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Author: Emma Shapiro

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Therapists On Fire is a podcast that aims to share and unite healthcare leaders, entrepreneurs and those on the path to financial independence. Learn how to start your own tele health or solo practice, become an author, create courses, and so much more!
17 Episodes
This the best podcast episode you'll listen to on how to create a continuing education course, why you should look to working with CEU providers instead, how to connect with CEU providers and so many more tips! Thank you to the amazing and talented Erika del Pozo MOT, OTR/L and Michael T Frasso PT from JoyEnergyTime for their guest appearance! For show notes and links, go to
How To Create An Online Buisness Helping PTs' And Leave Your Physical Therapy Clinical Career Behind!Will Crane is a physical therapist who is now a full time online course creator! He helps physical therapists and PT assistants pass their respective tests become PT's and PTA's. He has been able to leave clinical care, although he does keep his skills sharp with the occasional per diem position, and has 10 PT's employed under him helping him run PT Final Exam.  For show notes, you can go to!
Learn from TaVona Denise, a physical therapist, life and buisness coach, how to overcome your PT burnout. She has found a way to break through the glass ceiling and get facilities to listen to her strategies to improve workplace burnout! In this episode, you'll learn how you can do the same at your work! For show notes, you can go to!
Brad Cooper (MSPT, ATC, MBA, MTC, CWC) and Suzanna Cooper are a PT and OT couple that have been teaching therapists how to become health coaches since 2011!In this episode, Brad shares his journey to creating his health coaching school, Catalyst Coaching Institute, and dives deep to answer all the pressing questions you may have about health coaching!He goes over how to become a health coach, the various certifications, how to know if you need the CWC certification, can you really leave your job to become a health coach full time, and how to actually grow your health coaching practice! For show notes and bonuses, go to!
Before even graduating, Erwin knew he wanted to start his own PT practice (Match Fit Performance), and in just 5 years, he was able to swiftly and successfully do this the competitive New York market! In this episode, he shares his exact goals, the steps he performed to be able to successfully start his practice as a PT new grad, and how he scaled his buisness in to a thriving private practice that has even trained pro athletes!Even more importantly, he also talks about how to create a buisness as a new graduate that is going to allow for flexibility, time with family, career growth, and avoid burnout! To read more, go to
Vanessa Rigaud MSOT, shares how she created her online clothing buisness with literally no costs! How? She uses Amazon, the largest online platform, to host her clothing buisness, to reach people, and for purchases. It took only a matter of minutes to start this buisness and little risk in investment. In the podcast she covers:1. Why she chose Amazon2. How to create her designs3. How to market and get T-shirt sales without a website, using Instagramand more!! For more information and details, you can get the show notes at
Dr. Jeremy Sutton PT,DPT is a private practice owner. To help him stand out in his local market, he has created a series of digital assets including a book, an online course, and a podcast. These assets are helping him connect with other healthcare practitioners and as result, help him grow his referral rate. These assets are also helping him grow his authority to serve more patients and stand out compared to other rehabilitation practices.For resources and show notes go to!
Julia Kuhn, MS CCC-SLP, is an expert travel speech therapist who after finding a lack of guidance in traveling, and wanting more support, created an amazing Facebook Group called Travel Therapy Therapists and the website The Traveling Traveler.In just a few years, she has been able to dramatically grow her Facebook group organically and earn significant income from her associated blog! Learn more details inside the episode! For the show notes and links to resources, you can go to
Ep 9: Tracey Davis MOT, OTR/L discusses how to start a tele-health practice with a very low investment, how to find tele health patients as well as how to branch into consulting and gain consulting clients.Tracey is the owner of Global Therapy Consultants. GTC was originally founded as a resource for traveling families needing support for their children with special needs. This has now expanded to include consultations for adoptive parents, education for teachers, families, and groups on topics such as dyslexia, mental health in children, and fundamentals of development. For more information on Tracey and show notes for this episode, visit: Or Join the Therapists On Fire FB page here:
Episode 8: Burnout! Where is our profession going and why is everyone leaving? I discuss this and more with Dr. Donna Lampke! She is the expert in helping others get hired any where by creating the perfect resume and cover letter! Donna has made many free resume and cover letter resources for therapists and you can check them out at her website.  For more information on Donna, the video of our podcast, and show notes for this episode, visit:
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