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Author: erik tenkar

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"I listen to the Tavern Chat podcast every morning, sometimes I think its NPR, till the F bomb drops then I remember I am in geek heaven instead!" Enjoy a daily chat with your Old School Gaming Bartender :) Support this podcast:
394 Episodes
JoeTheLawyer offered some excellent advice to podcasters on his recent 50th episode. Inspired by Joe, I follow up with some additional advice for podcasters (and bloggers)--- Support this podcast:
Quite simply, I read Zak S' statement regarding his defamation lawsuit against Mandy in Ottowa. I do make some commentary and express some opinions. Support this podcast:
Tonight I sat down with David Baity of the Dark Trails RPG (powered by DCC RPG). Be advised, there was an audio dropout.--- Support this podcast:
James Mathe, the founder of RPGnow has passed, plus other gaming news.--- Support this podcast:
What's better then a Midnight Auction at NTRPG Con? Looking over the index to the most complete collection of tabletop gaming related material in the world. I thought I had some unique pieces in my collection but...--- Support this podcast:
We hung out at the closed Frog God booth tonight and had a blast. NTRPG Con is the shit ;)--- Support this podcast:
I sat down with Bad Mike late last night (Friday) in the man gaming room at NTRPG Con for a live, open Talking Crit. Random special quests include JE Shields, Edwin Nagey, Ben Burns, Pexx, Ben Marsh (Best Hair in the OSR) and others.--- Support this podcast:
Today was Day Two of NTRPG Con. Tegal Manor is not a safe space. Still, my whole party survived, damn it!--- Support this podcast:
I spent most of my day working the Frog God Booth and it was fun. I need more peeps to stop by tomorrow ;)--- Support this podcast:
We have a voicemail from Jeff about influence and control. Then I talk about my flight to DFW and some of the great people I met the night BEFORE the con...--- Support this podcast:
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