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Author: Joey Little

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Non-award-winning solo podcast hosted by a midwest raised, middle-aged generation X'er, selectively shy, attention seeking, introvert (but necessarily extroverted), former shock rock radio morning show host now a corporate marketing executive, energetic only child, with daddy issues, slight OCD, and adequately ADHD medicated grown ass man ranting into a microphone, from all over the world (but mostly from Downtown Kansas City, early in the morning daily.
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Podcasting still brings me happiness but I was feeling way too vulnerable when so of you that listen to this podcast would see me and bring up something I had talked about in an episode. Not your fault at all that I would die a little inside from embarrassment but it did make me nervous to realize there are a lot of people that listen to this podcast and know some pretty personal things about me. So I took a little step back.--- Support this podcast:
Knowing how my mind works and how it has made me the person I am is extremely important to me. Especially when it comes to understanding my challenges. With this in mind, and a suggestion from my primary doctor, I went a saw a psychiatrist. Never at first going but it was the greatest decision I've made all year.   --- Support this podcast:
I don't know if it's just today, but that spark for getting up and recording a podcast episode keeps dimming more and more.  That passion and excitement I made just isn't there every morning anymore. I find my brain blank with ideas to talk about and discuss. I find myself five out of six times not excited to turn on the microphone. Is this the end? Do I just need a break? Should I start recording at different time? Or do I need new brain meds?  --- Support this podcast:
Celebrating my mother's birthday with a special podcast episode thanking her for being a great woman and wonderful mom. I couldn't have raised a kid like me. I would have pulled my hair out, but she did and I grew up a decent person. No arrests, DUI's, children out of wedlock, etc. All and all she did a great job with what she had to work with.  :)  Happy birthday mom! Support this podcast:
We all could use a daily dose of positivity and I was hoping that this podcast could provide that but I think I lost focus. My worries for constantly wanting to entertain changed what this podcast was supposed to be all about. So, I think it's time for a reset. --- Support this podcast:
It takes my brain in overdrive to think about the first humans to do certain things. Normal things that aren't discussed that often. I'm not talking first to walk on the moon or the first to stand up to a cause, I'm talking about people that don't get any credit. Like the first person to drink cow milk. What in the hell was going on that someone took a sip of that stuff? Or the first person to eat eggs? That had to be a weird and culturally disgusting thing at the time. Who are these human superstars that don't have their names in history books? Subscribe to the podcast YouNeedaLittle--- Support this podcast:
How can you truly explain a feeling? To provide an explanation for something that is felt, is an art form of its own – but, luckily language can serve as our palate, allowing us to paint pictures of these inexplicable moments through the imagination. Today's episode is a list of 23 emotions we have (almost) all certainly felt, and possibly didn’t have the word for.--- Support this podcast:
Customarily there are three things you're not supposed to talk about to avoid an argument; Sex, Politics, & Religion.  You can add a ton of social issues to that list as well, like abortion, immigration, vaccines, taxes, drugs, and much more.  But how long have humans been divided and arguing about social issues, because I keep reading online that we're currently at a fever pitch? We've been at each other's throats since humans discovered fire and invented the wheel. Nothing is new. --- Support this podcast:
After being humiliated by a Southwest flight attendant not once, but twice I've learned to watch what I say and what I do when around larger people on Southwest flights. I've lost 100lbs so my experience with being an extremely obese person on a Southwest flight is no longer an embarrassing experience I suffer.  My flight to North Carolina last Friday put me in an extremely physically uncomfortable situation and I hope I handled it correctly.--- Support this podcast:
Many people are in disbelief when they find out I'm not a huge fan of drinking alcohol. I get treated like I'm an alien from a different planet.  And even at 44 years ago, most people turn on the peer pressure to get me to have a few drinks. This reaction has always dumbfounded me. Why do drinkers need others to drink with them?--- Support this podcast:
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