in their lives so they can in turn help other people enhance their lives. This is a podcast show about finding more sustainable wellness in our lives.

Each episode will showcase some millennial wisdom on how to inject more wellness and happiness in our daily lives using simple tips, tricks and mindset shifts. Simon's no-nonsense approach also features "Meaningful Conversations" with everyday individuals who have mastered their own art to happiness and wellness.
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This episode, I share with you the previously spoken asked questions on my Instagram: @simonngo.wellness • What is my biggest business advice? • What books do I read? • Do all my friends and family do yoga and meditate? • What is my idea of healthy living and how does essential oils come into the picture? • What is my daily routine?Finished off with the usual one thing I'm grateful for in my life right now and one thing I've learned in the past week. Tune in next two episodes on a) my morning routines and b) my evening routines! P.S. Join in my closed Facebook group, The Wealthy Wellness Brigade! :)
This episode, I confessed that I have been watching the reality TV show that highly controversial and how the show has actually allowed me to observe human behaviours and interactions on a deeper level. I also spoke about how lucky I am right now to be exactly where I am today. And find out, what I have also learned about myself and how to improve myself to be the best version of myself. Hit me up on Instagram @simonngo.wellness to share your comments and questions. Don't forget to subscribe and leave a 5-star review!
The re-launch of the The Happy Hour Podcast to The Happiness Diary! Hear about what I have been up to whilst I have been MIA and why the podcast has been rebranded.Each episode, I share the one thing I'm most grateful/happy for in my life and the one lesson I can learn upon self-reflection and self-awareness.
January can be hectic time of the year for New Year Resolutions! That's great! If we can all stick to them and get them ticked off by year end. This episode I share with you my five personal new year resolutions for 2019! As always, I would love to connect with you on Insta: @simonngo.wellness if you have any feedback and thoughts on the podcast, and I would love hear your new year resolutions! Show notes:Meditation app: Headspace iTunes & Google Play StoreNetflix: Tidying Up with Marie KondoHigh Performance Planner by Brendon BurchardWellness: Detox Your Home Workshops based in Sydney upcoming
This episode is another long awaited Meaningful Conversations segment episode where I invite a good friend of mine, Caitlin Robertson, over to my apartment to talk about her personal journey in going chemical free and sharing her knowledge and top tips in swapping into a more chemical-free lifestyle.We spoke about (the following) plus SO MUCH MORE! • how did she get on to this journey herself? • what actually are essential oils? • how are they extracted and produced? • how do we know if we are getting the quality ones vs copycats out there? • why she uses Young Living Essential Oils? • what are her personal favourite essential oils to use? • what household and personal care items we all should swap out with a more chemical-free alternative? • what ingredients on the label are immediate red flags? • why we need to steer clear of these harmful toxins and chemicals in our lives? • is it financially possible for everyone to afford the journey to swap-out? • her mission to continually share this chemical-free journey with others and how you can get involved yourself?Notes/Resources: • The must-watch Netflix Documentary "Stink" • The must-read article on the companies with harmful chemicals in shampoo • The website you can read more about Young Living's sourcing and sustainable practice in producing essential oils: SeedToSeal.Com • The app you can install on your smartphone to cross-check your beauty, household and personal care products on the list of ingredients: ThinkDirty available on both iTunes and Google PlayThe upcoming Sydney chemical-free living workshop/gathering/masterclass happening on January 5th, 2019. Please DM either Caitlin or myself on Insta to get all the details. Come along and commence your chemical-free journey sooner rather than later along with the full support of the team.As usual, if you have enjoyed this episode, please subscribe to the podcast wherever you tune in from. A 5-star review will help support a start-up podcast like us a very long way! Look forward to hearing what you guys think on this juicy episode!Until next time,"Sleep is Golden","Movement is Medicine","Mindfulness is Magic".Sxx
I know! I have done it again! Not being able to keep up with the demands of producing The Happy Hour Podcast!But, as usual, I regret nothing and I kinda like it that this podcast is raw and real, which has always been my intention since I launched it on the very first day.Here goes the not-so weekly wrap-up episode because we are wrapping two weeks' worth of contents into the one! • One breathe is all it takes. A conscious mindful breath will be about 8-10 seconds and this attention and space created is literally enough to shift our mindset and also attitude. This will in turn change our actions and reactions towards a more serving one for ourselves and others, rather than not. • Rather than approaching life from a sense of lack, let's approach life from a sense of abundance. We all deserve the very best irregardless of our finances, relationship, family, career etc. If we can mindfully stop being wasteful in all areas of our lives, we will also notice that we actually enough, if not more, to go around all areas of our lives.Support another local business based in Sydney, Bondi Meal Prep. Owned by an ex-colleague of mind who is also a personal trainer, his brands understands both physical and nutritional needs when it comes to diet. More importantly, the convenience from a meal prep service does not feel like cheating at all. In fact, it helps us beginners stay on track for our health, fitness, and wellness goals. Check them out and use my code FIT10 for 10% off your order.Take advantage of the early bird discount ending 31 Dec for my newly designed Mindful Wellness Retreat happening in March 2019! If you have any question or concern, shoot us an email or drop my a DM on my Instagram: @simonngo.wellness. Please subscribe and write a review for this podcast to support the show further! Namaste
Episode 14 of The Happy Hour Podcast with Simon Ngo is all about sharing my Top 10 Tips for Better Sleep! Here I share with you some tips, some reasons and some hacks on how to create better sleep each and every night. Why? Because "Sleep is GOLDEN!"Using my own experience in understanding my sleep patterns and having better "sleep hygiene", here I share my 10 top tips for a better night in bed every single night of the day. • Lavender Essential Oil: Lavender is well known for having a fresh and calm scent. I diffuse this essential oil every night before bed to create a safe and calm environment for my bedroom. In the event that I am on the road, I will bring this essential oil with me to create a DIY pillow mist to spray all around the bed, sheets, pillows...EVERYTHING! You can read more about this wonderfully versatile oil and the brand I'm using HERE! • Move Every Day: We have spoken extensively about this is the episodeon movement and its benefits. I truly believe that adding any form of movement to your day helps tire us out when the sun goes down to assist in falling into a deep sleep at night. • Switch Off Early: I am a strong believer in switching off early to help buy us a bigger window to winding down in the evening. The more wired we are during the day, the more time we will require to wind down. This rule not only helps us become more productive during the day to get everything done by switch-off time, but also that we can actually bookmark the switching off by getting our exercise in from Tip #2! It's a win-win in my opinion. • Have Dinner Early: Naturally from the above, having an earlier dinner can also help with sleeping better. It reduces the chances of bloating and indigestion by avoiding hitting the bed with a full stomach. Further to that, by allowing the remainder of our daily energy for digestion, we easily become more tired by the time we hit the sack two to four hours later. • Connection: Connect with a REAL person by having a REAL conversation! Either a small talk with someone you live with or a quick phone call will allow us the opportunity to feel like we have expressed ourselves for the day rather than holding everything in. Externalisation FTW! Read Tip #9! • Mindfulness/Meditation: Have a daily mindfulness or mediation practice! We also already spoken extensively on this in Episode 12 of the podcast. The ability to reduce stress and anxiety means we are clearer, calmer and lighter when we finally wind down for the evening. I tried bedtime meditation for a month and I found it to be helpful in dozing off nicely. • Night-time Ritual: I have a nighttime skin care ritual literally as a ceremony to mark off the closing of my availability to the external world! Find something which suits you for this emotional gesture as well! Which brings me nicely to the next tip... • Night-time Reading: My ritual naturally finds me hopping into bed and grabbing whatever book I am reading at the moment. I found this to be one of the best ways to make the eyes heavy preparing ourselves for a good night sleep! Avoid non-fiction, motivation and self-help books though as these stimulate us. We want a light storybook for this purpose. • Night-time Dump: Well what happens if we do catch ourselves being overly stimulated at night. Twisting and tossing around certainly don't help. I recommend jumping immediately out of bed, grab your journal (or any piece of notebook or writing pad) and dump all your ideas on the paper! Which is why I am such a BIG advocate for daily journaling! For this, I recommend Brendon Burchard's high performance planner. Check it out! • Bedroom Sanctuary: Make your bedroom sacred and an inviting sanctuary! Invest in good bedding and sheets the your bed becomes so irresistible! I mean besides work, this is literally the place we spend most of our daily 24 hours in! So why the heck not!There you have it! Let me know what you...
Season 2! The Weekly Wrap!

Season 2! The Weekly Wrap!


Season 2 is here after taking little hiatus for myself! So here it is a little snippet of what to expect in season 2 and also the first listen at the weekly wrap segment released on Fridays!
Part 3 to the Understanding Stress series - Mindfulness/Meditation is MAGIC!Catch up on Part 1: Sleep and Stress and Part 2: Movement is Medicine to make up the complete series. Enjoy!Tune in to listen what mindfulness and meditation feels for me and the Top 5 benefits we can all enjoy from having a regular mindfulness/meditation practice in our lives. • Stress reduction • Controlling anxiety • Prevent/Manage depression • Increase self-awareness • Pain management
Part 2 to Episode 7 - Understanding Stress (Part 1): Stress and Sleep.In this episode, we speak about stress and movements (or exercise).As our body doesn't really differentiate between good and bad stress, we have to be careful to not overexercise. Truth though, most people aren't active enough!I share my five top tips to get more movement in our lives!1. I talk about how I pencil it in the diary and commit to this appointment. The easiest way to make it happen.2. I share my strategies for creating incidental movements throughout the day.3. We use technology to our advantage by holding ourselves accountable to step counts and be a little competitive about it.4. We check the ego at the door to take baby steps as every small step forward is progress rather than failing.5. We take the no excuse approach to simply find something we like and enjoy!And, please subscribe and rate to help this podcast grow! DM me on Insta @simonngo.wellness to let me know your thoughts.
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