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Real People. Real Stories.
Folk Tales is a PodCast that records from a humble apartment to capture raw content.

Diving deep into our journeys, the whys and hows.

And sometimes...things get spicy!

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10 Episodes
Our Why + "Sail Away"

Our Why + "Sail Away"


This is just a short episode with a bit of a ramble about our Why for Folk Tales and how it has evolved over the past year + a short piece from my debut poetry collection; "Sail Away".
In this episode we have a quick interview with Amanda Rose! She joins us on the show to talk to us about her first published novel in her fiction series, "Fire Fury Freedom", with a splash of what's coming next for the series. You can find "Fire Fury Freedom" worldwide on Amazon, along with her other published works.
This is a longer piece written about those odd moments of time that stick out in our memory. One's we never suspected would be so prominent. Although I am a bit congested today, I wanted to share this piece because of the strong change in season we have recently seen in southeastern Ontario. It's a good time for reflection but also to just cozy up with your fave entertainment things and hibernate!
Two short pieces written by Jennifer Verardi. The first piece is a romantic and sweet poem and the second is unfinished and untitled, but wanted to share it with you all, anyway.
Short piece called "Tempest" written by Jennifer Verardi.
This piece is a 2 part ghostly short tale. Have a safe, happy and spooooky Hallowe'en!
This piece is a short tale of a spooky walk in the woods. Happy Hallowe'en!
In the second episode of Apt#10 Sessions we share a mindfulness perspective; "Watch where you are going, please" is a phrase we often hear uttered by parents of wee children while in a public and crowded place, but it can also be a useful mindfulness practice.
Hello friends! This is a special wee episode and the first in our open mic series called "Apt. #10 Sessions". We welcome you and hope that you enjoy the expressions, emotions and thoughts explored in this series and in this episode. This episode is a piece of writing that I wanted to share because it's about something that we all endure as people with emotions and thoughts. This piece is about letting go. Enjoy, and remember to look for the light <3
In this episode of Folk Tales we hear from Amanda Rose on her journey and experiences as an actor. Amanda graciously shares her stories with us from where it all began in elementary school to some of her most recent experiences while working as a professional actor in Toronto, including a spot on the hit CTV show "Dan for Mayor"! You'll hear about how she prepares for a role and connects to her characters, how she meets challenges head and on rises to overcome them, especially with auditioning for Film & TV. Amanda has a strong drive to create her own projects and shares with us some perspectives on making your own work. Tune in for this inspirational and very special episode on a rainy day, a long hike or while you're prepping your meals for the week! *Feat. Marilyn Manson's "Killing Strangers" *Please be advised that there are some f-bombs in this episode, they are used for emphasis. We truly mean no offense and appreciate your understanding. Thank you and enjoy!
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