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Author: Podcast on music, data & transparency

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A podcast about the current state and future of the music industry. Hosted by WARM, the world's largest radio airplay tracker. Helping the independent music industry uncover new markets, improve radio promotion and optimize royalty collection.
7 Episodes
Today's guest is singer, songwriter and tech pioneer Imogen Heap. We spoke to her late last year when she visited Copenhagen on her Mycelia World Tour. We discussed her latest project, the 'creative passport', a cutting edge, blockchain-based system that aims to create more transparency and efficiency for artists when it comes to royalty payments, collaboration and keeping track of their various biographical information online.
Today’s guest is Mike Warner, author of the e-book ‘Work Hard Playlist Hard’. We discuss his book which gives advice to independent artists about how to get added to playlists on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.
Rising Danish EDM star Snavs and his manager discuss their strategy for making Snavs a well known and respected name on the international electronic music scene. Cast: Søren Mensberg Andreas Holdø Fabian Hansen
Lennon Cihak, music journalist for Earmilk, Magnetic Magazine, Digital Music News and more, gives advice on the do's and don'ts for getting your music covered in the media.
Interview with Matthias Strobel (founder of MusicTech Germany). The world's first and only organized association for music tech companies. Matthias discuss main challenges between the traditional music industry and the music tech industry.
Interview with Peter Harris - founder of Resonate music streaming service. Resonate is a new co-op service that aims to be more fair and ethical in the streaming market.
Interview with Scott Cohen, the co-founder of digital distribution company The Orchard.
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