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Seasonal podcast sharing the fundamentals of starting a business, freelancing, working in tech and more. Think of it like your personal handbook and guide.
7 Episodes
Our GuestOn episode 7 of Elevatd Life, we have Beau Blinder. I found Beau after his post on Medium titled "3 Practical Ways To Become A Better Product Manager" and we were able to have a really insightful conversation about those 3 core ways he talked about in his post and how he’s proactively started to build a strong system to include Engineers in customer conversations which leads to building better products.Check out the full show notes here along with links mentioned in the recording! Please subscribe, rate and review this show! Thanks for listening. Follow us on social media to stay active on latest episodes - Twitter, Instagram Get on the email list at
Our GuestOn episode 6 of Elevatd Life, we have Zia Mohammad. Zia is a talented Product Manager at IBM working with the Watson Premium product. Check out the full show notes here along with links mentioned in the recording!Please subscribe, rate and review this show! Thanks for listening.  Get on the email list at
Our GuestOn episode 5 of Elevatd Life, we have Holly Hester-Reilly. Holly is the Founder & CEO of H2R Product Science where she works with product leaders and teams to develop their product growth strategy. View full show notes here. Get on the email list at
Our GuestOn episode 4 of Elevatd Life, we have  Brittany Cheng - Product Manager at Seesaw Learning (a platform for  student engagement). Brittany grew up in the Bay area and has been  surrounded by tech from childhood. She previously worked at Yelp  focusing on the international product and search. She enjoys how Product  Management allows her to connect the dots between people, data, ideas  and users to solve challenges in the product. Our Highlights How growing up around strong role models affected breaking into tech Building products that are user-centered  Thriving as a woman in tech Observing users to learn and iterate on a living and breathing product How regularly talking to users has a huge impact on the direction of a productFind Brittany  Personal site for clicking Seesaw Learning Follow Elevatd Life  Official site elevatdlife.comTwitter @elevatdlifeInstagram @elevatdlifePlease subscribe, rate and review this show. Get on the email list at
Our GuestOn episode 3 of Elevatd Life, we have Zack  Naylor CEO and co-founder of Aurelius Lab a platform for tracking user  research insights. He's built a product-driven team from the ground up,  comes from a heavy UX background is one of the first CEO's that I've met  that consistently interacts with users. Our Highlights How Zack started in UX and then went on to starting his own business Background on how Aurelius Lab got to where it is today after a few versions Importance of staying focused on what customer problem needs to be solved Showing empathy towards both your users and your team Characteristics and skills Zack looks for when hiring PMsFind ZackTwitter Lab for clicking Aurelius Lab, tool for tracking research insights and synthesizing data Follow Elevatd LifeTwitter @elevatdlifeInstagram @elevatdlife Get on the email list at
Our GuestOn episode 2 of Elevatd Life, we have Iiro  Isotalo the Director of Product Management at BetterDoctor, which was  recently acquired by Quest Analytics.Iiro has an interesting  background in engineering, product design and product management. We  chat about his transition from engineering to Product and touch on some  important topics tooling, PM characteristics, his Product philosophy and  much more. If you’re new to Product or trying to break in - this is  definitely an episode for you.Our Highlights What is BetterDoctor? And what do they do? At a very young age, Iiro's mother introduced the importance of  keeping the end user in mind when designing and building products Transitioning and building his skill in programming, design and product. What Iiro looks for when hiring Product Managers for his teamFind IiroLinkedIn for clicking Roadmapping tool, Productboard  Software tool, JIRA for tracking sprints and development workFollow Elevatd LifeTwitter @elevatdlifeInstagram @elevatdlifePlease subscribe, rate and review this show. Get on the email list at
Our GuestOn episode 1 of Elevatd Life, we have Morgan  Meredith a Senior Release Manager at Jellyvision! This episode really  dives in to how careers can take many twists and turns but at the end of  the day if you keep working at your craft and constantly apply yourself  you can jump and right where you want to be.Morgan went from  studying hearing science and sound acoustics to working at Yello in  Chicago, IL and now leading the Release Management team at Jellyvision.  She gave awesome thoughts around overcoming imposter syndrome and  building up her technical skills.Our Highlights How to go from a non-traditional major (Speech Acoustics) to becoming a Release Manager for a team of 2.  Ways to "zoom out" in a new role and find pain points you can work  to solve, whether that's through new processes or clearer structure and  expectations. Where do you go after being a Release Manager? For Morgan, that's  developing her programming skills to one day land in a Dev Manager role.  It's all about initiative.  How 'imposter syndrome' is real pain in the tech industry and ways to overcome it. Find MorganBlog @mo_leighLinks for clicking Stephanie Hurlburt - find her online  Lara Hogan for posts on how to organize meetings - find her work online  Thoughts on becoming a self-taught engineer by Lexis Hanson - read here  Camille Fournier, The Manager’s Path - buy the book here  FlatIron School (if you’re interested in programming) - check them out here  FlatIron Scholarships to receive aid for tuition - read more here  AWS Learning: A cloud guru solution architect course - course here  Women in Tech chat - join here Follow Elevatd LifeTwitter @elevatdlifeInstagram @elevatdlife Get on the email list at
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