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Welcome to the DetoxAmerica Podcast, where we will discuss a range of topics that we hope will inspire not only Americans, but the whole world to want more for themselves and the future. Support this podcast:
34 Episodes
Another SoloCast for the books! Hope you enjoy my ramblings :) --- Support this podcast:
This Podcast was recorded live on Facebook! This will be the norm for the next few months! Every Sunday at 7pm! Please "Share" and thank you for listening! --- Support this podcast:
First episode back from hiatus and it was a great one! In this episode I talk with a friend who I watched grow from a self destructive young man to a successful family man with the help of Jiu Jitsu and life experience in general. Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
Its been 7 days over a year since the last episode, but we're back in business! Listen to this short episode and learn what happened. Thanks! --- Support this podcast:
In this episode me and Alexandria discuss some of our past traumas in life, how they affected our mental health as adults, and how we overcame those mental health issues. We also discuss various other topics. Hope you enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
Tony Staxx AKA Jui$e Leroy

Tony Staxx AKA Jui$e Leroy


In this episode I sit down with a long time friend of mine Q aka Tony Staxx aka Jui$e Leroy. This man has made a name for himself in the DFW music scene with the pictures he paints through his lyrical content. Keeping it street and conscious at the same time. In this episode we discuss his evolution as an artist and as a human being, the hopes we have for the world, ancient knowledge, even the flat earth theory. Enjoy and follow Tony Staxx aka Jui$e Leroy on all social media platforms! --- Support this podcast:
Stephen Ketner's Philosophy

Stephen Ketner's Philosophy


The very first episode of Detox America! Hope you enjoy this very intriguing conversation with a very smart buddy of mine, Stephen Ketner. --- Support this podcast:
In todays episode we welcome Mohammad Fanous. Owner of Casanova Hookah Lounge in Richardson, Tx. We sit down and discuss some of the common misconceptions about Islam, some history on Islam and the country of Lebanon where Mohammad's family is from. How Mohammad came to be a business owner and we also talk about the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Thank you for listening. --- Support this podcast:
This episode was a long time coming! We've been wanting to have this discussion for a long time and we finally made it happen. We talk about all things hunting, from conservation to quality food. Hope you enjoy this one! --- Support this podcast:



Pending Civil War, Midnight Gospel, Predicting the Election (were we right or wrong about it?), Thinking Outside the Box, and Many More Topics in This Episode!  Let us know if you like these types of podcasts with just the hosts, covering a range of topics.  Go to YouTube and search Detox America Podcast if you want to watch the video version :) --- Support this podcast:
In this episode we have our first guest from Gen Z and we were quite impressed with the way this young man thinks.  We discuss a wide range of topics and yes some of them are quite controversial so we invite all who listen to share their thoughts in the comment section below! Maybe share some things we might have missed. We're here to learn from each other.  Thank you for watching!  --- Support this podcast:
In this episode we had the honor of sitting down with a World Champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!   Alex Martins is the owner and instructor at Alex Martins Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (AMBJJ) here in North Texas and has help Isaiah win many medals of his own!   There is so much inspiration packed into this tiny interview and we think the world should hear it! So if you could help us out by SUBSCRIBING, LIKING, COMMENTING, and SHARING; we would really appreciate it!   HD video version is also available on YouTube! --- Support this podcast:
Introducing this weeks guest!  The great and powerful Dr. Jaime Jakes!   All-American Wrestler!  CrossFit extraordinaire! Certified chiropractic doctor! All at the fresh young age of 26!    Some of you may know him locally as the owner and founder of EZO Chiropractic, and some of you may not know him at all, either way, there’s a lot to learn in this weeks episode!   You can even watch this episode on YouTube! Just search for Detox America Podcast! --- Support this podcast:
In this weeks episode we recap a few of our previous conversations then we discuss new information on COVID-19, BLM, and BLM-GNF. We also discuss how important it is to fact check your arguments, before attaching ideas to your identity. We talk about education in America and whether or not we should DEFUND THE POLICE.   We encourage our listeners to get involved in the conversation and tell us what you think about these topics!   Thank you for listening and PLEASE "LIKE", "SUBSCRIBE", and "SHARE" with your friends and family!   *** MERCH COMING SOON ***   You can even watch the FULL HD video recording on YouTube at : --- Support this podcast:
This week we decided to try something a little different. Today we invited two guests onto the show that sit on opposite sides of a particularly meaningful topic to Americans today. The topic today is understanding CAPITALISM. We look at pros and cons, historical and cultural impacts, and popular misconceptions surrounding capitalism, and our relationship with this economic system.  Please help us welcome James Carter and Jon DeAmicis! To put it plain and simple, Jon is arguing FOR capitalism, James is arguing AGAINST capitalism, and we’re going to listen to them hash it out! Why host a debate? We believe that literally anyone could do a better job of debating topics than the people who run our political debates, and we want to demonstrate that normal adults can disagree with each other and still behave. This was SUCH an exciting episode to create and we can’t wait to hear how everyone feels about this conversation! Feedback is welcome! Thank you all.   *** OUR PODCAST IS ALSO AVAILABLE ON YOUTUBE! LINK BELOW: ***Here is a link to Jon's article and his sources cited in this podcast:   ***Here are the sources cited by James:   Alston, P. P. (2017). Statement on Visit to the USA, by Professor Philip Alston, United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights. Washington: The United Nations . Dubois, W. (1960, April 9). Socialism and the American Negro. Great Hall, Madison Wisconsin Memorial Union, Madison, Wisconsin. Dubois, W. (2013). Black Reconstruction in America: An Essay Toward a History of the Part Which Black Folk Played in the Attempt to Reconstruct Democracy in America, 1860–1880 . In W. Dubois. United States: Transaction Publishers. Durkhiem, E. (1897 ). Relations of Suicide With Other Social Phenomena . In E. Durkhiem, Suicide: A Study in Sociology. Paris. Marx, K. (1959). Estranged Labor. In K. Marx, Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844. First Manuscrip (pp. 28-36). Moscow : Progress Publishers. Piketty, T. (2013). Marx: The Principle of Infinite Accumulation. In T. Piketty, Capital in the 21st Century (A. Goldhanmmer, Trans., pp. 1-40). United States: Harvard University Press. Schneeweiss, Z., & Fergal , O. (2020, June 17). U.S. Ranked Worst for Workers’ Rights Among Major Economies. Bloomberg Economics. Setty, G. (2019, Dec 5). US lost more tax revenue than any other developed country in 2018 due to Trump tax cuts, new report says. CNBC Markets. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2020). January . Washington DC: United States Department of Labor. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2020). Union affiliation of employed wage and salary workers by selected characteristics. U.S. Department of Labor . Washington, DC: US Labor Department. Wagner, P. (2020). Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2020. Northampton, MA: Prison Policy Initative. --- Support this podcast:
WOW! What a discussion! Isaiah Hagans tells us a bit about his life and what he knows and doesn't know about UFOs, UNITED STATES SPACE FORCE, and POLITCAL UNREST!!! If you enjoy this episode please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, AND COMMENT letting us know why!!! IF YOU DISAGREE with some of the view points in this podcast, LET US KNOW WHY!!! *** THIS EPISODE IS ALSO AVAILABLE ON YOUTUBE! LINK BELOW: ----------------------------------   Here are some links to the topics discussed in this episode:,Forces%20responsible%20for%20space%20warfare --- Support this podcast:
In this episode we recap our August episode. We talk about what we learned and how those conversations have already impacted our lives and the way we see and talk about things.    We also talk about the direction in which America is headed and what way we would like to see it grow and evolve. This episode is also available in FULL HD video on YouTube! Link Below: --- Support this podcast:
Carlos returns in this episode to finish his story.   Carlos was born in Mexico and came to the US when he was only 15 DAYS OLD. He was raised here, educated here (high school and college), worked here, paid taxes here, and then he was deported to a country he never even walked in before. THIS is one of the conversations your everyday American is afraid to have.    CARLOS has a Gofundme page that could use any support you can offer, please follow the link below, give what you can or at least just "Share" his story: episode is now available in full HD video on YouTube! Subscribe and follow by clicking the link below: --- Support this podcast:
In this episode we're joined by premed neuroscientist, Jeffrey Irwin. Jeffrey shares with us the studies he has done on fungal intelligence and the Stoned Ape Theory.   Thank you for watching and listening! Please SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, and leave a COMMENT letting us know what you think! FULL HD VIDEO ON YOUTUBE: --- Support this podcast:
This conversation with Carlos Ramirez was... I dont know... It honestly left me speechless.   Carlos was born in Mexico and came to the US when he was only 15 DAYS OLD. He was raised here, educated here (high school and college), worked here, paid taxes here, and then he was deported to a country he never even walked in before.  THIS is one of the conversations your everyday American is afraid to have.    CARLOS has a Gofundme page that could use any support you can offer, please follow the link below, give what you can or at least just "Share" his story: --- Support this podcast:
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