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The Fire Bear Republic is a weekly discussion about Movies, TV and the entertainment industry. We use a lot of fowl language and insult people as well. Check us out!
140 Episodes



5:22 Deadpool 39:34 HBOmax on firestick11:10 His dark materials season 2 first look22:48 Chaos walking trailer27:47 Wonder Woman 84 on HBOmax31:15 LEGO STAR WARS holiday special36:14 if we could make a mandalorian spinoff movie it would be.
Our heroes are joined this week by the "Dude defender" as they Shut down BS MCU rumors, talk TMNT and discuss HBOmax all while trying to avoid Henry Hill. remember Never rat on your friends, rats suck.6:40 Blum house dark universe  10:55 Last ronin TMNT16:26 Speculation articles about MCU32:00 Halo show (showtime)38:54 HBOmax 
We join our heroes as they discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of current events in a galaxy not so far away.....They make connections to guardians and the fast franchise, Dustin gets duped into DC's make comics great again movement, and they discuss the greatness of the first 2 episodes of mandalorian season 2. 3:26 Tenet6:20 Johnny Depp leaves fantastic beasts14:53 James bond might go VOD26:42 Blade was almost a show33:30 DC comics continuity 43:07 Mandalorian season 2 first look
From dusk till dawn, crystal lake to elm street, we join our heroes as they talk about the spookiest news they could find and break down the IMDB's top 10 horror movies of all time. Make sure you let the right one in this holiday season or you could be dead by dawn. 3:56 Halloween kills6:28 Borat 213:36 Helstrom24:14 Lovecraft country36:10 IMDB top 10 horror movies of all time
This week, we join our heroes as they talk trailers, streaming news, and give their first impressions on shows they started. And they premiere a new segment "How to Un-Fuck"  where they attempt to fix all the worlds problems, one topic at a time.2:50 jiu jitsu trailer6:28 first look at uncharted 11:15 Godfather of harlem16:40 Mr mercedes 21:24 Swampthing on CW26:45 Jared leto returns as joker30:27 How to Un-fuck DC
2:20 Spiderman 3 rumor debunked4:30 Marvel legacy 6:50 Sandler-verse11:56 NYCC18:30 MODOK20:08 His dark materials season 2 trailer23:49 Dexter renewed32:50 The boys season 2
3:53 Regal closing 7:48 Alita Army12:16 resident evil(s)?20:02 Monster hunter trailer23:40 the mandalorian news32:18 The boys update for next week34:12 Raised by Wolves  (Season 1)46:41 Utopia (Season 1)
3:25 Borat 2 trailer7:00 Firestarter remake1305 Warcraft sequels?16:50 cassian andor24:40 Enola Holmes30:10 Utopia33:35 Devil all the time
3:40 Supergirl cancelled 10:42 Dark Crystal cancelled 13:50 The Boys spinoff18:50 Helstrom trailer22:50 yakuza live action26:56 Nick Fury on Disney plus30:18 Wanda vision new trailer
The Moral High Ground

The Moral High Ground


4:28 Joker sequels?8:22 Billy Butcher-A Short Film13:10 Paramount plus19:12 samurai champloo season 222:04 Mandalorian season 2 trailer26:26 Our flag means death (HBO)41:51 Ant Man 3 cast Johnathan Major
7:10   Mulan15:00 Borat 224:58 Walking dead will finally end33:39 DUNE Trailer43:00 Raised by Wolves52:39 Aliens sequel 
4:16 Snake Eyes delayed 5:34 James Bond7:59 The Batman delayed 11:31 Dark Tower?19:21 The Boys season 2 first look28:54 New Mutants 
DC's Multiverse of Madness

DC's Multiverse of Madness


2:29 Mandalorian season 2  5:00 Resident Evil (Netflix) 7:00 Altered Carbon canceled  14:15 Snyder cut trailer17:40 The Flash panel 22:42 Wonder Woman 84 trailer30:42 The Suicide Squad (James Gunn)37:56 Black Adam45:52 The Batman
2:48 Lovecraft Country5:40 American pickel9:58 project power16:02  pinocchio18:40 the boys jensen ackles22:03 Batfleck is back in The Flash30:22 olivia wilde spider woman rumores
Its Muurda and Convictions.

Its Muurda and Convictions.


2:20 G.I.Joe Snake Eyes origin film 6:35 X-men the animated series on D+11:52 Event horizon extended cut 16:36 Bel Air (drama)24:55 Tax collector31:56 Umbrella Academy S2 wrap up 44:48 Narrative discussion 
2:00 supernatural update7:30 The boys final trailer11:27 Judge Dredd17:38 The Umbrella Academy season 2 first look 23:26 Mulan34:10 Disney fox properties39:10 alien and predator marvel
Utopia ( Amazon )5:26 Day 3- More walking dead- G4 is back- Charlize theron- Project Power- IGN actually discussed comics- Lucas publishing- Helstom (Marvel) on Hulu 30:21 Day 4-Cosmos possible worlds (FOX) panel 3rd season-DC at home  -RORSCHACH on DC Black Label-BRZRKR-The Right stuff  (disney plus)-Family Guy-Bill and ted (with kev smith)44:13 Day 5-Hoops (Netflix)-Loony toons (Hbo Max)-Invader zim-future of star wars and others-film poster panel 
Day16:00 walking dead8:42 rob liefeld12:54 Watchmen masks panel Day 217:35 The boys23:44 Bugs bunny 25:02 His dark materia 28:50 Xbox showcase (basically halo)32:40 Truth seekers35:48 delayed stuff38:21 new mutants
3:42 TMNT last ronin8:44 Transformers War for cybertron (netflix)13:48 The Badbatch (Disney +)19:46 ObI Wan show casting update (Disney +)26:14 Zatana Movie32:10 The batman prequels BVS36:08 BvS ultimate edition and DCEU as a whole
3:09 Chilling adventures of Sabrina cancelled 5:28 Hogan9:00 TMNT movie15:04 Golden Empire20:36 the boys S0227:09 umbrella academy S02 trailer30:34 sandman audible 
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