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The Akumu Fiona Podcast

Author: Akumu Fiona

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Infecting with world with my thoughts and reflections about life, art and freedom. It's pretty much a sneaky way to deliver my written blog posts in audio form.
8 Episodes
I'm a fairly normal person. Until I go bananas. But I choose to look at manic depression or bipolar disorder as my mind's thing. Not my thing.
Recent learnings from a simple activity about how often I tolerate mediocrity.
You don't always have to be boring while choosing your next travel destination. Do this instead!
Acquiring freelance clients or any clients whatsoever is not easy - but it can be especially with these actionable tactics.
Location-Indepence is not all good. It has some bad and even some ugly to it. Trust me, I know. I'm a digital nomad. I explore all that here.
Here I share a personal story that ties together the reasons why Black Panther is so significant in our times. I believe it changed my world and probably even THE world.
Art For Art's Sake

Art For Art's Sake


Follow my journey from childhood to understand my relationship with art and what it means to me now.
A curated list of 38 learnings I've come across after travelling 38 countries.
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