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A weekly podcast aimed at NERSC users, featuring the latest center news and discussions of interesting HPC topics with experts from NERSC. Produced by the NERSC User Engagement Group.
61 Episodes
In this interview with NERSC Application Performance Specialist Brian Friesen, learn about the Luis W. Alvarez and Grace M. Hopper Postdoctoral Fellowships: what they are, how to apply, and how the Hopper fellowship compares with the NERSC NESAP postdoctoral positions.
In this episode we introduce the new IRIS allocation banking and identity and access management system that NERSC has developed to replace NIM. Learn from NERSC Infrastructure Services Group's Gabor Torok and Mark Day about how the system was built, the improvements over NIM, and its upcoming rollout in December!
In this interview with NERSC Computational Systems Group's Eric Roman, learn about how NERSC is monitoring the performance of our systems, what we're doing with that data, and how we plan to use it in the future.
In this interview with NERSC Data Science Engagement Group Lead Debbie Bard, learn about the superfacility concept: what it means, how facilities interact, and what NERSC and partner experimental facilities are doing to prepare for the future of data-intensive science.
In this interview with NERSC HPC Data Analytics Engineer Jialin Liu, learn about a case study on I/O optimization, in which the team took the Etalumis learning application from spending 75% of its time on I/O down to spending only 5% of its time on I/O.
Learn about ERCAP, the allocation request process for NERSC, which opens today (August 12), in this interview with NERSC allocations and account support specialist Clayton Bagwell.
In this interview with NERSC Application Performance Specialist Charlene Yang, learn about the roofline model for application performance: what it is and how it works, how to use it to improve your application's performance, and future directions in roofline model research.
In this interview with Appentra Solutions CEO and co-founder Manuel Arenaz, learn about the Appentra Parallelware Trainer tool: how it can help you learn to code with OpenMP and OpenACC, the features of the tool, and how to use it on Cori.
In this interview with NERSC Building Infrastructure Group lead Ben Maxwell, learn about the mechanical substation work that will take NERSC offline the last weekend of July: what it's for, what work will be performed, and how NERSC plans these events.
Learn about the NERSC User Group (NUG), the upcoming NUG annual meeting (July 19, 2019 in Rockville, MD), and what NUG can do for you in this interview with NERSC HPC Department Head Richard Gerber.
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