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Author: Kareen Mills

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Hey Mamas, welcome to your space! Yes, this is YOUR space I hold for you. It's the same space I have always wanted to hold for my own mother when I was a 6-year old little girl watching her go through domestic violence.

This podcast started as a need to gather data and learn from other Motherhustlers for a course I was working on to help Mom Entrepreneurs except it began to heal me from my childhood trauma. I began to dig deeper into my childhood and started remembering a lot of details that's been buried deep down in my subconscious cemetery.

Now, it's a healing project.

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BJ Stromme is a Northwest Native with a deep love of the woods and water, so any chance she gets, you will find her hiking or kayaking!She has been an independent entrepreneur for over 38 years, so she knows the bumps and hurdles you need to get over to be successful.  She has started and run two businesses successfully, earning her top company recognition for years!  In her business POP Mindset (Power of Personal Mindset), she coaches Entrepreneurs how to read and communicate with prospects and co-workers better that will then result to networking effectively to maximize their efforts, therefore, increasing confidence in business, life and beyond.BJ loves personal coaching, creating amazing retreats in beautiful places like Costa Rica and Cabo San Lucas.  She helps teams big or small create new ideas, provide them with tools and techniques so they can communicate better internally.  Some of these techniques will cut months - even YEARS off their learning curve!!She created the personality profiling system called Are You My Flock.  It’s a very Fun and Effective Personality Profiling System that builds Success for entrepreneurs, mothers, and parents or any leaders and sales professionals.Are You My Flock has brought many benefits to me personally and professionally and I know it’s brought so much value to some of the professionals I network.  And my all-time favorite become a better mother.Learn more about BJ Stromme and POP Mindset on her Facebook @POPMindset where you may find more information about her work!Follow Founder + Host Kareen Mills on IG, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn @KareenMills and her podcast IG @BeingMotherhustlerPodcast Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here Support this podcast:
Cynthia Thurlow is a Western medicine trained nurse practitioner, 2-time TedX speaker with her latest talk about Intermittent Fasting going viral.  She’s an entrepreneur, nutritionist, author and co-host of Everyday Wellness Podcast.  She lives in Washington DC with her husband and her boys and their 2 crazy doodles.  She’s passionate about intermittent fasting and spreading the word that food is as important, if not more important than any other lifestyle choice.  She empowers her clients to see the inherent power of food and nutrition as their greatest assets to their health and wellness journeys.  She works 1:1 with female clients and in a group setting through her signature program, Wholistic Blueprint.   Her niche is female hormonal health and healthy aging.Learn more about Cynthia Thurlow and grab her free FAQ/intermittent fasting guide at!Follow Founder + Host Kareen Mills on IG, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn @KareenMills and her podcast IG @BeingMotherhustlerPodcast Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here Support this podcast:
Sharing to the world my journey about our transition from one house to another and the solution that we have in the interim because of the gap between selling the previous one to buying the next one.We are currently hotel living and have been here for 4 weeks during the recording of this episode.  It's been challenging but never tough.  I grew up sleeping on floors growing up in the Philippines so hotel living for me is a luxury.I also just turned 40 and on this episode I share what winning and truly winning means.I hope you have fun listening to this journey!Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here Support this podcast:
Sara Coleman is a mother to 6 beautiful children and has dedicated her life to helping people of all shapes and sizes lose weight, get fit, and obtain the tools and data they need for optimal health and wellness. She brings over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry and is a CrossFit level 1 & 2 certified coach, personal trainer, and group coach.Sara is obsessed with making health obtainable for all. Inspired by her two younger sisters with Down Syndrome, Sara created and developed Inclusive Fitness, a program that celebrates all abilities with group class formats for adults with physical and mental disabilities. Sara went through a divorce After 13 years of her primary role in life being a wife and mother in 2011. In 2012, Sara opened 3-46 Grit CrossFit, that she now co-owns with her best friend Chausse a facility dedicated to promoting functional fitness where people could learn how to train their entire body in a community that celebrated struggle and supported everyone's efforts to reclaim health. Through the chaos of owning and operating a business and navigating raising her kiddos, she's found fulfillment, humor, and the love of her life. Sara remarried in 2014 on national TV (Hotel Impossible, stormy wedding) To the love of her life Jesse Coleman. And in 2018 gave birth (19 years to the day apart from Sara's oldest son Cameron) To their son Maverick. Her children are her greatest joys in life, Cameron is 20, Tyler is 18 Riley is 15 her daughter Isabella is 11 her stepson is 7 and welcoming another son (Maverick) has been an unexpected savior in what was one of the most trying times of her life, her fathers passing.Sara believes unhealthy food and fitness habits have created a disease and obesity epidemic in this country. Through her one-on-one work with clients, Sara observed the endless struggle involved with quick fixes, misinformation, and treating the symptom rather than disease. After her own father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Sara decided to make a change on a massive scale. She decided to create Grit Uprising to establish a movement of like-minded people who want to break free and harness their indomitable spirit. She has made it her mission to educate and empower people to reset the scales and reclaim their own right to health and wellness.Learn more about Sara Coleman at or check her out on or check out Founder + Host Kareen Mills on IG, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn @KareenMills and her podcast IG @BeingMotherhustler Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here Support this podcast:
Amanda Eck is on her 2nd career, Interior Design.  She was in the Oil & Gas Industry but had a passion for design ever since she was a child.  Ten years ago she stepped out and launched Amanda Carol Interior, without a clue what she was doing but had the passion to do it.Three years ago is where it got interesting.  Her husband and she hit the reset button on their lives after a life & marriage altering vacation to Canada.  It was an awakening moment for both of them.Her husband quit his well paying corporate job in Houston to pursue his passion in Real Estate,  while Amanda shut down her design business in Houston.  They packed up their 3 kiddos to move to the most expensive city in the US, the Bay Area in California Leaving ALL of her family behind.   They took a leap and moved to SF knowing NO ONE, but a dream and vision of building an extraordinary life.  She had to start her business from scratch after building a great client base in Houston.  Her husband had to build his business from the ground up.  So they are now both entrepreneurs learning to have a successful sexy marriage, raise their 3 amazing children (who are watching them go for their dreams), take care of their bodies, and work on their personal growth (through reading, listening to podcasts, online courses and conferences-that they do together as a couple.   It’s been the hardest thing they have ever done, yet the most rewarding. Learn about Amanda Eck and her venture on or on!Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here Support this podcast:
Renee Honrada is the mother of 3 children ages 21, 17 and 10. She is also a yoga teacher and Wellness Advocate with doTERRA essential oils, disguised as a retail manager.  Her journey through an abusive marriage led her to seek alternative methods of healing which is how she came to fall in love with essential oils. Soon after the practice of yoga became a way for her to reclaim her body and she then decided to become a yoga teacher. Renee is on a mission to help women who are struggling to reclaim their power after leaving their abusers. She is the founder of the BE serve ROCK podcast where she talks with people who are trying to be their best selves and serving others while rocking out. Renee is striving to be a leader and example in her community of how women can overcome abuse and reclaim their own power. Learn about Renee Honrada on!Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here Support this podcast:
Lisa Waknin Murphy is a fierce woman who has overcome adversity her entire life. She’s taken these life challenges and turned them into something that is making a real difference. Her personal journey and her neverending hard work advocating for her own daughter’s recovery led her to create Silver Sands Recovery, a substance abuse treatment facility that is turning around the lives of addicts and their families by helping them in their fight against the Opioid Emergency in America. She has helped many people and their families get through the pain and hopelessness of addiction. She is known as “Mother of Recovery” because of how she looks out for everyone in her program.Lisa hailed from New York City where she started her fashion career at a very young age working for top fashion designers.  She personally sold over $250 million dollars of dresses in her fashion career.  She was at the peak of her career, doing multi-million dollar deals with all the top fashion retailers.But as Forest Gump once said, “Life is like a box of chocolates –and you never know what you’re going to get.”  She discovered her daughter was an addict, and her world was turned upside down. The best years of her life professionally were the absolute worst years of her life personally.  That’s when the Brooklyn born mother took over. Through sleepless nights, to working all day, she saw her daughter slipping before her eyes and searched endlessly for help to get her daughter back. Her experience in recovery treatment is steeped from the perspective of a parent that wants to save her kids live. That's the difference in her approach to treating addiction... It’s what she calls “The Reality Model”.  And it’s working!Lisa's founding principle is to provide a superior foundation for Long Term Sobriety. As the parent of an addict, Lisa knows firsthand the devastation addiction. She works side by side families, helping them bring the bottom up to the addict thereby getting them into treatment. Her many years of trying to help her own daughter (who’s been sober since 2015) have led Lisa to immerse herself in the field of recovery.  She’s teamed up with medical and clinical experts and adding in her own true experiences from running a successful $60M company to being the parent of an addict has given this program a unique perspective. Parents from clients are quoted, "Finally I have someone I can speak with that knows what I went through and knows what these kids need. She's a voice of reason, has compassion and cares." Lisa always makes herself available to families in need.Learn about Lisa Waknin Murphy’s Silver Sands Recovery on or! Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here Support this podcast:
Elena Cardone started her career in Hollywood and soon became a successful actress and model of TV and film fame.  She’s a lifelong competitive sport shooter, now an author, businesswoman, empire builder and visionary.  Elena currently hosts the Women in Power Show and co-hosts “The G&E Show” with her husband, the Grant Cardone, bestselling author, entrepreneur and real estate investor.  Together this dynamite duo has created an impressive real estate portfolio of almost one-billion dollars.Elena was born in Spain and raised in New Orleans.  This 2004 Maxim Magazine’s Hottest 100 Beauty now spends her time serving as Chief Family Officer, public speaker and personal development coach teaching others the strategies and techniques on how to create, build and expand their personal empires everywhere.She’s an avid human rights activist, a fierce supporter of the second amendment and busy philanthropist, Elena campaigns cross-country tirelessly.Elena has been happily married since 2004 (July 4th to be exact – and the fireworks have never stopped) and lives with her husband Grant and their two daughters, Sabrina and Scarlett in Miami Beach. Motherhustlers, ladies and gentlemen...please help me in welcoming THE Motherhustler mothering the world this week on our first year anniversary...10x First Lady, Bestselling Author, Host of the G & E Show, Host of Women in Power Mrs. Elena Cardone!Learn about Elena Cardone on or on her Instagram @elenacardoneFollow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here Support this podcast:
Happy Cinco de Mayo amigos!!!Today marks 19 years of me being an immigrant in the USA.Although it's been an amazing journey and yes, I still wouldn't trade it for's also been full of trials and tribulation.  Nothing killed me so it just made me become the badass that I am now.When you are faced with adversity dance with it, acknowledge the struggle but don't allow it to anchor you down to nothing.  Move.  Get in motion.  Write your goal even when they seem impossible because what I know now is that nothing is really impossible in this world.  Everything in this world we're created to match our abilities and potential as a human being.It was all designed by something higher to make it all work and sync.  So sync with it and go get it!I wish you well on this blessed Sunday and don't forget to write a review.Love you all, KMFollow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here Support Kareen Mills' 10-week campaign to cure cancer at to benefit the Leukemia + Lymphoma Society--- Support this podcast:
OMGEEEEE!!!!Our one year anniversary is almost here on Mother's Day and Elena Cardone will open the season!Before we get there here's some of the most amazing nuggets from Season 1! If there's any nuggets here that you'd like to grab more on, go back to Season 1 and listen to all the episodes because they are amazeballs!Thank you for your support and I love you all to the moon and back!!!Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here Support Kareen Mills' 10-week campaign to cure cancer at to benefit the Leukemia + Lymphoma Society--- Support this podcast:
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