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tea time! with mike and mike
Informal conversations with the people that make Miami food & beverage delicious.
27 Episodes
The Mikes gather around the mics on location at Chef Mike Beltran's then-unfinished Chug's Cuban Diner in Coconut Grove (which is open at the time of this episode's release). The guys talk about the development of the Chug's menu, finding the right coffee, and designing a new kitchen for efficiency. In addition, the Mikes get into couch surfing, saying thank you, and Mike Ortiz's upcoming adventure in New York. The episode culminates in the whole gang's final farts.
#27 - John Falco

#27 - John Falco


Join us for a great conversation over beer and tea with John Falco of Lincoln's Beard Brewery. Here are some of the topics we cover: -generalities of beer brewing -competitions, and judgment. -2007 raw puerh from Bo Nan mountain. -Van Gogh and social media influencers -plumbing -Chugg Diner -Unsung Hero: Luis of Wynwood Brewery -Challenges. How to face having multiple projects and challenges -Goal setting -Growth and evolution And then we get a sudden interruption from a wise old man that gives us us advice on how and when to eat. Eat twice per day. Half cooked, and half raw. And no matter what, don't eat between meals. Not even the sugar in coffee. This inter-digestionary period without "food intake" regulates the system. Continuing: -sales and training -inspiration -sour orange -mayonaise -yoohoo
#26 - Tea Snob Cigar Time!

#26 - Tea Snob Cigar Time!


Worlds collide when tea and tobacco come face to face in a en epic confrontation of comemierderia and honest discussion. Join Mike & Mike as we venture into Cigar Snob Magazine HQ at the Bird Road Arts District. We spoke about the corollaries between tea and cigars, and about how best to enjoy both, together. Pairing teas with cigars is something that really can enhance the flavors of each. Being able to smoke with a couple experts and relate it back to tea was a real pleasure. Also, Mike Beltran is pissed off about social media and influencers. Instagram: Follow tea time! with mike and mike: @teatimewithmikeandmike Follow Erik Calviño & Cigar Snob Magazine: @cigarsnobmag Follow Ariete: @arietemiami Follow JoJo Tea: @sipjojo Follow Nick Jimenez: @dadeig Follow Mike Beltran: @piginc Follow Mike Ortiz: @michaelthejojo
The Creator of Tea Time's Theme Song! Founder of Coo Boo Records, Marc Frost, aka John Albano, is one of Mike Ortiz's best friends. They went to college together and spent way too many hours making music and jamming together. In today's episode, we trace how John made his way from frustrated acting student, through New York's F&B world, to founding Coo Boo Records, a collaborative project including hip hop collaboration "Bonerwolf" and his new, fully original group, "Bigmun and Frost," where he works with John Bigmun to create some of the smoothest friggin' jams you've ever tasted. In fact, Marc Frost himself created our deliciously funky theme song! It's called Bad Avenue. Check them out on Spotify as "Bigmun and Frost." Instagram: Follow John Albano: @parmajohn_chee Follow Mike Beltran: @piginc. Follow Ariete: @arietemiami Follow Mike Ortiz: @michaelthejojo. Follow JoJo Tea: @sipjojo
We had a great time with Matt. We discussed his trajectory from Miami food and beverage to Los Angeles art. It was a fascinating journey through inspiration and creativity that ended with our first shamanic tobacco ceremony. Rate us! Share us! Write a Review! Follow us on Instagram: Follow Matt: @mrherget Follow Mike Beltran: @piginc @arietemia Follow Mike Ortiz: @michaelthejojo @sipjojo
This episode was recorded on Thursday, December 13, 2018, just outside of Ariete. We were joined by their new Sound Guy, Nick Jimenez. We smoked cigars and paired it with a heavy charcoal roasted oolong, brewed gongfu style in yixing clay. We discussed our year in review, and our most exciting lessons taken from launching Tea Time with Mike and Mike. We took questions live on Instagram about how the podcast has changed us and our outlook on Miami F&B. Highlights Include: Tricycle, Shogun Ramen, El Bagel, United States Burger Service, Miracle in Miami, Kaido, and much more. IG: Follow Mike Beltran at: @piginc and @arietemiami Follow Mike Ortiz at: @michaelthejojo and @sipjojo Follow Nick the Sound Guy Jimenez at: @Nicolasajimenez and @dadeig
Recorded on Friday, 11/30, at JoJo Tea. Join us for a conversation with Nan Nan Yan of JoJo Tea! We explored the culture shock of growing up in Qujing, Yunnan Province, China, and moving to Troy Alabama at the young age of 18. We discussed her affinity for road trips and her transition from Troy University through FIU to JoJo Tea. We discuss what she loves about Miami, and what she's looking forward to in the future. IG: Follow Mike Beltran at: @piginc and @arietemiami Follow Mike Ortiz at: @michaelthejojo and @sipjojo
Recorded on Thursday, 11/8, at JoJo Tea. The Espumita of Miami's Cafecito, Camila Ramos of All Day in Downtown Miami. We discussed the series of events that led her to a deep connection with the world of hospitality via food and beverage, and via coffee, and tea, in particular. We discussed the spots we're excited about in Miami and in general, with some shouts to New Orleans and New York. And lots in between, including a fascinating segment on how to create a positive community in the workspace, with peer-developed goals and accountability. Please tell your friends about us! Share this episode, rate it, review it, have a cocktail, and do it all over again. IG: Follow Camila at: @milamos and @alldaymia Follow Mike Beltran at: @piginc and @arietemiami Follow Mike Ortiz at: @michaelthejojo and @sipjojo
A Celebration of Meat! Join us for a great conversation full of "that's what she said's" with Freddy Kaufmann. Freddy and his wife Danielle are the much appreciated couple of mindful butchers behind Proper Sausages. Proper launched in 2011, and since then, it has grown tremendously to be synonymous with expertly sourced meats. Antibiotic and hormone-free, and natural! Recorded on Monday 10/29/2018 at the JoJo Tea Instagram: Follow Freddy and Proper Sausages at: @propersausages & @eatpropermeats Follow Mike Beltran: @piginc @arietemia Follow Mike Ortiz: @michaelthejojo @sipjojo Like us and share us and review us and rate us and print posters and put them on your ceiling so that when you wake up you remember what's really good. Thank you!
Episode #18, recorded on 10/19/2018 at JoJo Tea Ladies and Gentlemen, join us for a conversation with the Legendary Carlos Frias, food editor of the MIami Herald. This was a free-wheeling conversation between story tellers, so expect to jump around from time to time and from space to space, but it was certainly an unforgettable one. Thanks for listening! Please review and share! Instagram: @teatimewithmikeandmike @carlosfriaspix @piginc @arietemiami @michaelthejojo @sipjojo
Recorded at JoJo Tea on Monday, 10/15/2018. Join us for a conversation with the Will Crandall. Will is Chef de Cuisine at Stripsteak by Michael Mina. Learn how he got from rural Illinois into kitchens in Chicago, which led him to the Mandarin Oriental on Brickell Key. He's also got a 71 Cutlass Supreme that is like a Beautiful Golden Whale. We hope you enjoy it!
10/2/2018: Join us for a conversation with the slyest cat in pizza, Franco Stanzione! Franco is the founder & pizza master of Stanzione 87 on SE 8th ST, just east of i-95. It's authentic neapolitan style pizza coming from an oven directly from Naples. We had a conversation about his roots in food, and the difference between his pizza and all the rest! We also discussed wild yellow tea. This one was recorded in the dungeon below Ariete. Thanks for listening! Please rate and review! Instagram: @teatimewithmikeandmike @stanzione87 @mrstanzione87 @arietemiami @piginc @sipjojo @michaelthejojo
Join us for a conversation with the FEARLESS Seth Blumenthal from Alter Miami. Seth is the Chef de Cuisine that gives voice and form to the creative genius that is Brad Kilgore. Together, they run one of the most innovative kitchens in the state. Join us for a conversation covering Seth's mischievous past from skating Chicago suburbs through culinary school and some of Chicago's best kitchens until a phone call from Brad brought him to Miami. It was awesome to finally have him on! Instagram: Follow Tea Time: @teatimewithmikeandmike Follow Seth of @altermiami : @bluemanjus Follow Mike Beltran of @arietemiami: @piginc Follow Mike Ortiz of @sipjojo: @michaelthejojo
#14- AndyMiami; 09:03:2018

#14- AndyMiami; 09:03:2018


Join us for a conversation with the MAGNETIC, Andy Miami! Andrew Giambarba has been an integral part of Miami's F&B community, at the very least for the past few years. Figure out, what everyone wants to know about Andy, why does he care about Miami's F&B community as much as he does? Why does Andy consistently support those that he feels are doing the best they can to put their best product out there. Get to know Andy with Mike & Mike! Follow us at @teatimewithmikeandmike Follow Andy at @andymiami Follow Mike Beltran of @arietemiami at @piginc Follow Mike Ortiz of @sipjojo at @michaelthejojo Rate us! Write a review! Tell everyone about the magic, because this shit is FIRE!
Recorded on 08/28 @ Rancho Patel, join us for a conversation with the magnanimous, Niven Patel! Niven originates from Jacksonville, Florida, and his culinary career started with a coursing menu for his family to prove his desire to leave business school and become a Food Network superstar! From that tasting, Niven worked in Ft. Lauderdale before a jump out to Brasserie at Grand Cayman. After Brasserie, Niven made his way back to South Florida to run the kitchen at Miami's gem, Michael's Genuine Food & Drink. While working at Michael's in Midtown Miami, Niven began the process of building his farm in Homestead, Rancho Patel. Fast forward a few years and Niven is the owner and operator of two farm-to-table Indian restaurants, and is getting ready to open a new concept, Erba, focused on house-made pastas and wood-oven roasting. Join us for an exciting conversation with one of South Florida's definitions of authenticity. Thanks for listening! Instagram: Follow Niven: @chefniven @gheemiami Follow Mike Beltran: @piginc @arietemiami Follow Mike Ortiz: @michaelthejojo @sipjojo
#12 Larry Carrino - 8:14:2018 by mike & mike
#11- Mike&Mike - 7:30:2018

#11- Mike&Mike - 7:30:2018


Recorded on 7/30/2018 Mike & Mike reflect on the first ten episodes of tea time. It's been so much fun, and we've learned so much. In this episode, we discuss some of our favorite moments so far. We love you! Thanks for your support! Follow Mike Beltran: @Piginc @arietemiami Follow Mike Ortiz: @michaelthejojo @sipjojo
#10-Richard Hales 7:16:2018

#10-Richard Hales 7:16:2018


Join us for a casual conversation with Richard Hales, owner and Executive Chef of Sakaya Kitchen, Black Brick, and Bird & Bone. Join us for a conversation in the dining room of Black Brick (so, please pardon the audio quality!) where we'll get to know Richard a bit further. We'll discuss his childhood influences, his trajectory through F&B, and the story behind his great restaurants. Instagram: Follow Richard at: @chefrichardhales, @sakayakitchen, @midtownchinese, @birdandbonemia Follow Mike Beltran at: @piginc, @arietemiami Follow Mike Ortiz at: @michaelthejojo, @sipjojo
Recorded on 7/11/2018 Join us for a conversation on the in's and out's of the coffee shop business with Roland Baker, of Vice City Bean. Roland and his wife, Eva, are the founders of Vice City Bean, and have gotten excellent momentum as one of Miami's best coffee shops. Cheers! Please write a review and leave a rating! Follow us on Instagram: @teatimewithmikeandmike Follow Roland and Vice City at: @vicecitybean Follow Mike Beltran: @piginc @arietemiami Follow Mike Ortiz: @michaelthejojo @sipjojo
Recorded on 7/5/2019 Join us for a conversation on Life and Ice Cream with Mike Romeu, the founder of Sweet Melody. Find out how Mike became who he is today, and the stories that molded him into the entrepreneur and father that he is proud to be. We also had a special guest, a new father himself, Tico Aran! Tico is Mike Ortiz's partner in JoJo Tea, and he has a two week old little girl! Instagram: Follow Sweet Melody: @sweetmelodyicecream Follow Tico Aran: @ran_a_teaco Follow Mike Beltran: @piginc @arietemiami Follow Mike Ortiz: @michaelthejojo @sipjojo
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Janise Marie

*Comment towards the ice cream. I grew up in South Miami and the second best, in my opinion, is Whip n' Dip. It's local and they have been making their own ice cream for about 3 generations. I highly recommend you guys check them out.

Sep 27th
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