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Psychic babes is a podcast brought to you by Kirsten Sandefur. Don't let the name fool you, I take my gifts and my research very seriously. We discuss all the avenues of proof that psi phenomena, the paranormal, aliens, other dimensions and the occult actually exists. This podcast is for all of you who want to lead a happier, richer life but don't quite know where to start or maybe you are looking for a deeper look at the metaphysical world. We will give you that and then some!
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Reverse (to book a microscopy assessment) or also an astrology reading. to learn about dNA based nutrition and how you can feel better mind, body and spirit. Vizakis joins me again to discuss the field of microscopy which is looking at live blood and determining all sorts of things based on what is going on in your body. Its the new health determinant of disease, stress, pain, toxins, etc. you name it. We also discuss the Astrological forecast coming up and today december 21, 2020 is a very important day!!!Support the show (
Ron Kerner "Rabbah Amraphel"- the Demon destroyers. To contact Ron about a haunted location or paranormal activity present, to have him capture and entity and vessel it for you or and  to purchase haunted items please email him at or call him 732-307-4642.Ron was formally known as Ronni the Rottweiler.  He is a former boxer and actor who came from a dark past of drugs, crime, prison and the worst humanity has to offer, Ron was clinically dead for the 5 minutes following a 5 day coma.  He has multiple degrees in Demonology, parapsychology and paranormal phenomenon. Kerner is schooled in all the major religions of the world and this history of the occult.  He is also a master of the dark Arts and Demonic worship.  He is capable of binding and conjuring the spirit to do his bidding.  He is the co owner of Demon Destroyers LLC, Ron is also on a TV show called Paranormal channel 13 News on his segment "Demonology 101.  You can google him or IMDB for more information.Support the show (
Today I speak with Craig Goldberg, Co-Founder of inHarmony Interactive and Founding Member of TeamU.  This is one you won't want to miss, Team U has a DNA based supplement that literally gives your body each element it needs based on your unique blueprint, and Craig also has a vibroacoustic sound bath that is one of the most amazing experiences I have had meditating EVER. If you are someone who has issues with meditation, nutrition or health but want to feel better please don't miss this episode!!!  This episode was chocked full with scientific knowledge about how these products can change your life and how you can get them now!To order your DNA based nutritional product: https://vizakis.uforiascience.comhttps://vizakis.feeluforia.comTo order a sound bath table, cushion or supplement to enhance body work:, Craig mentioned the artist Janosh who created the beautiful Arcturian art in his living room you can find them here: the show (
This is one you won't want to miss. Nahum has been studying Astrology for six years and it has changed his life in many ways. Back in 2010, while in Iraq serving in the U.S. Army Special Operations; he had his “Spiritual Awakening” which cracked open his Kundalini energy and forever changed his life path. Since that time he has been studying with healers, Shamans and mentors from all over the world. Astrology has taught him how to read and interpret energy, He is an energy healer and Neuromuscular therapist as well. He  enjoy coaching and guiding his beautiful fellow beings through the darkness we all go through at some period of time in life. He uses techniques from Reiki, Theta healing, Astrology, Tarot, NLP and Psychology to interact with and interpret the energies that will help you understand why it is you feel the way you feel, how it is affecting you emotionally, physically and energetically, and create a plan of action to accomplish whatever goals you have your heart set upon.In addition, being an Athlete, former competitive bodybuilder, MMA fighter and Powerlifter; he address issues of nutrition and fitness. I find that this is a very important and lacking aspect of growth that people tend to neglect in the Spiritual community. Nutrition is critical to sustain optimal energetic, emotional and physical function that allows us to face life’s challenges head on.We discuss the upcoming 12.21.2020 predictions and what astrology has to say about it, other important dates you should pay attention to and last but not least he does my astrological reading which is very interesting!!Book one of Nahum's Sessions here: Find Nahum's Instagram at The Spiritual BodybuilderFollow him on Facebook: The Spiritual BodybuilderSupport the show (
You won't want to miss this episode. It is near and dear to my heart as you will see why in this episode. Viviane is an Arcturian Hybrid who is such an amazing woman and you can book services through her at If you have ever wanted to learn about Arcturians and what they do for humanity and want to understand what it is like to deal with a true Hybrid and how to raise your vibration, please don't miss this episode! If you are looking for readings and healings from me please check me out at https://www.psychicbabes.comSupport the show (
You won't want to miss this episode. The infamous David Crowe answers all your questions about the Corona Virus such as why PCR Testing is not accurate, why masks won't work, and finally what he thinks the Corona Virus actually is!David Crowe has been an independent researcher of viruses and other questionable medical paradigms for over 25 years.  He is the President of Rethinking AIDS, host of "The Infectious Myth" podcast, and is currently writing a book critiquing viral paradigms for major illnesses, with the same title. He has a degree in Biology and Mathematics, as well as Italian, Spanish and Chinese. He is considered one of the most outspoken authorities on the Corona Virus Myth being told to us.  David's website is http://theinfectiousmyth.comFollow Us on Instagram: Us on Facebook a reading, healing or past life regression at www.psychicbabes.comWe are self-supported in order to avoid advertisers, so please like and comment if you enjoy the show!Support the show (
As a child, Lauren often journeyed to the astral planes, mingling with the spirits and angels that inhabit the celestial realm. Lauren understood, even then, that physical reality is just a part of the entire Creation. While on this ‘trips’, Lauren learned that of many life times as a psychic and healer. These experiences culminated at age 12 when in a dream, Lauren was given information that the path of this lifetime would deviate greatly from Lauren’s traditional upbringing, and that Lauren was destined to become a spiritual pioneer. As with many Psychics, Lauren pushed these controversial ideas down and set out to live life as normally as possible.Lauren went on to become an accomplished athlete in high school and college, representing the United States internationally in Women’s Fast Pitch Softball. At age 18, while competing in an International Softball World Series event in Brisbane, Australia, Lauren was awoken by ‘lights in the sky’. Lauren’s left brain reasoned these lights must be the Aurora Australis but at the same time, information was flooding the right brain, filling it with startling psychic impressions. Again, Lauren tried to ignore this strange occurrence and focused on career.Years later, as a successful quality engineer for a Fortune 100 company, Lauren was ignoring True Self and the important reasons for re-incarnating. Finally, all the pieces seemed to come together when Lauren enrolled in a clairvoyance institute in San Diego for formal training. After two years of study, Lauren ‘remembered’ exactly who Lauren is meant to be as spirit, what Lauren’s spiritual purpose is, and left a long time corporate career to become a professional clairvoyant and teacher.With the help of Lauren’s Spirit Guide and Healing Master, Ankaijia, their Life Readings and Healings have benefited numerous clients across the globe. Healings are both spiritual and physical, with many people experiencing spiritual and physical cures to lifelong problems. Some of Lauren’s specialties include Energetic Athletic Training, Gender Non-Conformity and working on several hard science projects that are creating new hardware and software inventions that span science and spirituality.Additionally, Lauren offers clairvoyant training classes aimed at awakening the psychic hiding in us all. Lauren teaches specific tools for reading and navigating the astral plane, facilitating your personal healing and increasing your ability to heal others. Lauren believes that everyone has psychic capabilities. Lauren is the owner and director of Golden Rose Psychic Services and I recommend getting a reading from her or taking her classes here: Lauren is transgender and began his gender transition from female to male in July of 2015.Support the show (
Karen Holton is an educator, channel, guide & ascension coach.  Her professional experience includes wellbeing and ascension coaching, counseling, creating and implementing workshops, lectures, self-help sessions, and consciousness raising social events. Check out Karen’s YouTube channel:ïThe Quantum Guides Show - Interviews with awakened masters who share their quantum work with you! This show provides guidance for the newly awakened.ïZen Domes Orgonite – Karen’s unique brand of orgone generators. Ethically sourced, hand-made, and double charged for maximum effect.  Find out how orgone generators work, and what they can do for you!ïSeries 2.0 Quantum Health Transformation - this free 9 Step online course will give you the tips and resources you need to thrive!  Karen lost, and continues to keep off, 178 pounds of surplus body weight and became much healthier, and happier.  Whether you are in the ascension process, or simply want a wiser, more efficient lifestyle, this program is for you.  No strings attached!ïThe Fringe View - Science fiction becomes science fact as you learn about Karen’s real life paranormal, metaphysical and extra-terrestrial experiences.Karen holds a bachelor degree, with distinction, in Social Work from the University of Victoria (2004), where she focussed on sociology, gender studies, psychology, addictions and family counselling.  Karen is the founder of Vancouver Island Alternative Lifestyle Services (VIALS), since 2007.  Although she began her private practice on Vancouver Island, B.C., she is currently residing in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.VIALS was developed to support people of alternative lifestyles, but more recently has come to assist individuals and groups with their ascension process.  After receiving this spiritual download, Karen created the Quantum Health Transformation program to assist others to heal, evolve, & thrive!  This free, comprehensive online course, is available from her website:  www.karenholtonhealthcoach.comSupport the show (
Too many people are focused on who is to blame or the story behind the whole Covid 19 Pandemic.  The problem is we are giving away our power to fear and uncertainty instead of going within to heal those wounds to give way to a new reality.  We are co creators in this journey and this narrative is one you can control and shouldn't be looking to media and other forms of programming to help you out of or understand.  First Nations healer Arrole Lawrence and I delve deep into understanding what humanity should take away from this pandemic and how you can change the future so quarantine is lifted and you can leave your house again.  This is a very powerful episode you won't want to miss!!www.psychicbabes.comcontact Arrole Lawrence at mailto:arrole@yahoo.comYou are in control!! Stop giving away your power!!Support the show (
Today we welcome Matt Dyke owner of DMT World on Instagram.  Today we discuss the use of psychedelics and spirituality.  Can Psychedelics open you to gateways of existence you have been previously blocked from attaining?  Can it give you a greater understanding of the world and how it works and lift the veil of illusion on consciousness? Can Psychedelics help treat a variety of illnesses from PTSD to Depression and Addiction?  What is the Stoned Ape theory? Find out today on Psychic BabesSupport the show (
Derrick is a lifelong ET contactee, a psychic medium, paranormal expert, host of Between Two Worlds Radio, shaman, public speaker and one of the only people to have ever seen the Annunaki and their planet in person. This episode will blow your minds. He discusses in detail how they came to him and showed them the real story behind who they are. You can book a reading with Derrick at Book healings or readings with Kirsten from Psychic Babes at http://www.psychicbabes.comSupport us on Patreon: the show (
 Steven and his son Evan believe that they have rediscovered a hidden history. Steven speaks about the ascension, what the Aboriginal Elders think is happening and what we need to do to prepare. Time is running out folks.  2020 is the year of major changes and Steven confirms what many have been speaking about for hundreds of years.  He also tells us about his amazing collection of magical rings,  specifically the Ring of Atlantis. De Belizal was a practitioner of radiesthesia, the study of vibrational fields within the human body, which allowed the access of information from animate or inanimate objects. In the mid-1960s, De Belizal conducted vibration tests on the ring using specially calibrated instruments to decode the resonant energy vibrating from the Atlantis ring. De Belizal’s results discovered that the ring’s geometric shapes created a faint energy forcefield consisting of minute energy vibrations. This effectiveness corresponded to the correct placement and application of the Luxor symbol.The ring's electromagnetic waves prevented the alteration of its energy signature. This energy acted as a forcefield to whoever wore it. It allegedly was able to increase an individual's ability to access their subconscious mind . With his findings, De Belizal keyed the term "Waveform of Luxor" - which had to do with studying the geometry of the ring. He then proceeded to create a larger and flatter version known as the "Harmonizer of Luxor" in order to see if similar principals could be used to protect more massive places such as a home or office.He discovered that when the shapes were flattened, the contraption was able to maintain properties for compensation and balance of the cosmo-telluric energies in a consistent area. De Belizal also alleged that the Atlantis ring and bar were based on the authentic waveforms found in Egyptian sarcophagi to create a protection zone, to shield against the rupture from certain Cosmo-telluric forces, or negative energies brought forth from men holding bad intentions.Pleadian skulls and other items he has found on his digs that people are desperate to take off his hands and have tried to kill him to get to them.  His story is incredible and you won't be able to get this kind of information anywhere else. He isn't afraid to discuss the things everyone else is afraid to talk about.  Steven and his son Even have written five books "Constructing a New World Map", "Mary Magdalene's Dreaming", "Forgotten Origin", "Ancient Aliens in Australia" (co-written with Daniella Cardenas and Bruce Fenton) and "Shunned" that rewrite the history of Australia and the world. Steven Strong is a secondary school teacher with a background in Archaeology and Education. He was involved in the formation of a Graduate Diploma of Aboriginal Education for the N.S.W. Department of Education, writing units on Traditional Law and Contemporary History. He also co-authored the highly successful "Aboriginal Australia: A Language and Cultural kit".  For more information visit Support the show (
As a healer, Arrole specializes in finding individual solutions to problems that affect the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional Being.As a spiritual teacher, and public speaker he has addressed First Nations communities, government officials, students, teachers, medical professionals, and alternative healers, on various different topics as listed below.Private Sessions are available for persons of all cultural backgrounds in Orillia, Ontario. For a private session please email him at and write "Healing" on the subject line or contact him by telephone: 705-325-5477. Healing appointments can also be conducted on-line via Skype.Today we discuss my healing session (even the deep dark stuff) you won't want to miss this man's abilities!Support the show (
Sherry Wilde is the author of The Forgotten Promise and is a UFO abductee and has been working with those she lovingly refers to as her "guys" since 1968.  For those of you who have read The Forgotten Promise, this is one you won't want to miss. I sit down to ask Sherry all the questions about happenings since her book and her views on where humanity is at and what is coming.  This is a fantastic insight into the world of an abductee who doesn't have a harrowing, sad story to tell. Hers is one of courage, bravery, dedication and love as she tells about the beautiful relationship she has with the three groups who regularly contact her and are in constant communication with her.  She has been poisoned, subjected to EMF waves, threatened and has almost died several times.  The "other side" knows now not to mess with her, she's reclaimed her sovereignty and has spoke out about things most people would have been too afraid to speak about.  This is an episode everyone should hear.Support the show (
Heal past trauma that will enable you to find love, happiness, heal relationships, invite wealth and abundance into your life, fix chronic pain issues, heal negative thought patterns and much much more. You don't want to miss this episode.  This is one of those well kept secrets that only successful people have known until now. You can have everything you want as well.Buy you're deck of Clarity Cards todayHERE Follow Psychic Babes on InstagramFacebookYoutube Pinterest Support the show (
There has been a lot of debate over whether spirit keeping is slavery, but when done by an ethical conjurer spirit keeping is indeed a safe, mutual agreement the conjurer makes on behalf of the person who will be the keeper that can provide guidance, mentoring, magickal help and companionship.  Join the 0.001% of people who are keeping spirits to help them advance in their skills.  That being said, this is a responsibility that must not be entered into lightly.  If you do not feel the calling to participate, you might want to work on your skills first.  If you have been guided to hear this podcast, you are likely being called and should meditate about http://www.psychicbabes.comSupport the show (
Sen Elias on of my favorite authorities on Hoodoo and Conjure discusses Rootwork and Hoodoo with us!Support the show (
Paul Roberts is a paranormal investigator and journalist. He has been on over 900 paranormal investigations from UFOs to ghosts to demons to Chupacabra, they do it all. His wife Deanna Jaxine Stinson and Paul have written many books on the paranormal and you can find their books at this link: Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric DetectiveHalo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International916 203 7503Email: the show (
Mufon Connecticut Director Mike Panicello discusses what's going on with disclosure, are aliens real, talks about proof and shows you where to find the answers! This was my favorite episode, MUFON is a serious investigative agency who has been investigating extra terrestrials since the 50's and Mike and I discuss the legendary cases you have heard of and some you have not! Don't miss this episode!Support the show (
Enochian Magick

Enochian Magick


Enochian Magick is one of the most misunderstood practices that exists in Magick today, but today we delve into the nitty gritty with an Enochian Expert on what Enochian "Angel" Magick really is and why people think it's so dangerous. Don't miss this episode!Support the show (
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