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Welcome to Andrea Motivates Podcast Show😃 Positive Vibes Creates A Positive Life. Support this podcast:
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Your change depends on what you are focused on. Focus on the things that will help motivate you and move you forward in life.--- Support this podcast:
Episode 4/2019: Don't Worry

Episode 4/2019: Don't Worry


Worrying does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to change our problems or situations, it doesn't help us at all it only brings more of negativity into our lives. We have to learn how to stop the negative energy of worry in it's tracks and find other ways to handle our issues, so that we can think better with clarity to focus on our next steps.P.S. I know in this episode at the end I said "whenever you are watching this" it's because I do post my podcast on YouTube as well (go SUBSCRIBE), but I meant to say whenever you are listening to this.--- Support this podcast:
Forgiving yourself is a very important step to having a peaceful and positive life. Do you realize one of the things that can be hindering you and your progression in life is YOU, yes you can be hurting yourself in ways you are unaware of. There are things and issues we tend to let eat us up inside because of what we should’ve or could’ve done or if only had the chance to do…. Check out the blog for more Support this podcast:
Of course there are plenty of ways to find, be, feel happy and experience happiness, but these 5 are at the very top of the listSelf LoveRemove Toxins Out Of Your LifeDo Whatever It Takes For Your HappinessTrust is Your Faith Be Yourself--- Support this podcast:
Hey guys welcome to Episode 1 of 2019. As we move further into 2019 I want us all to understand in order to manifest any kind of success we have to be conscious of the things we are entertaining in our lives. We can't expect positive manifestations if we are still dealing with toxic people and situations or even being toxic to and with ourselves. --- Support this podcast:
Wishing you all peace, love, happiness and success in 2019. Thank you to all that has tuned in to the show there is lots more to come in the New Year. One love beautiful people be safe <3--- Support this podcast:
I've been away, but I'm back... In this episode I'm talking about things to come going into 2019 and how we should focus more on executing all of our goals and dreams NO MORE EXCUSES IN 2019.--- Support this podcast:
Why are you holding on to past mistakes, set backs, negative people and situations. Let It Go and begin to heal so that you can experience happiness in all areas of your life.--- Support this podcast:
Don't feel guilty about your happiness, Own It and do the things and be around the people that brings you happiness. Being and feeling happy will keep you on your journey towards positive changes and success.Visit the blog for more Support this podcast:
Everyday we all should be doing things to help us to progress further in life and with the things we want for ourselves in a positive way. We have to continue to work on ourselves to reach the level of happiness we deserve. Here are a few quick tips.--- Support this podcast:
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