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When people talk about Leadville, they rarely rhapsodize about the flattish segments that connect the iconic climbs. And that's too bad, because how you ride between the climbs determines how you feel when you get to those climbs. In this episode of The Course, we help you ride smart on the road, seting a strategy for maximum gain with minimum effort. We're also pleased to have Dr Justin Ross join  to talk about a critical part of your Leadville prep: training your brain. Considering that most Leadville veterans agree this race is (at least) 80% mental, this conversation could make a real difference to you on race day. We'll see you at the starting line!
Considering that it represents only a tiny fraction of the time you spend on the LT100 course—just a few minutes, really—the Powerline descent deserves an outsized amount of preparation. Why? well if you ride it right it'll be behind you in a moment. If you ride it wrong, however, the Powerline descent can absolutely ruin your day. So of course we're going to give this quick downhill trip the time it deserves on The Course. We also meet up with Coach Cody of Waite Endurance, this time to talk about your next phase of training: high-intensity workouts. Follow his advice now and, come race day, you'll be glad you did.
Jason Tullous -- coach of 2x LT100 Champ Rose Grant -- joins the show to detail how Rose's pacing strategy helped her win the Leadville 100...and how some of the same techniques can help you have a great day out on the course too. Speaking of The Course, we cover mile 8 to 19 today, which means rolling by Merilee, through the Carter aid station, down the fastest 4 miles of the day, and working with others so you can all get to the big Sugarloaf climb a little faster and fresher. It's a great episode, full of info you can use. We'll see you at the starting line!
We deep dive into St. Kevens, the first big climb of the day, talking race strategy and what it feels like to climb 700 feet in 1.5 miles on a cold morning at 10,000' Hottie and Fatty also welcome Rohit Bery — one of the hundreds of racers starting from the White Corral in 2021 — to get a sense of how much of a funneling effect the back third of the race experiences when hitting the dirt and then turning onto the first big climb. Finally, Kimo Seymour joins to explain how the LT100 MTB race experience will be different with the introduction of the Life Time Grand Prix.  There's a ton of great info this episode. Don't miss it!
We finish every episode by saying, "See you at the starting line" -- but this episode, we deep dive into what you should do while you're AT the starting line. Kathy Waite of Waite Endurance makes a strong (ha) case for strength training, and Fatty talks about riding the Leadville 100...on his trainer. 
When we think about Leadville, we think about climbing. And when we think about climbing, we think about watts/Kg. And that makes us think about losing a few pounds to be a little faster on race day. But do we over-emphasize weight for this weight? And if we do diet, what's the right diet to do? This is a great episode for everyone who (like one of the hosts of this show) worries about weight.
We start every episode of this show by describing the LT100MTB race as "the highest and hardest 1-day race in the country." We stand by that...but how much of "hardest" is due to "highest?" Can you give yourself an advantage in the race by spending more time in Leadville before the race? If so, how much time, and how much does it help? We have an in-depth conversation with TrainerRoad CEO Chad Timmerman about altitude acclimation, and talk about how you should spend your days before the race. Don't miss it!
The Leadville Podcast is back, and this year we are focusing on making sure you know everything you need to have a successful race in the highest and hardest one-day mountain bike in the country. Hottie and Fatty return to The Course with a detailed look at your corral and qualifier strategy, as well as deep expertise with Coach Cody Waite of Waite Endurance. If you care about this race, this is a season -- and episode -- you will not want to miss.
As far as we're concerned, the off-season is just a term for that short time when you get yourself ready for the next on-season. In this episode, Fatty and Hottie talk about the ways you can start preparing for the 2022 Leadville 100 and beyond.
Every Leadville racer has a story, so it stands to reason that every Leadville TANDEM team has twice the tale to tell. Brent Davis and Michelle Schwartz have a great story to tell about their podium-worthy day on the course, as well as a heartwarming story about how they wound up on the same bicycle in the first place. We won't guarantee you'll want to try Leadville on a Tandem after listening to this episode, but we DO guarantee you'll have a soft spot for the folks who do. PS: Show our podcast some love. Pre-order your kit at today!
2020 wasn't easy for anyone, but it may have been just a hair more difficult for Life Time President of Events and Media, Kimo Seymour. In addition to the normal challenges that come with the Leadville 100, there was the massive registration deferral issue. On top of that was the pandemic. And on top of THAT was a very serious illness that Kimo is still recovering from. It's enough to make you think about what's important. We talk about all that, plus new events and the future of the Leadville 100, in this can't-miss episode. 
Tamira Jenlink — the new race director for the Leadville 100 — joins Hottie and Fatty to talk about building Leadville community goodwill, permitting challenges, increasing inclusion and the biggie: how does the Leadville 100 evolve...while keeping what makes it great?  And be sure to vote for your favorite 2022 Leadville Podcast Kit design at
Tamira Jenlink took on a big job — race director for the Leadville 100 — at a critical moment for the race. She hasn't yet caught her breath after the Leadville races, but she still made time to answer every question Hottie and Fatty threw at her. In fact, this is a substantial enough conversation that we have split it into two parts. If you love the Leadville 100 and want to know where it's headed next, you will not want to miss this conversation.
Rose Grant brought both extraordinary strength and strategy to the 2021 Leadville 100, besting her already mind-boggling winning time from 2019. We're lucky to have her tell her story and share her practical advice any racer can use. 
Melisa Rollins (full disclosure: Fatty's daughter) got bit bad enough by the Leadville bug that she moved to Leadville for a couple of  summers to train for the race. Like most racers, she's steadily improved her finish times. Unlike most of us, this year she finished in under 8 hours and then went to Steamboat Springs and put in a blisteringly fast time there, too. Her dark-horse podium finish for the Leadboat Challenge caught the eye of Team Twenty24, opening a new chapter for this young pro. Enjoy this tale of how the Leadville 100 has literally — and recently — changed her life.
Before there was a Leadville podcast, there was, where Fatty gave big ol' hairy race reports. The blog is gone (or at least dormant) but the tradition continues here. Fatty (obviously) loves this race, and it really shines through in his telling of his 23rd LT100 finish.
The 2021 LT100 Mountain Bike Race is in the books, and now it's time to start unpacking it. There's a lot to talk about in this episode: whether the course changes made the race faster or slower, whether we liked the wave starts, and how much the heat affected us. We hear from several experts and begin to recap the day. If you raced it this year — or plan to race in a future year — you'll definitely want to listen to this episode.
S4E19: 10 Tips for Race Day

S4E19: 10 Tips for Race Day


We're just a few days away from the big race, and we've got a LOT to talk about.  - Details for the podcast group ride on Thursday at 9am - First-person impressions from Fatty on the course changes and how they will affect your race day (our opinions have changed) - 10 tips for race day: practical, tactical, and very personal things you should remember as you get ready to line up  - A BONUS tip (yes there are 11 tips in our list of 10 tips) with important things you should remember about each section of the course - A great interview with one of the winners of the From the Ground Up project
Payson McElveen — pro MTBer, Leadville podium-er, and host of The Adventure Stache — joins us to answer the questions you (and we) have about Leadville. From where to go potty on the course (you've got to hear Payson's story) to where to eat and hang out in Leadville to mistakes even experienced racers still make, Payson, Hottie, and Fatty show that they're willing to take on all things Leadville.
You've got a lot of Leadville 100 questions (enough for two full episodes, in fact), and Payson McElveen — pro racer and host of the Adventure Stache Podcast — joins us to answer them. We've also got racer course impressions from the Stage Race, and a little (with more to come) on a Leadville Podcast group ride next week. 
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