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Author: erik tenkar

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"I listen to the Tavern Chat podcast every morning, sometimes I think its NPR, till the F bomb drops then I remember I am in geek heaven instead!" Enjoy a daily chat with your Old School Gaming Bartender :) Support this podcast:
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Yep, its now 2021, a milestone I wasn't 100% sure I was going to reach. Rach and I talk about what you can do to make 2021 better than 2020. --- Support this podcast:
Michael Shorten (the Chicago Wiz) calls in. --- Support this podcast:
Evil Jeff calls in with thoughts on Literacy  in gaming campaigns. I ponder about playing intoxicated while being intoxicated. Support Tavern Chat Support the Tavern Chat Podcast on Patreon Read the Tenkar's Tavern Blog Join the Tenkar's Tavern Discord Server RPG Breakfast Club Coast to Coast Podcast --- Support this podcast:
Its the week of Halloween and my thoughts have drifted to RPGs such as CoC, Chill, the Ravenloft setting, and more... --- Support this podcast:
Follow up voicemail from Rob regarding the BBC / D&D video shared on Twitter. Oh, and the Tenkars Tavern Facebook Community has surpassed 2500 members! Voicemail # ‪(347) 509-5168‬ Support The Tavern (affiliate link) --- Support this podcast:
JoeTheLawyer calls back with a clarification on his OSR Wikileaks comment and I talk legacy and what it means. --- Support this podcast:
Ah, sweet, sweet TSR3. Sometimes you just need to stop and smell the bullshit, because it is heavy in these three letters. And boy, oh boy! Justin decided to troll the Gamers' Health video I did with my niece Shannon on Christmas Day. Let's Go, Justin! --- Support this podcast:
Niece Shannon joins Tenkar for a special Christmas Day Gamers’ Health. --- Support this podcast:
Yesterday, Rach and I talked a bit about consent at the gaming table. The conversation that has popped up about that cast has been amazing, both on YouTube and on Facebook, and thanks to that ongoing conversation, I think I missed something yesterday. Communication at the gaming table has to occur before consent can even be an issue, and part of that communication is being honest with your GM before the session even starts. --- Support this podcast:
Strangely enough, I find myself inching closer to X-Cards at the gaming table for organized play / convention games over completely removing themes that some may find triggering. Rach joins me for this one, as I figured we needed the opinion of one that was NOT a grognard ;) --- Support this podcast:
Digging back into the Arduin Trilogy, we take a look at Dave's view of alignment. --- Support this podcast:
It's the tale of two Kickstarters. Both very late. Both announcing the time for release is finally near. Why do I believe one, and not the other? --- Support this podcast:
It's all over the interwebs. WotC has been making stealth changes to the lore of many of its releases, to correct language that it sees as possibly problematic. This is both the advantage and curse of digital content. But has this made earlier 5e printing more valuable and collectible? --- Support this podcast:
Ah, you've gotta love the internet trolls. On yesterday's video, a troll spammed the comments section with my "real" last name (not a secret, it's been public for years on Swords & Wizardry Light and Swords & Wizardry Continual Light). I figured it was time to explain where the name came from, why I used it, why I continue to use it, and more. --- Support this podcast:
As it says on the tin, TSR3 has voluntarily withdrawn its legal action against WotC without prejudice. --- Support this podcast:
TSR3 has surrendered or abandoned nearly every trademark it has named in its legal action against WotC. In 2 weeks, if TSR3 takes no further action, the Star Frontiers TM will be abandoned. So, why the legal action filed against WotC? --- Support this podcast:
Banned and posts deleted from the Castles & Crusades FB Group for spamming. Never consulting with the Gygax Memorial Fund before mentioning the fund as a potential beneficiary of monies raised by TSR on their Indiegogo fundraising page. --- Support this podcast:
If you can believe it, Justin LaNassa is attempting to raise $50k to sue WotC for bullying, libel, slander, and for a bonus action, "will also Fight to Have the WOTC Legacy Disclaimer Removed."  I'm glad I can get a front-row seat for free... --- Support this podcast:
I was surprised when one of The Tavern regulars PMed me to let me know he received an email from Paul Stormberg indicating in Paul's signature that Paul was now President of the Gygax Memorial Fund. So, lo and behold, the website has been resurrected. --- Support this podcast:
Today I take a look at Dave's essay on treasure, and the effects that unbalanced magic items can have on the game, and a creative way to remove such. --- Support this podcast:
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