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Tara Mahoney and Kate Reeve, two young Canadian voters, are embarking on a journey of knowledge and exploration in an effort to decide who they will vote for in upcoming Canadian elections. Follow them in a weekly podcast as they tackle election issues with experts and other young people.
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Tara and four friends break down the Green, Liberal, and NDP party platforms and talk about their voting decision for October 21. They also share the astrological charts of the four party leaders, because that is obviously a very important measure for success in any government. CORRECTION: at one point, Tara says “500 new affordable housing units” when describing the NDP platform - this is supposed to be 500,000 new housing units!! CBC Platform Comparison Tool -
Taylor Scollon, co-founder of North99, helps Tara to break down the Green Party platform to help you make your election decision on October 21st. Follow North99 on Twitter and Instagram to stay up today with the latest progressive news in Canada, and subscribe to their Canada Elections Podcast to get in-dept analysis on the most important issues this election. Resources: CBC Platform Comparison Tool - North99 -
Tara and Kate McQuade, the woman behind the Marxist meme account jean.paul.fartre, review the highlights of the Liberal Party Platform. Resources: 
Tara and Jasmine Smikle talk about Jagmeet Singh and review the highlights of the NDP platform. They are joined by special SPECIAL guest Kate Reeve, who provides the vital Gen Z perspective. Tara would like to personally apologize for the sound issues for… a majority of the epsiode… this isn’t her first pod, but it SURE sounds like it!! Resources:
Tara and the beautiful boys of Do You Queer What I Queer dive into the highlights of the Conservative Party platform. This is part one of a five-part series which will explore each of the major party platforms in an effort to help you make your decision in the upcoming Canadian election on October 21. Resources: Where, when, how to vote:  The Conservative Party Platform: 
Rally for Education

Rally for Education


In this episode, Kate and Tara talk about some important news items from the last week, including the statement the Daughters of the Voice made in turning their backs on Justin Trudeau in in parliament, the upcoming Alberta election, and the new policy measures (read: cuts) Doug Ford has put in place which took effect on April 1st. Kate interviews her mother and aunt, both teachers, after the education rally on Queen's Park, and we learn about the how Ford's education cuts have put our public school system in a precarious situation.
 Tara talks with guest co-host Mollie Anderson, director of communications for Canadians for Clean Prosperity, about carbon pricing, climate change, and what governments and consumers can do to reduce the impacts of global warming. They also play CFM with neoconservative policy ideas and touch on the SNC Lavalin story to give you an idea of WTF is happening there. 
Kate and Tara discuss Canadian healthcare through the lens of the recent buzz about the Ontario Progressive Conservative plan to privatize parts of the Ontario healthcare system. Guest Chaviva Manson-Singer, master’s student of public health policy at the University of Toronto, help the co-hosts talk about healthcare policy and the social determinants of health. The three also talk about the Jody Wilson-Raybould/SNC-Lavalin story, the new PC policy regarding support for children with autism, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's “Green New Deal.”
Tara and Kate go over the second part of their “Canadian Federal Elections 101” coverage, in which they talk about the election process and how a party leader can become Primer Minister. They also talk about the recent cuts to tuition and student loans in Ontario and why they matter. For news this week, the two co-hosts talk US government shutdown, the current situation in Venezuela, the recent federal Conservative fundraising successes, and a new program encouraging rural communities to take in immigrants.
Tara and Kate are BACK with a primer on Canadian federal elections in anticipation of October's contest for Canada's next PM! They give a quick update on the state of Canadian politics now, laugh at their own jokes, and give a taste of what's to come.  HUGE thank to Aidan Mahoney who worked into the wee hours of the morning to create our new theme music! U da GOAT.
Tara and Kate are here to help you navigate the b*llshit with a 6-step formula to help you easily make your decisions in your municipal election on October 22nd. The steps and episode details can also be found here:
Tara and Kate go through the (kinda depressing sry) news items from this week, which include: Ford government sitting on $1B in cap-and-trade money: environmental commissioner says by law it can only be spent on reducing greenhouse gases, but Ford is attempting to pass legislation to circumvent this: PCs invest 90 million into healthcare before flu season (compared to 100 million last year by Libs): Doug Ford vows to scrap key Liberal labour reform legislation: Tara also sits down with Samiya Abdi, candidate for TDSB Trustee in Scarborogh-Guildwood, who helps to explain what the heck a School Board Trustee is and her vision for her ward.  If you were looking for the name of the organization our friend Saad helps run, you can find it here:
Right-Wing Rule

Right-Wing Rule


Tara and Kate discuss the Ford government's commitment to balancing the Ontario budget at any cost after they "discovered" that the budget deficit was greater than reported by the previous government. They talk about this phenomenon in the broader context of a trend demonstrated by right-wing governments around the world, focusing in on the United States and the Kavanagh hearing as an point of departure.
Kate interviews Jennifer Keesmaat about her mayoral bid in the city of Toronto.
Tara and Kate discuss the impact of the Ontario election and give a sneak peak of what’s to come for the pod and the province, and how you can make change with your vote in the upcoming Ontario municipal elections on October 22nd. If you like the podcast, please consider contributing any amount to our patreon to help keep the wheels running: News resources and things we promised to link to in the episode can be found on our website at the following link (there were too many for the description character limit!):
Kate and Tara sit down with the hosts of 'Do You Queer What I Queer?,' a Toronto-based podcast which serves as a platform for diverse voices of politics and human interest in the LGBTQ community to educate, entertain, and expand world-views of listeners. In this crossover episode, Tara, Kate, Elliott, and Thom talk about queer issues in Ontario and what the three Ontario parties have to offer the community and its allies in the upcoming provincial election.
In their last episode of the season, Tara, Kate, and six other young women sit down for a glass of sangria, a run down of the highlights from the party platforms, and a discussion on their respective decisions in the Ontario election. If you are in Ontario and have yet to vote, you can find your polling station at Resources: On declining your ballot: Kathleen Wynne's concession: Ford's platform:
On this special 10th episode, Tara and Kate chat with friend of the show Kiki Cekota about the news from Ontario politics this week, as well as the three party election platforms and how they rank in terms of the way they plan to address poverty and homelessness in this province. Tara and Kate also sit down with Jocelyn Helland, Executive Director at Eva's Initiatives for Homeless Youth in Toronto to understand the challenges facing some of our most vulnerable communities and what government can and should do help. Resources: 407 data breach story: LIberals promise to end auto-insurance discrimination: Patrick Brown book:
Tara and Kate chat about why public transit is a social justice and a climate justice issue and what the three provincial parties are offering in terms of investment in transit. Tara and Kate also talk with people waiting for public transit at Kipling station in Toronto about what's lacking in public transit in Toronto. Watch the livestream of the three debates from this week: Laidlaw Youth Town Hall: CityTV Debate: Northern Debate:
Episode 8: Education

Episode 8: Education


Kate interviews two teachers to get a sense of the strengths and limitations of our education system and what the three provincial parties are offering in terms of education policy in the upcoming election.
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