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Electric Racing Podcast. Deano & Chris will cover news, previews, race reviews, and more. Series covered: Formula E, Moto E, Extreme E, Roborace & Jaguar I-PACE eTrophy.

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Extreme E news aplenty with some electric powerboats and scooters sprinkled in for good measure on this episode of Regen. Support this podcast at —
Deano & Chris are back with lots of news this week. Projekt E has begun and Moto E is fully underway. Alexander Sims has joined Mahindra for Formula E season 7 and Lewis Hamilton joins Extreme E but not as a driver. He is the new team owner of X44 Extreme E. Lets hit regen. Support this podcast at —
Back from Berlin

Back from Berlin


We are back after a big 9 days full of 6 races and the closing of the 6th season of Formula E. We talk about the races and what happened to allow Da Costa to gain the title quite easily it has to be said. MotoE is back too and we have some driver change news. It's on again and its good to be back here on Regen. Support this podcast at —
This week on the show we talk with David Dahlberg from The Open Wheel Show about the latest Formula E news. We also couldn't help talking F1, cause that's back also. Thanks, David, what a great show! go and support this great creator. Support this podcast at —
This week on the show we talk about the sad demise of the Ipace eTrophy and think about the best times in the series. The ERA Cup, Pascal Wehrlein leaving Mahindra, S6 Formula E finale in Berlin and the S7 calendar. So much to pack in. We also cover Rene Rast on the Audi drive. This is Regen. Support this podcast at —
This week on the show we talk with Jacob Reid, FE race at home challenge participant and part of Drillers E-sports about the challenge series, Drillers E-sports and what he is currently racing in. We also talk about Daniel Abt. If you follow Formula E then I'm sure you know why he is in disrepute. Lots of interesting sim racing facts on this episode of Regen. EDIT: This was before we knew of Abt's termination from Audi. Support this podcast at —
This week on the show Chris is back and we talk about Marbula E, Formula E Race from Home and whats happening with the New York and London races this year in Formula E. Support this podcast at —
This week on the show Chris is away so Deano talks with Jawad from Hit the Apex Podcast. We talk about Marbula E, Formula E's new Race at Home series and supercars e series. Can't wait for you to hear this one. Support this podcast at —
This week on the podcast it's slim pickings racing news-wise so I talk with Joshua Kerr, from the twitter community, he is a sports writer for The Roar (shout out to Jawad) podcaster with his own podcast called Sportaholic and as you will tell he is a passionate sports fan. Enjoy! Support this podcast at —
Watching Anything Race

Watching Anything Race


This was a bit of a different chat as we have been watching some very fun E-Sports and marble racing. We have been trying to fill the void Formula E has left which is on a 2 month temporary suspension. Lots of fun as always and we hope it comes back soon. Also, we have a moral of the opening story in the podcast...If you don't like food, just tell the person or else you may get more of it. Support this podcast at —
We had a guest cancel last minute, so we had a chat. Its a bit rough and the tangents go all over the place but we thought you may want to hear here ya go! Support this podcast at —
On this episode of Regen, we talk about the (Very clean racing) Marrakesh E-Prix. Some good insight from Chris as always and another change at the top of the championship. All this and some talk about Drive to Survive S2 in Episode 40 of Regen. Support this podcast at —
The Mexico City E-Prix once again did not disappoint. It was action right through the field except for Mitch Evans out front, who checked out and then saw the checkered flag 1st. This race was one that seemed hard to finish but we also saw some stellar drives through the field. Lots to talk about including the Gen 2 Evo upgrade on this episode of Regen. Support this podcast at —
On this bonus episode of Regen, we talk with Noor Amylia Hilda the amazing creative behind Alt-Drive Magazine. This is a new lifestyle magazine with a twist that looks behind what makes drivers tick outside of race weekends. Support this podcast at —
In this episode of Regen E Racing Podcast, Chris & Deano review the 2020 Antofagasta Minerals Santiago E-Prix. In short, it definitely did not disappoint. Maximilian Gunther comes away with the win but there was plenty of action throughout the field. We also have a bit of news from Moto E and something called ecoGP. Buckle Up, This is Regen. Support this podcast at —
For the 1st episode of 2020, we talk to Beth Lily from the ERA Championship. She provides much insight into the upcoming junior series and what we can expect from a typical race weekend. The series is one that aims to be accessible to all racers with low-cost barriers and we are super excited to see this get underway and grow. Thanks, Beth for your time to record with us. Support this podcast at —
Sims Strikes Back

Sims Strikes Back


The driver with what can only be described as a dry sense of humour wins round 2 in Diriyah. How did he improve from the first round and how did this one shake out. We talk in length about the race and great drives all through the grid. Support this podcast at —
Sam Bird takes a stunning win in Diriyah. We talk about the race, the unlikely podium and the excitement around this new season. This was surprising! Formula E at its best. We also talk a bit of Projekt E as the calendar has been revealed and congrats to Matteo Ferrari for winning the inaugural Moto E Championship. Support this podcast at —
Formula E Season 6 is right around the hairpin and we try to predict the outcome. We also have some predictors from Reddit with some very interesting picks indeed! We heard news an autonomous Race Car Competition to Take Place at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 2021 and Rudy van Buren (Worlds Fastest Gamer Champion) has secured a sim development role with Mahindra. Another season is about to begin! Support this podcast at —
Formula E Season 6 is so close! and we can't wait. The countdown is on to the doubleheader in Saudi Arabia. Deano and Chris talk about the teams, drivers and how we think they will manage in Season 6. We may not always be right but this episode as always was very fun to record for you. Enjoy! Support this podcast at —
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